Spotlight X: Room Escape Level 6 Walkthrough


As I mentioned in previous articles that Spotlight X: Room Escape has two chapters. To reach Spotlight X: Room Escape Walkthrough click on the following link. Let me introduce the game briefly if you are new to it. Spotlight X: Room Escape is a Hidden Object and Single-player Puzzle video game that puts you in the role of a victim who found himself in an abandoned with no memory.

The only objective rotating in the protagonist’s mind is to find a way out. The house has several rooms and each one has a series of objects to find. Keep finding and adding hidden objects to your inventory and utilize them when you need them.

Besides that, it offers similar gameplay to Spotlight: Room Escape. “X” isn’t only distinguished between two games, but environments and objects also. Therefore, you should not rely on your luck, as it won’t work in Puzzle games. For the completion of tasks, you have to use your wit and think out of the box. Today, brings the Walkthrough of Spotlight X: Room Escape Chapter 2. Follow the given steps to reach the end of Level 6.

Spotlight X Room Escape Chapter 2 Walkthrough – Level 6 (Lights Off)

Chapter 2 starts with the main character who is in prison and doesn’t know how he reached here. He needs yourself to get himself free from the cage, but before you need to collect hidden objects and reveal a way how to unlock the door.

  • Collect a hook from near the door and a pipe from below the handle.
  • In the second step, you must discover a rope tied with a prison door as shown in the image, and add it to your inventory.
  • Connect the rope with a hook and throw it outside to catch a key. Pull the rope to get a key and use it to open the door and escape the prison.
  • After that, you find yourself out of the cage, but the level isn’t ended over here.
  • Now, head to the rack and tap on the locker to collect a wrench from its left side.

Security Room

Get into the security room to discover a ventilation lock. Select the wrench from your inventory and use it to open the vent. Once it is done, collect a detail from there and add it to your inventory.

  • Go to the main table and tap on it to investigate a box holding a puzzle for you to solve. Move blocks one by one by one to lead the black block to exit, but before don’t forget to add the detail you found after opening the ventilation lock.
  • The completion of the puzzle will leave you with a key that you can collect.
  • Tap on the telephone and collect a card from below it.
  • Now, come out of the security room and discover a cupboard. Use a key from your inventory to open the second drawer holding dozens of files.

  • Collect the green file and add it to your inventory, don’t forget to pick up a key from the table available on the left side of the cupboard.
  • Head to the board and see the digit after placing the green paper, it will reveal a code that won’t work unless you rotate the paper in the clockwise direction.

  • Next to that, click on the locker and enter the following code (9763). As the door opens, you can collect a nitrogen cylinder from there to use later.
  • Now, head to the main door and use the nitrogen gas from your inventory to freeze the lock.

  • Use the pipe to break the lock fixed with an iron chain. Before going through the door, don’t forget to turn on lights using a key available in your inventory. The switch is fixed on the right side of the door.

New Room

Now you are in a new room that seems empty because there is no stuff to interact with, except for an elevator door and a few empty boxes.

  • Pick up a wire and a cable from the floor.
  • Go back to the switch and turn it off and get into the room to reveal the code which is 7240.

Security Room

  • After revealing the code, you should move back to the security room where head to a computer is mandatory.
  • The computer will display you an error of No Cable, but you can select the cable in your inventory and hit the pc to connect it.
  • Enter the passcode (7240) and then enter the card number (0189).
  • Leave the security room and reach near the elevator doors which are open now to escape.

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