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Spotlight: Room Escape is a Puzzle and Single-player Hidden Object video game developed by Javelin Ltd for Mobile Devices. It takes place in a stunning house where you, as the main character, need to find the way out by any means while dealing with puzzle-solving levels and items. The perfect fuse of Hidden Object and Adventure game elements promise to give you fascinating gameplay.

Moreover, the ultimate goal isn’t only limited to finding hidden items and analyzing them to investigate the case and find the solution to escape. Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey full of adventures and drama. The game features theatrical drama scenes, and it puts you in the role of a character who has been abducted and locked up in a house with no clues regarding how he reached there.

Spotlight: Room Escape Review

You may probably one of those players who don’t love playing Hidden Object games, but the chances are meager because most players loved playing. This is because players find playing Hidden Object games tough, especially those required to find and analyze clues to complete cases/missions. Therefore, the majority of players come out to find their Walkthroughs to find how to complete levels. You don’t need to worry, as we bring you a solution in the form of Spotlight Room Escape Walkthrough.

The story follows a boy who has been kidnapped and locked up in a small house. No one knows where the boy is and how it has got kidnapped. In short, nobody will come to rescue the boy as he has to struggle for his own and find the way out by any means.

Imagine what would be your reaction and actions upon finding yourself in a strange place after being kidnapped. If the same question gets asked me, then my answer would be “endless struggle.” Having detective skills and approach is compulsory because they are only your weapon and can solve tricky puzzles. Regarding hidden objects, you must explore different locations to find them, though the game won’t ask you by any means.

Storyline – Be a Detective to Save Your Life

Javelin Ltd. introduces a well-written storyline that seems similar to Granny (Video Game). As with the Granny, someone kidnaps the main character and locks him up in a small house by leaving no clues and evidence behind him. As the game starts, you wake up with no memory, except for a feeling that is continuously asking you to escape from the room before time runs out. Afterwards, the player starts investigating the case to find the answers to different questions like who abducted him and what unholy plans the kidnapper carries on, and more.

Mysterious Graphics and Thrilling Sound Effects

Spotlight Room Escape comes with mysterious visuals and thrilling sound effects that keep you immersed in endless hours of fun. When developing the game, developers have kept every item keeping logic in mind; therefore, each scene comes with a deep meaning. You can’t succeed until you observe the environment, analyze the clues, and use your logical skills to escape the mysterious room.

Embark on a Thrilling Journey

Get ready to embark on the most thrilling journey that leads you to gather clues and start creating the plan to escape the house. The intuitive controls give you a better grip over the environment and each aspect of the game.

You must also explore the environment surrounding you, deal with things like cupboard, rooms, and bathrooms to collect hidden objects and use later when you need. The game features several rooms to explore, and each one comes with a unique setting and objects for interaction. Furthermore, it has mysterious levels; each one is designed with unique exit plans.

Spotlight Room Escape Walkthrough

Rely on your detective skills when investigating every scene and objects to find clues. Put your detective hat on and start solving complicated puzzles by dealing with numbers and letters required to open locks. You should keep in mind that clues can be anywhere around you; therefore, keep your mind focused on solving riddles and word puzzles by investigating the scenes and items you found. In case you have stuck anywhere, then read Spotlight Room Escape Walkthrough for help. The game spans three chapters; each one has different parts to complete.

Spotlight: Room Escape Walkthrough – Chapter 1

As you know, that Spotlight Room Escape has three chapters; each one has episodes different in numbers. The first Chapter has five episodes, and each one takes you to a new location that you have never seen before. The available episodes are the following:

  • Awakening
  • Hope
  • Menace
  • Fate
  • Afterlight brings solutions to all challenging problems and lets you follow the Spotlight Room Escape Walkthrough to learn how to solve puzzles and mysteries to escape the house, as well as other locations.

Spotlight Room Escape Walkthrough Episode 1 – Awakening

As the first episode starts, you find yourself in a house having three to four rooms, a bathroom, and several doors. Your first job is to gather all required hidden objects and use them to get access to other areas like secret rooms, cupboards, shelves, and more.

At the start, the game takes you to a lobby where you find two different doors, a telephone stand, and a refrigerator. A digital lock is fixed in the right door, while you need a key to open the door on your left side. To complete the puzzle, you must follow the instruction given in the Walkthrough of Spotlight Room Escape.

  • Tap the telephone stand to approach it, collect a hairpin. Select the hairpin from your inventory to open the drawer, tap the knife and add it to your inventory.
  • Visit the room available on your right side to collect a rod. There is a red color toolbox; you must keep it in your mind to deal with it later.
  • On the right of the bed, you find a cotton box sealed with scotch tape. Tap the knife in your inventory to cut the tape and open the box. The box will reveal a handle that you can use to open the door of an attached bathroom.
  • Now, you should visit the kitchen where lots of hidden objects are available. Firstly, you should head to the table where you collect a piece of mirror, open the cupboard available above the stove to collect a flashlight with missing batteries. A battery is available in a drawer available near the right side of the stove. Tap the battery and add it into flash.
  • Explore the cupboards on the right wall to collect the 2nd piece of mirror from the small cupboard.
  • You should now visit the toilet to collect a plunger and back to the kitchen where you may find a dustbin below the sink. Use the plunger to remove the water from the sink and collect a key.
  • Use the key to open the door available on the right side of the refrigerator in the lobby, and get into it.
  • A set of the painting may welcome as you get into the newly unlocked room. You must tap the image of your right side to collect the 4th piece of mirror.
  • Now, you should move to the toilet, where you must add all found pieces to mirrors and reveal a code “WE64A.”
  • Back to the room where you found a red toolbox containing a locker. Adjust all digits according to the code you revealed on the mirror to open it. Collect a screwdriver and a piece of wire.
  • Visit the toilet, use the screwdriver to open the cooling fan’s cover, and collect a key.
  • Once the key is in your hand, move to the room near the refrigerator and find a cupboard whose first section is locked. Use the key to open it to collect a part of the hammer.
  • Connect the rod you found earlier in the first room with the hammerhead. Break the white-colored wall of the same room using the hammer, and select the flashlight from your inventory to see in the dark. It will reveal the code (A=7, D=7, G=2, and M=7).
  • After collecting a hammer, you must visit the table available within the same room and connect a piece of wire you found, with the circuit to reveal a code, “AMDG.”
  • Go to the kitchen where you discovered a locker, enter the code following the letters you found (AMDG) and their related numbers like (A=7, D=7, G=2, and M=7) to open the locker.
  • There’s a locker in the lower section of the cupboard where you may find a pizza box above it.
  • The locker will give you a paper having some digits that you can use to open the door in the lobby.
  • Set the code (first row – KUR, second-row – OIT, and third-row – VAE) to open the door and escape.

Spotlight Room Escape Walkthrough Episode 2 – Hope

Hope is the 2nd episode in Spotlight Room Escape video game taking you out of the room where you had been stuck. Your objectives are the same, involving finding hidden objects and analyzing clues to solve the mystery behind the scene. Apart from that, you are supposed to find the way out at any cost. Read our Spotlight Room Escape Walkthrough and Guide to solve challenging puzzles.

  • Visit the area available on your right side and enter the room on your right side where you discover a box having five keys.
  • Use any one key to open the door of room 805 and get into it to collect clues and find hidden objects.
  • Find a wardrobe in the room and open the drawer entering the code “150.” Collect a piece of paper from it and add it to your inventory.
  • Visit the TV cupboard to collect a card key from there and add it to your inventory too. Don’t forget to collect a drill bit from above the cupboard available near the TV.
  • Use the card key to open the opposing door of room 805, and get into it. It seems you’re in an operation theater where you find different surgery tools and a patient bed.
  • Collect a small key available within the surgery toolbox and add it to your inventory.
  • Remove the diagram from the wall to reveal a locker, and open the cupboard to collect a paper scrap. Visit the lower section of the cupboard and open all of its drawers to find objects. You will find only a handle from the first drawer.
  • The game will ask you to solve a mathematical question to open the third drawer. You must use the following signs to solve the question (“X” “+” “X” “-”). Once open, collect a key card.
  • Visit the lobby, select the handle from your inventory and add it to the wardrobe’s door to open it, and collect a scrap of paper from there.
  • Collect another scrap of paper from the main area where you found yourself standing ahead of a mess at the start of the 2nd episode.
  • Visit room 805 and head to the table where you found a pattern lock. Analyze each scrap of paper and see the pattern accordingly to open the drawer. The drawer holds a button that you must tap to open the TV. There’s a cupboard above the TV holding a bottle of engine oil.
  • Watch the TV to reveal who came to the room. The clip wasn’t completed, TV gets turned off.
  • Approach the main area where you started the game to discover a cupboard. Use one of the available keys to open the cupboard and collect a stepladder.
  • Back to the lobby where you may discover a letter on the wardrobe.
  • Use the stepladder to visit the chiller path available at the end near room 805. Remove the cover and follow the path that leads you to the level 8 elevator.
  • You should use the key card to open the elevator and collect a paper.
  • After having a paper, you should move to the operation theatre where you found a locker. Press keys following the pattern you found drawn on the paper discovered from an elevator.
  • Collect a drill machine from the locker, fix a drill bit already available in your inventory, and visit the bookshelf you found in room 805 to collect a battery.
  • Once done, visit the elevator following the chiller path. Select the drill from your inventory and remove the circuit’s cover. Turn the switch to let the elevator start and take you to the next level.

Spotlight Room Escape Walkthrough Episode 3 – Menace

The elevator takes you to an underground asylum where you discover a room on your right side and a door ahead of you. Follow the walkthrough of Spotlight Room Escape to find solutions and resolve the mystery of your escape. The majority of players are searching for how to complete Spotlight Room Escape Episode 3 Menace. Here are a few steps to follow:

  • Collect a paper glued on the right wall and a piece of pipe from the left wall. Select the pipe to bring out a brick from the rough wall and collect a strange key. You must go to the elevator with the key and open its lower section where you discover a locker having four analog number locks. Enter the code 7428 to open the box and collect a key from there.
  • Back to the main area and open the lock of the right door to get into it. You are now in a room wherein you can collect a bottle and a pool ball from above the bookshelf.
  • Collect a knife from the bottle cupboard and pick up a door key from the sofa chair kept near the snooker table; meanwhile, you should choose a knife from your inventory, cut the seat, and then collect a paper.
  • Visit the right area of the room where you find several paintings hanging on the wall. A few steps aside from painting, you find a key. Use that key to open the briefcase available on the floor near the sofa to collect a hammer and a pool ball from there.
  • Use the key to open the door fixed near the windows on the bar side, revealing a warning regarding don’t get there.
  • Visit the cashier machine available on the left side of the room to discover a digital locker. Check the paper you collected after cutting the sofa chair to reveal the code. Enter the code “4305” to open the locker and collect a third pool ball.
  • Approach the room where you found paintings on the wall. Remove the man hat and use a hammer to unravel a locker, involving you play three mini-games to grab a pool ball.
  • Put all collected balls into four pockets after solving the mathematical question printed on the pocket. Once added, the game will grant you a key card. You can use the card to run the cashier machine and let the bottle go through the bar code machine.
  • Collect the card from the cashier machine after hitting the green button.
  • Open the main exit door using the card and escape.

Note: The completion of the third episode will let you see the shadow of a supernatural entity.

Spotlight Room Escape Walkthrough Episode 4 – Fate

The fourth level of Spotlight Room Escape takes you to a new floor having two rooms and the main door to escape. In the scene, you must do your research and find hidden objects need to solve challenging puzzles. Visit the bicycle to collect items, as mentioned in the Walkthrough.

  • Collect a pump and bicycle spoke. Find the blue-colored box to collect a handle, and don’t forget to grab an emergency hammer hanging near the red-colored box on the wall.
  • Use the hammer to break the red box’s mirror and collect a pager; meanwhile, don’t forget to collect electrical wires from near the box.
  • Visit the area below the red box to collect mirror shards.
  • Use the bicycle spoke to bring out the duct tape from the lock of the 2nd door.
  • Cover the mirror shard with duct tape and connect with electrical wire to bring keys below the main door.
  • Use the keys to open the first door and get into the room to find what it contains. Head to the sink and collect a piece.
  • Visit the dustbin to collect the 2nd Get into the first toilet to collect a rubber patch to connect with the pump already available in the inventory.
  • Use the pump with a rubber patch to remove water and dust from the sink. Remove the cover from the bottom of the same sink to collect a key.
  • Select the plastic key you recently collected and open the tissue box where you gather the nozzle. Afterwards, you must connect the nozzle with a handle and head to the 2nd toilet to remove the cover to collect the component.
  • Back to the main area where you must interact with the 2nd, Fix the component and start drawing the pattern following the pager. Once you set the pattern, the door will let you get into the room.
  • Now, you’re in a kitchen where you need to investigate the environment and find hidden objects to solve the mystery before it’s too late.
  • Find the rack to collect a key and open a door. Before getting into the room, you must turn the switch on turn light up the bulb. Collect the gas tank and grass shear from the room and come out from it.
  • Open the regenerator to collect the third piece. Search all cupboards to find a cup and a key.
  • Search the sink to collect coffee and a piece. Don’t forget to grab a kettle available in the cupboard fixed above on the wall.
  • Visit the sink to collect a frying pan and visit the stove table where you find a circuit with four missing pieces. Add all collected pieces to the circuit and draw the pattern in the proper form to open the locker having a key for you.
  • Collect a brick available on the right side of the door and a triangle key from the door’s left side.
  • Use the recently found key to open the door and get into the empty land. There are a door and two small cupboards. Visit the door to reveal a code and head to the first locker where you discover a digit lock. Enter the code 7049 to open the locker and collect two buttons.
  • Add both buttons to the next locker and press them to open it. Keep the brick to the locker and pick up the chisel.
  • Move to the toilet to open the cabinet using the rod and release the pressure and use the cutter to remove the gas pipe.
  • Go to the kitchen and visit its chamber available below where you find space. Fix the pipe with the stove and connect it with the gas tank. Put the kettle and fry pan on the stove, and add the coffee to the kettle.
  • Collect some ice from the block available in the fridge’s upper section and put it on the frying pan and wait until it gets melt. You find a purse having credit cards in it on the pot you put it on the fire.
  • Collect a white color key card from the purse and head to the main exit door. Enter the code “071669” to open the door.

Spotlight Room Escape Walkthrough Episode 5 – AfterLight

For sure, the completion of the first four episodes following the Spotlight Room Escape Walkthrough may improve your detective skills. Afterlight is the 5th and final episode of the first chapter and is the challenging one too. Therefore, we jump in to help you by offering Spotlight Room Escape Walkthrough that reveals the solution in multiple steps to make you understand in a better way.

  • Tap on the screen’s left side to find a basement and enter it to collect a key available on drums.
  • Take a step back and hit your screen’s right side to reach the engine room where you find two massive propellers.
  • Visit the main mechanical door where you find a key on the right side of the door. Now, click on the box available a few steps before the mechanical door and collect a hacksaw.
  • On the way to the back, you may find a machine holding four hoses. You should pick up one of them and add it to your inventory.
  • Visit the main area and tap on the right side to visit a box near the mechanical door. Use the key to open the cabinet and solve a mini-puzzle to collect paper and pipe.
  • Now, you should move to the engine room, select the key to open the lock, and set the switches according to the paper you found from the cabinet recently.
  • Go near the drum, put the pipe in it and collect a piece of paper having a pie.
  • Visit the engine room and head to a box secured with a digital lock. Enter the code 3141 to open it and collect a hacksaw blade, because the first blade was damaged when we tried to cut the cage.
  • Go back to the main area and use the hacksaw to cut the rods once again. This time, you will succeed. Collect the gas can and fill it using the drum. Go to the engine room and put the fuel into the engine and turn on the switch. Once done, the door will open, and you can jump into it to find solutions and clues.
  • Explore the newly unlocked room to find the following items: film, floppy disk, Iodine bottle, and fluid 2.
  • Find the table and a blank paper on it. Throw the fluid to reveal the code and visit the cupboard where you discovered several images glued on the wall. Collect the last one and add it to your inventory.

How to Unlock Dial Lock?

  • Visit the cupboard where you find a lock. Rotate the dial clockwise and anticlockwise to open the lock. Many players can’t understand how to open the lock in the 5th Episode of the Spotlight Room Escape video game; therefore, we jump in to help. Firstly, the player must bring the number 5 to the arrow and hit the button “OK.” Next to that, they must follow the numbers as “45”, “30”, and “0”. Don’t forget to hit the OK button after bringing each number to the said arrow.
  • Upon getting opened, the locker will give you a screwdriver and a switch. Afterwards, visit the table where you once threw the fluid to reveal the code to collect a Plug. Select the screwdriver from your inventory and remove the plug from the wire available near the paper.
  • Visit the right side of the main area where you once found a circuit with a missing switch. Add the button you found and turn it on to see what happens next.
  • Turning the button on will unlock a room next to the cage, and it seems a computer lab. You find a computer of the old generation along with some other objects.
  • Collect a photo paper from near the computer and a paper from inside the box. Move to the right side near the rack where you find a mechanical door is locked.
  • Leave the room to collect the hose from the drum available in the basement. Put the hose in the same place where you have got that.
  • Visit the room available on the right side of the area. Head to the cupboard and try to open its first door using the code 7451. We got that code written on a paper collected from near the PC.
  • Collect the floppy disk and duct tape.
  • Leave the room to visit the left side of the area where you found a PC. Use the duct tape to cover the wire and attach the plug. Put the plug into the switch, and insert both floppy discs into the PC.

How to Solve the 2nd Floppy Disc Puzzle? Here’s a Solution

  • Turn on the PC and select the first Floppy disc that displays a pattern. Tap each box of column 5 and hit the boxes following the third row under the 1 and 2 column.
  • In the next step, you must draw a circle in the column of number 4, leaving the row number 0. Afterwards, draw dots on the column number 2 under the row number 4 and 5. Upon reaching the third column, you must draw dots following the row number 4, 5, and 4. Now, draw a dot under column 1 following row 5 only. You must draw dots in column number 3 following row 4 and 5. The third step is a bit longer; therefore, we cover it briefly in Spotlight Room Escape Walkthrough. You must tap on all boxes in the first column, except for the number row number 1. In the 2nd column, tap the box of row number 6. The third column requires you to tap the box of rows number 4 and 6. The next column, titled 2 asks you to hit the box of row 3 and 1. Must watch the image to understand how to tap boxes and unlock the lock.

After solving the 2nd floppy puzzle, you must tap on the control panel area and tap on the lower-left part of the screen to turn it green; meanwhile, disable the green area on the top right corner.

  • Now the mechanical door available in the same room has been unlocked.
  • Visit the room to collect a knife and UV Lamp.
  • Come out from the room, select the knife from your inventory and remove the cover fixed next to the door you recently opened and visited to find hidden objects.
  • The box will give you a drill and a wire cutter.
  • Visit the last room on your right side, find a water pipe, and cut the cover using the wire cutter to collect a floppy disc.
  • Visit the last room available on the left side where you found a PC. Insert the floppy disc you found into the PC and solve the puzzle.

How to solve Floppy Disc 3 Puzzle in Spotlight Room Escape?

  • Step 1

You must tap all the boxes except for the 2nd in the third row.

  • Step 2

Just tap the third box of the third row to turn the number 1 into 2, and hit the enter button.

  • Step 3

Repeating the same procedure, you need to tap the last box of the third row one time.

  • Step 4

Once again, hit the same box as mentioned above and hit the enter button.

  • Step 5

Hit the first two boxes of columns 1 and 3 one time, and hit the enter button.

  • Step 6

Tap the same boxes as you did in the fifth step to turn the number 2 into 3.

  • Step 7

You should tap on the first box of column one and the third column’s first two boxes. Hit the enter button for step 8.

  • Step 8

Tap the first box of the first column and the 2nd box of the third column.

  • Step 9

Tap the 2nd box of the third column and hit the enter button.

Next to that, you must enter the control panel to unlock the map’s top-left section. Having said that, you will unlock the mechanical door available in the engine room.

  • Open the door and get into the room.
  • Tap the second table within the room to collect fluid 1 and explore the rack to collect a wrench.
  • The rack has a locker, and you reveal the code using the UV light. The code is 62926. Open the door and collect a safe light.
  • Add the safe light with the camera available on the 2nd table you visited first and put both fluids on the tray kept over there. Add the photo paper to the tray available below the camera lens, and put it into it. Turn on the safe light and wait for a while. Afterwards, put the photo paper to the first tray containing fluid and then in the 2nd tray. Once done, pick up the paper and add it to your inventory.
  • Visit the room’s right area and use a wrench to remove pipes from the roof and collect paper.
  • Now, take a step back and break the mirror by punching it. Tap the buttons as mentioned here (Column C: Row 1, Column D: Row 8, Column O: Row 4, Column W: Row 3, and Column Y: Row 7).
  • In the same room, you will find a ladder. Climb it up to reach a new room where you find a bunch of keys and a transmitter. Back to the room and open the rest doors of the cupboard to collect a detonator.
  • Visit the computer room to disable access to the room and access the top right corner area of the map.
  • Visit the last room on your right side, explore the table and find a circuit nearby it. Enter the code “56RFZ” to open the box and collect dynamite. Connect the detonator with dynamite by merging both in your inventory. Set the dynamic near the engine room’s mechanical door after using the drill machine and removing the bolts.
  • Connect the transmitter with the PC, visit the control panel and unlock the top area to escape.
  • Visit the engine room where you find the door smashed, get into the room, climb the ladder, and escape.

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Spotlight Room Escape gives you a thrilling gaming experience that you may have never experienced before. It has three chapters; each one comes with different levels. If we talk about the graphics – then using any word other than the “mind-blowing” won’t do justice to the game. Seriously, the game keeps me engaged until I completed all levels of the first chapter. Completing even the first chapter, in my opinion, isn’t a cup of tea, though the game itself teaches you how to complete it; still, it is the toughest one. You are supposed to visit the single room many times for the completion of the level. We will keep updating new levels to Spotlight Room Escape Walkthrough.

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