Spotlight X: Room Escape Level 3 Nightfall Walkthrough

Spotlight X: Room Escape Level 3 Walkthrough – Nightfall

Spotlight X: Room Escape is a stunning hidden object and puzzle video game that puts your puzzle-solving skills to test. This time, the third level takes place in a thrilling location where no one knows what will happen next. Therefore, you should be careful during navigation of the house; especially when you are searching for a way out. After the completion of Spotlight X: Room Escape Level 2 (Oversight), we are back with a walkthrough of Spotlight X Level 3 (Nightfall). It seems the third level would be easy to complete as compared to the previous level. Let’s get started and see how to complete it:

  • Tap the window ahead of you to get into another room where your goal is to collect a vase available on the left side of the door with an X sign.
  • On the right side of the door, you may discover a plunger near the drawer and a key from below the mat.
  • Now, you should go back to the main site and open the drawer available on your left side to collect a hammer.
  • Use a hammer to break the box kept near the door with an X sign to collect the second vase.
  • After that, you should keep both vases on their spots surrounding the image of Charlie Chaplin.
  • Placing both vases to their spots will open the toilet door.
  • Leave the area and go to the toilet to find some other hidden objects.

Find Hidden Objects in Toilet

After entering the toilet, your goal is to start your investigation to find out hidden objects that may be available whether behind the bathtub or below the mat.

  • Open a small cupboard on your right side to collect a battery.
  • Use the plunger to release the water and once it gets empty, don’t forget to collect a knob.

Go back to the main area, head to a small drawer nearby bottles, and open its first drawer using the knob.

  • Collect a Lower Power UV Lamp after opening the drawer and keep it in your inventory.
  • Put a battery to the UV lamp and search for hidden words or signs, but don’t forget to select a hammer and tap the X sign.

  • After revealing all clues, go and keep the photo frame of Charlie Chaplin aside to unveil a locker protected with digital code and your passcode is 8977.

  • Collect a paper from there and bring it close to the main door, along with you. Head to the door and enter the code as follows: 97423.

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