Spotlight X: Room Escape Level 2 Walkthrough

Spotlight X: Room Escape Chapter 1 – Level 2 Oversight Walkthrough

The second level of Spotlight X: Room Escape is known as “Oversight.” It takes place in a stunning area that is displaying you a door properly locked with wood pieces. This time, it seems the game doesn’t come with a lot of difficulties because the area is clean and there is no too much mess that you have to clear first. Start finding the hidden objects to solve the mystery and get answers about how you reached here and who is behind the scene. Follow the steps mentioned in Spotlight X Room Escape Level 2 Walkthrough to unlock the third chapter:

  • Firstly, you must tap the door locked with wood pieces to remove them one by one by tapping on.
  • On the left side of the door, there are several boxes available that you must open, along with a small box to collect paper and a screwdriver. A knife is also available on the left side of the boxes that you can pick up from there.
  • Now, move on the right side to collect a folding ladder.
  • Go back to your main position and head to a carton box, use a knife from your inventory to open it, and collect a book from there.

Explore the Left Side

After collecting the said items, you must tap the left arrow to explore another side of Level 2. Here you have to follow the instruction to complete the puzzle:

  • Select the paper from your inventory and tap on the yellow box where caution is written.
  • Choose a folding ladder and keep it close to the right wall. Climb the ladder to collect a key from above the power circuit.
  • Now, head to the main door with the “X” sign and collect a key from the left wall.

Go Back to the Main Area

After collecting two keys, you should move back to the main area where you have started to play.

  • Once you reach there, tap the door and open it using a key to read the notes written behind it.
  • There is a box fixed in a wall on the left side of the door you recently opened. Use the key to open the box and collect a paper.
  • Now, head to the blue toolbox available on the right side and read the paper you have collected after opening the box using a key. The paper displays four geometric shapes and your goal is to count their corners to reveal the code (4063).
  • As the toolbox opens, collect a triangular key from there and keep it in your inventory.
  • Use the triangular key to open the circuit box available above the toolbox and hit the following switches to turn them into the green from red (9, 4, 15, 7, 11).

After that, you should go back to the left side where once you have collected a key from above a digital circuit. Before heading the circuit, read all frames hanging on the wall to reveal the roman numbers and different shapes that you need to solve a puzzle, don’t miss photo frames of the main area.

  • Click on the digital circuit and hit the following buttons like Square, Plus, Burger Icon, and Square.
  • Once you are done, the door will open for you to escape the Spotlight X: Room Escape Level 2.

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