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Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery is an Adventure, Puzzle, and Single-player Hidden Object video game developed by Vincell Studios for Mobile Devices. It offers you thrilling gameplay where you may have to solve murder cases while searching for hidden items and clues. The game features an inventory on the right side where objects you tap will be added to use later. The premise of the game is the interactive Murder Mystery element that puts your puzzle-solving skills to the test. In short, there is a golden chance to learn how to become a detective. You can also get help by reading our Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery Walkthrough.

It takes you to a captivating world where you may experience the gameplay full of thrill, drama, puzzles, murder, and mystery as well. It is also known as Mystery Adventure Games: Murder on Cruise, offering you a series of adventures; each one is full of amazing gameplay and high-quality graphics. Similar to other Hidden Objects, you can’t see the movement of your character and how it looks like when exploring the scene to find clues and solve murder cases. Before starting the game, don’t forget to hone your detective skills because they are only your weapon in Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery.

Floating Adventure Paradise

The game takes you to a floating paradise where the plot focuses on characters who are there to survive not only the eliminations but also the killer. As the story starts, you may discover floating bodies when you are on a boat. Get into the world of a Reality TV show where you may experience betrayal while struggling to complete only one task.

A Social Media Star

The story follows a social media star, named Mallory Byrde who gets selected for a show, titled “Sail ME Away” where she had a clear agenda – to claim the prize. According to the plot, the character was here to win the prize because of her student loans of Course. Soon, she finds herself trapped on a cruise ship along with another contestant – her ex, named Mark. In the game, there are only two options – investigate the case to the mystery or die.

Both characters decided to investigate the case using their private investigation skills because there are lots of suspects. There are different characters available and each one has hidden secrets. So, both characters need your help as they can’t handle lots of people at once. Jump in to help both characters in finding hidden clues and solving murder mysteries to reach the end. When playing the game, you are supposed to dive deep to discover clues, search for hidden secrets, interrogate witnesses, analyze clues, solve mysteries, and get your hands to killers with enough evidence.

Stunning Locations to Explore

The game has up to 10 different chapters; each one has a unique location and a variety of puzzles to complete. To complete each chapter, you must explore the stunning locations of Ship to solve tricky puzzles and get rid of riddles. Finding hidden objects is your ultimate goal, as well as solving mysteries to unlock the next chapter. The story revolves around a Reality TV Show where you are called to solve a murder mystery case. The available chapters are the following:

  • The Surprise – Chapter 1
  • Late Night Woes – Chapter 2
  • Sail Me Away – Chapter 3
  • The Party – Chapter 4
  • Day at the Kitchen – Chapter 5
  • Spa Day – Chapter 6
  • The Discovery – Chapter 7
  • Confessions – Chapter 8
  • Between the Lies – Chapter 9
  • The Killer – Chapter 10

Hidden Escape Murder Mystery Walkthrough

Walkthroughs.net brings you a complete guide with Tips and Tricks to help you solve all kinds of puzzles; meanwhile, bring the killer to justice using your detective skills. Equip your character with all detective tools, including sharpening eyes and an active brain, so you never miss a single item. If you feel difficult when it comes to finding hidden objects, read our Hidden Escape Murder Mystery Walkthrough Guide to get help.

Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery Chapter 1 Walkthrough – the Surprise

The first chapter (the Surprise) starts with a female character named Mallory who back home to do a spontaneous live stream with followers. Soon, she receives a call from Triss who is asking about where she is now. It seems something unexpected has just happened with Triss; unfortunately, Mallory’s phone battery ends.


  • The phone will be added to your inventory as the battery ends. Now, your goal is to start your investigation to find out what happened with Triss, but first find a key to the home.
  • On the left side of the main door, there is a plant pot where some stones are available. Find two stones with the same pattern to get a key.
  • Use the key to open the door and get into the house to find out hidden objects.

Get into the House

Once you jump into the house using the key from the inventory, you may discover a cupboard and many other things.

  • Collect a remote from the Sofa and scissors from the table by merely tapping on them.
  • Tap on the table to zoom in and collect the Laptop Clue Note from nearby the pen.

  • Fold the rug a little bit to discover a Postbox Flag and keep it in your inventory to use later.

  • Come out from the house and head to the mailbox where you must add the postbox flag and analyze the clue paper from the inventory to discover a clue.
  • Open the dial and enter the code (5374) to open the mailbox. Collect a sealed food packet from the box and add it to your inventory.

  • Now, go back to the house. Head to your inventory, tap the sealed food packet, and tap on the scissors to cut it from the top.

  • Select the opened food packet from the inventory and pour it on the dog’s food plate.
  • As the dog leaves the spot, open the door and enter the room.


Now, you are in a room where you find a table, cupboard, and many other things. Your ultimate goal is to investigate the room and find hidden objects to solve the puzzle.

  • Open the drawer of the computer table to collect a laptop charger. Keep the phone on the table and connect the charger with the laptop.

  • Tap on the laptop screen and enter the password written on the Laptop Note (8322).

  • The laptop screen shows you an application form that you must fill after finding the required information from the surrounding.

  • Enter the first name (Mallory) and Last name (Byrde). To find the date of birth, you must tap on the phone to see the date of the birthday party and watch the clock kept near the bed to check the current time. Soon, you will find the birth date that is 02/07/1996.

  • The third question is about Profession, so choose “Influencer” and on the fourth page you have to go with “Fettuccine.”

  • Once you answer all questions correctly, your ticket number will be sent to your phone.
  • Tap on the phone to pick up the call of Triss. After ending the call, you have to collect an access card from the floor near the computer table’s drawer.

  • Use the Access Card to open the cupboard and bring a yellow-colored briefcase out of it. Fill the briefcase with items you need after finding them from the cupboard. Fortunately, their names are written below the screen and we also have highlighted them in the image given below.

  • Once you are done, the packed trolley bag will be added to your inventory.

Now, go back to the previous room and head to the table where you collected scissors to find a clue. Don’t forget to keep the smiley faces of the female character available in the photos in mind.

  • Head to the cupboard, read the notes and find the code. The code you need is 3748, enter the code to open the cupboard, collect car keys and batteries from there.

  • Select the remote from the inventory and add batteries to it.
  • Turn on the TV to see the date of Sail Me Away Season 3 Reality Show, as well as the directions given on the boat.

  • Use the key to open the car, keep the packed trolley back in the trunk, and get into the car.

  • Open the car visor to collect a USB cable and keep it in your inventory.

  • Head to the glove box and try to solve a puzzle by merely finding numbers across the number and set them following their colors on the dial as follows (7-Pink, 6-Blue, 2-Black, and 3-Red).

  • Collect a GPS Tracker after opening the glove box.
  • Place the GPS Tracker above the LCD and connect it with the car using a USB Cable.

  • Open the tracker and set the direction (345920) you have seen on the boat when watching TV.

First Map

  • As you unlock the tracker, the tracker displays you a map where you have limited turns, so you should careful when deciding where you have to run to reach your destination. If you are confused about the map, place the arrows as follows: Up, Right, Down, Down, Right, Up, and Right.

Second Map

  • Soon, the game unravels a second map that you can solve by placing the arrows as follows: Left, Down, Right, Up, Right, Down, Right, Up, Right, Up, Left, Up, and Right.

Third Map

The third map is a bit difficult and you have only three right arrows, 2 left arrows, and three down arrows. Adjust them in a way that your vehicle reaches the destination.

  • Drag the arrows to the empty field given below as follows: Right, Right, Right, Down, Left, Down, Left, Down, and Right.

After solving map puzzles, the car starts and moves to the destination. Hidden Escape Murder Mystery Chapter 1 has been completed.

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