Hidden Escape Murder Mystery Chapter 5 Walkthrough


After solving all tricky puzzles and having danced in Chapter 4, Hidden Escape Murder Mystery welcomes you to a Restaurant loaded with lots of secrets buried. In the restaurant, a pictogram poll has been arranged to make decisions for upcoming events. Chapter 5 revolves around a character named Mark who is worried about experiencing the tough time in the kitchen today because his only intention is to be get appreciated by Mallory. Similar to previous chapters, it starts with discussions between characters and ends with the scene where you have to decide what door you would love to open.

There are two different doors available, such as Spa and Windy Seas. Between these two entrances, there is an elevator. You must get into the Windy Seas after opening the door by merely tapping on it. As you get into the kitchen, Mark will come to receive you; there’s already a booked for you. Your ultimate job is to find hidden objects and utilize them to solve not only mystery but challenging puzzles also. Therefore, keep struggling when it comes to find hidden objects or read our Hidden Escape Murder Mystery Chapter 5 Walkthrough to get help.

Hidden Escape Murder Mystery Chapter 5 Walkthrough – Day at the Kitchen

The game welcomes you to a kitchen where lots of tables and chairs are available. Interact with those items to learn about the environment and discover the hidden items to beat Chapter 5 of Hidden Escape Murder Mystery.

  • Tap on the right side of the counter to discover the cupboard and a few other things to interact with.
  • Collect scissors from the table and add them to your inventory.

  • Open the menu card to learn about the dishes and their rates.
  • Tap on a set of two glasses and add them to your inventory.
  • Head to the Cash Receipt Machine and set the dishes as given below to solve the puzzle and get an access card from its drawer.

  • Select the access card from the inventory and use it to open the cupboard available on the left side of the Cash Receipt Machine.
  • To open the cupboard, you must read the menu card and then set the correct spoon after watching the dishes.

  • As you solve the puzzles, two drawers will open – the first drawer holds a few plates and a dial that you must collect, while the second drawer has a set of spoons that you must arrange to solve a puzzle.

  • The completion of the puzzle will add cutlery to your inventory and you can use them when you need them later.

  • Now, select the dial from the inventory and place it with other dials on the same cupboard. Open the dial and set their positions to open the door of the cupboard.

  • Set all bottles following the image given below to get a wine bottle from there.

Leave the Restaurant

  • Leave the restaurant for a while, select the scissors from the inventory and use it to cut flowers from the plant pot.

Go back to the Restaurant

  • After collecting flowers, go inside the restaurant and keep the flowers on the reserved table, along with cutlers, wine, glasses, and plates to get a key.

  • Come out of the room and head to a cabin between the elevator and the Windy Seas.
  • Select the key from the inventory and use it to open the cabin to collect a chef coat.


Now, you should go to the kitchen because you are a chef now after wearing the coat. So, firstly go inside the restaurant and then open the door available on the left side to go into the kitchen.

  • Collect tomatoes from the table kept on the left side of the main door and don’t forget to collect onions kept on the same table.
  • Put the tomatoes on the board and cut them using the knife also available there. Repeat the process with onions too.

  • Head to the refrigerator and try to solve a puzzle after watching four images. The code you need to open the fridge is the following: 3983.

  • Collect Chicken, Fish, and Butter from the fridge and add them to your inventory.
  • Now, analyze the recipe to learn how to cook a tasty meal.

How to Cook Delicious Chicken?

  • Open the cabinet available on the left side of the fridge to collect Soy Sauce and Black Pepper.
  • Select the chicken from the inventory and keep it in the tray, select both onions and tomatoes, and keep them with the chicken.
  • Choose the Soy Sauce and put it on the chicken and keep the uncooked chicken back in your inventory.
  • Open the oven available below the stove and put the chicken into it. Wait for a while and collect it from there.

How to Cook Fish?

Now, it’s time to cook a dish and its recipe is glued on the wall above the stove. Tap on the wall to read the recipe and collect the ingredients to cook a fish for Mallory.

  • Select the fish from the inventory and put it into the pot kept on the stove to boil.
  • From the left side of the fridge, there is a spoon stand where you can get a skimmer spoon.
  • Select the Skimmer Spoon to bring out the fish from the hot water and keep it on a plate next to the pan, along with butter and pepper.
  • Drag the fish to the pan and put the butter on it and wait until it melts. Meanwhile, put the black pepper on the fish to make it delicious and spicy. Now, both dishes are added to your inventory and are ready to serve.

Reserved Table

  • After cooking both dishes, you should go back to the reserved table and serve both of the dishes you cooked after doing hard work.
  • As Mark is serving dishes on the table, a strange thing happens as a couple is scouting outside the room.

Hidden Escape Murder Mystery Chapter 4 ended with a fight torn up between two people.

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