Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery Chapter 9 Walkthrough


The next chapter of Hidden Escape Murder Mystery is “Between the Lies.” We already have completed the first 8 chapters of the game, now moving to release the last two chapters. In the previous chapter, we had found a USB drive with footage available in the inventory to use later. As usual, your job is to hunt for hidden items and utilize them to solve puzzles and mysteries taking place behind the murder case. This time, the game takes you to a lobby where three doors open to different places. The difficulty level has been increased, and now the game requires you to play difficult mini-games that are hard to play.

Hidden Escape Murder Mystery Walkthrough – Chapter 9 (Between the Lies)

As prior, each level starts with a discussion between characters. You are a detective who is invited to solve a murder case. There are dozens of new puzzles available and each one requires you to find hidden items that aren’t mentioned anywhere and use them to solve tricky puzzles.

  • Firstly, you have to tap the front door and crack its locker by merely tapping particular squares as shown in the image given below.

  • Going through the door may lead you to a “Fancy Room” where you discover a bed, along with other furniture.
  • Tap on the chair to collect a Triangle Piece and don’t forget to pick up a Bank Statement and the second Triangle Piece from the table.

  • The third triangle you can discover from the bed, while the last two pieces are available below the bed.
  • There is a wardrobe forth the bed where you must add all triangle pieces to open it and collect two books of different colors.
  • The third book of blue color is kept on the rack above the bed and the fourth book is available on the table.
  • Click on the book cupboard available on the left side and keep all of the books from inventory to the cupboard to arrange them according to the shape to solve a puzzle.

  • Head to the table and collect an astray glass. Open the drawer to collect the following things, such as Round Key and Crimping Tool.


After collecting the round key, you should go back to the lobby to discover a door on the left side with a Wi-Fi sign.

  • Select the round key from the inventory and use it to open the door. Use the crimping tool to repair all networking wires.
  • Head to the trolley for gloves and brush, and add them to your inventory.

  • Select the gloves from the inventory and use them to touch the wires you recently repaired.

  • Your job is to connect the upper wire with the light of their respective colors and open the screen above the wires to match the frequency two times.

Fancy Room

After matching frequency, you are supposed to go to the fancy room and head to the phone protected with a pattern lock.

  • To unlock the phone, remember the pattern we unraveled after solving the book puzzle.

  • Draw the pattern on the phone kept on the table to unlock it and read messages sent by Bradshaw.
  • On the right, the game features a door that you must investigate and hit the red button to receive an OTP (739081) on the phone.

  • Enter the OTP to the device fixed with the door and unlock it to reach the office.


  • Click on the table to discover a pencil and open the book to collect a Locker Key.

  • Select the key from the inventory and use it to open the first drawer of the cupboard to collect a screwdriver and crochet hook.

  • Discover a door’s knob on the right side and tighten its screws using the screwdriver from the inventory. Collect the batteries from the cupboard and keep them in your inventory.
  • Select the crochet hook and use it to open the cover of the digital locker fixed on the left side of the chair below the drawer. Put the batteries in and enter the passcode to unlock it.
  • The passcode you need to open the drawer is “EICRTAEB.” As the drawer opens, collect a scotch tape from there and add it to your inventory.

  • Above the drawer, there is a white paper holding a sharpener that you can use along with a pencil to collect the dust particles.

  • Tap the chair, select the astray glass, and put the dust particles into it. Use the brush to unravel the fingerprint and pick it up using the scotch tape.

  • Discover a red hat and collect another fingerprint doing the same process we did with a chair.

  • For the third fingerprint, you must head to the green book kept on the table, use the astray glass when putting the dust particles.

  • Pick up the fingerprint using the scotch tape after cleaning the area using the brush.
  • Near the monitor, there is a glass holding the fourth fingerprint that you must pick up doing the same we did with previous objects.

  • The second last fingerprint is available on the lamp in the “Fancy Room,” while the last fingerprint is on the dice available on the table in the same room.

  • Go to the office and select the fingerprint samples to analyze them to get a clue.

  • Use the final fingerprint sample to unlock the computer, insert the USB drive and open the folder to retrieve the data.
  • After retrieving data, the game shows you a mini-game to play. There is a time limit and your goal is to match the pattern of blocks as given above.

  • Select the footage with suspicious activities and collect the printing paper from the locker available below the table.
  • Put the papers to the printer and collect evidence of Ben.

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