Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery Chapter 8 Walkthrough


We found a dead body in the previous Chapter of Hidden Escape Murder Mystery. After investigating Luke, the game takes you to a new environment where your ultimate is the same to find hidden objects and utilize them to solve the mystery. Finding hidden items or clues isn’t as easy task as it seems, it requires lots of attention, concentration, and puzzle-solving skills; therefore, we jump in to help you with our Hidden Escape Murder Mystery Walkthrough Guide.

Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery Walkthrough – Chapter 8 (Confessions)

Confessions is the 8th Chapter of Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery where you find yourself in a Studio. Upon getting into the studio, you find different types of stuff surrounding the room, such as LED, Sofas, Cameras, and more. Follow the steps given below to learn how to solve puzzles.

Studio Room

  • Firstly, discover Nora’s Shrug from the red sofa and add it to your inventory by merely tapping on it.
  • Near the shrug, there is a metal button that you must collect.

  • Tap the phone available on the blue sofa to read the notes and keep Owen’s Phone in your inventory for later use.
  • Find the studio light and drag the sofa below it. Select the metal button and use it to open all screws for bulbs.

  • On the left side, there is a painting in the round frame where you must set bulbs to light it up.
  • Afterward, set the painting colors according to the scenes LED displays you.

  • Note the time (09:58) appears on the round frame and set it on the locker fixed in a window to discover an aquarium glass cleaner.

  • Select the glass cleaner from the inventory to clean the aquarium and collect door buttons from there.
  • On the right there, there is a device that requires two buttons and a code to be opened. Add both buttons and press them in a sequence (Left, Right, Left, Right, Right, and Left) to open the door.


After cracking the locker, you are welcome to an office where the game features limited, including PC, Furniture, LEDs, Chair, and more.

  • Tap the table to collect a Phone Box Key and insert the LEDs plug in the socket.
  • Discover a key stand to collect a glass door key.
  • After getting a key, you have to go back to the studio room where opening a box fixed in the table available below the TV is possible using a key you recently collected.
  • Open the drawer to bring a recorder out for a USB.

  • Connect the USB to the PC in the office and enter the following code: 4170. Note: You may find the password change when you play the game. Therefore, type the password individually and keep the green numbers in mind and never use the red digits again.
  • Leave the office for a while, head to the box above the red sofa on the left side, and set the images following the title.
    • Sky: Kite, Airplane, Pigeon, and Cloud
    • Nautical: Cap, Hook, Lifeguard, and Ship
    • Night: Star, moon, owl, and half-moon
    • Outer Space: asteroid, spaceman, sun, and rocket

  • Once done, the box gets opened and you can collect the cupboard knobs. After that, go to the office and add the knobs to the Computer table. Hit the back button and go to the studio room where you need to hit the red button available on the right side of the clock and keep an eye on the lamps. Do the same thing with the other two buttons and figure out the code from a book kept on the yellow table near the red sofa.
  • Go to the office, head to the area where you added cupboard knobs, and set them following the numbers (385) you found in a book to open the cupboard.
  • Discover a key, an access card, blade, and a credit card as the cupboard opens after setting the cupboard knobs.

  • Select the access card from the inventory and use it to open the door available on the right side. Go through the door to discover a new area for further investigation.

Dark Room

  • Use the key from the inventory to open the circuit box. After that, the bulb starts to glow in a particular pattern that you must repeat once they turn off.

  • Select the key to open the server box and collect a server switch from there.
  • Bring the server switch from the inventory to the server room.
  • After that, select the blade and cut the cotton box to collect cable wires.

  • Select the cable wires from the inventory to connect the switch with the admin system. To run the system, you have to enter the codes that are the following: (AVA) ADACHI1998, (LUCAS) THRONE26, (OWEN) OWEN1991, and (NORA) NORA21.

Note: During your turn, the password could be changed. Therefore, you are supposed to make the combination of first name, last name, and date of birth.

  • After hacking passwords, your next goal is to lead the file to the admin server four times before the virus attacks.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

  • Head to the PC and play a mini-game where you must fill the empty spaces and reach the end.
  • Once you complete the mini-game, the game displays you a screen with five deleted files.
  • Copy the data to a USB drive and add it to your inventory.
  • Open the window to analyze the clue by merely investigating the files, such as Business Card, Nora’s Shrug, Footage of Nora, and Notes.

Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery Chapter 8 Walkthrough has been completed.

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