Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery Chapter 7 Walkthrough


The 7th Chapter of Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery is “The Discovery” which is fully loaded with twists and surprises. As usual, the plot starts with the female protagonist named Mallory who aims to win the contest for a huge reward. The game takes place on a Cruise Ship where couples are invited to survive the elimination rounds as well as a mysterious killer. Explore the environment to find hidden objects and keep clues to your inventory for later use. During the game, your goal is to interact with the environment and the scenes to discover clues.

We already have covered the first six chapters of Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery and if you didn’t complete them yet, follow the link to jump there and find the solutions. Hidden Escape Murder Mystery comes with 10 challenging chapters; each one requires you to solve a series of puzzles, find hidden objects, play mini-game games, and solve the mystery. In short, be a detective, grab the equipment you need, and embark on a journey to solve tricky mysteries that only a detective can solve.

Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery Walkthrough – Chapter 7 (The Discovery)

As the level starts, you find Mallory standing ahead of a swimming pool where she gets in shock after watching a dead body of a female character floating. After discussing with Mark, you are supposed to start finding hidden objects and figure out what happened there.

Engine Room

  • Firstly, remove the towel from the bench to collect a Skimmer Net and go to the engine room to collect a Cleaning Stick after tapping the stairs.

  • Head to your inventory, select the Skimmer Net, and connect it with Stick to get a complete stick.

  • Click on the locker and set the pattern by merely tapping the arrow keys to collect a crowbar.

  • Reach the main location, select the crowbar from the inventory and use it to open the trapdoor available next to the bench.
  • Tap on the pipes and play a mini-game to stop the water flow and to collect pipe valves.

  • Go to the engine room and fix all the pipe valves there to stop the water flow.

  • Open the circuit box and set the numbers as shown in the image given below.
  • After that, select the cleaning stick and net to bring a cufflink out of the swimming pool.
  • Now, you must struggle to find two more cufflinks to solve proceed with the story in the forward direction.


After discussing with Ben and Captain, the game takes you to a room where Mallory may discover a man who has been passed out.

  • Tap on a newspaper kept on the table to get it aside and collect a paper piece from there.

  • The second paper piece is available below the cushion.
  • You can find the third paper piece near a small cupboard on the left wall.
  • Open the cupboard to collect a water bottle and explore the trashbin to discover the fourth paper piece and hanger.

  • Select the hanger from the inventory to bring a lady purse out from below the bed.
  • Tap the bag to collect the fifth paper piece and a key. Now, click on all papers available in your inventory and try to fix them to complete the image to get a clue (5718).

  • Use the key from the inventory to open the wardrobe, but first, you have to set the images as shown in the image.
  • Open the drawer to collect passports and painting pieces.
  • On the front wall, there is a painting with missing pieces. Select the pieces from the inventory and place them in the painting. Play a mini-game and solve a jigsaw puzzle.

  • Soon, a vault appears from behind the painting where you must enter the following number to open it (5718) by merely rotating the dials.

  • Search out the vault to collect the following things, such as Evidence of Lucas and Medicine.
  • Select the medicine bottle and offer it to the man who isn’t in his senses and laid on a bed. Choose the water bottle from the inventory and offer it to the man. Soon, the game displays you a window holding several items that you must analyze to solve the mystery.

  • Firstly, you have to select the Sapphire Ring, Passports, Ava’s Note, and Cufflink.

Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery Chapter 7 has been completed. Follow the link to read the Next Chapter Walkthrough.

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