Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery Chapter 6 Walkthrough


Your next location is to find “Hidden Object” is Spay Day where you have to solve a mystery and find dark secrets to conclude. If you didn’t read our Hidden Escape Murder Mystery Chapter 5, then follow the given link to learn how to solve puzzles. It offers a perfect mix of Interactive Murder Mystery and Puzzle game elements where the game puts your detective skills to the test. As the game starts, your ultimate goal is to jump into a captivating land set on a cruise ship that is full of drama, love, mystery, and puzzle. Polish your hidden object and adventure skills before embarking on a journey to search for hidden items.

Experience the next-generation graphics when sailing on a floating paradise where couples are invited to survive not only the elimination rounds but a mysterious killer also. The game supports seven different languages, such as French, German, English, and more. During the game, your goal is to complete challenging tasks, couple off, and find the mysterious killer to become the master. If you find all goals difficult to complete, read our Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery Chapter 6 Guide to get help.

Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery – Chapter 6 (Spa Day)

The next location to explore is a beautiful place where everyone loves to relax, but the protagonist needs to continue the investigation to find the deadly killer. Follow the steps given below to reach the end of Chapter 6.

  • Click on an empty color bottle kept on the right side of the Spa near the plant pot.
  • On the left side, there is a board and you must click on it to play a mini-game to match completing four images of the same colors.

  • Tap the cupboard to discover a vault and hit the particular buttons (Yellow, Green, Red, Orange, and Green) to unlock it.

  • As the vault opens, collect an empty color bottle and a piece of the puzzle from there.
  • Discover a poster after tapping the seat’s back and head to the door to unlock by setting the images you may discover on the poster and after tapping the board.

  • See the image given below to unlock the door and get into the second door.

Second Room

After setting the images, Mallory reaches a new room that is in mess. Finding hidden objects is the ultimate goal of players and searching out the place for clues is mandatory.

  • There is a spa coat hanging on the left wall that upon tapping may show you a message.
  • Click on the bucket to discover a clue notepaper and drawer blocks.

  • Below the basin, the game features a mini-game where you have to add drawer blocks to play a mini-game. Your goal is to bring blocks to their respective color section to solve the puzzle.

  • Once you solve the puzzle, a drawer opens holding a key dial piece that youmust collect and add to your inventory.
  • Afterward, click on another mini-game available on the right wall where your goal is to complete the image of the mask by merely rotating blocks to collect a Face Mask and an Empty Color Bottle.

  • Once you collected all items mentioned above, go back to the Spa Room and do the same as mentioned

Spa Room

On the right side of the door, you may discover a closed cupboard but it is possible to open it. Select the dial from the inventory and place it over there; meanwhile, set the numbers following the questions to open it.

  • Open the cupboard to collect a pipe and an empty color bottle and keep them in your inventory.
  • Select the pipe from the inventory, connect it with the basin and the chair.
  • Pick up the face mask from the inventory and place it on the machine.
  • Now, go to the second room where you must select and put the bottles below the color tanks. Select the clue notepaper and discover how to fill bottles with colors.

  • Once you are done, collect all filled color bottles and add them to your inventory.
  • Go to the Spa Room and put all four bottles near the face mask.
  • After that, tap on the chair’s back and get ready to complete another challenging puzzle.
  • Here your job is to fill the colors following the image the game displays you to complete the puzzle.

After the completion of the puzzle, Hidden Escape Murder Mystery Chapter 6 has been completed.

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