Hidden Escape Murder Mystery Chapter 4 Walkthrough


After escaping the Studio back in Chapter 3, the protagonist reaches the Reality TV Show studio. The game introduces a new environment where lots of secrets are available and digging them out is the ultimate job of the player. Hidden Escape Murder Mystery comes with a mix of Adventure, Mystery, Puzzle, and Hidden Object elements that promise to introduce you to thrilling gameplay unlike other games of the same type. If you didn’t complete the earlier levels yet, then click on the following link to jump on our main post.

Hidden Escape Mystery Chapter 4 Walkthrough – The Party

The game contains up to 10 challenging chapters and each one comes with a unique set of puzzles that you must complete to unlock the next scene. You aren’t only limited to discover hidden objects only, as utilizing them to figure out the scene and unravel the truth behind the scene are your ultimate jobs. Chapter 4 starts with the female protagonist named Mallory, who is happy and in shock after watching the set-up.

  • On the left side, there is a robot available holding a tablet asking for a password. To find the code, you must analyze the invitation card available in your inventory.
  • Tap on the table and enter the code (35496). Afterward, the game displays you on the second screen where almost eight faces without their names will show you to guess their expression.

  • See the picture and set their expressions accordingly to open the gate and access the rocking party.

  • As you enter the party, a long discussion starts between two characters with introductions of other characters.

  • As the discussion ends, tap on the music recorder, keep the pattern of glowing buttons in mind, and repeat the process to solve the puzzle three times.

  • After that, you must tap on the table where lots of challenging puzzles await you to be solved.

  • Between two couples, there is a box available above the bench that you must explore to find hidden items, such as Can Tab, Bag Pull Tab, Coin, and Magnet.

  • To get a coin, you have to select the Bag Pull Tab and use it to open the lady bag’s zip to discover a coin.
  • If you are searching for a magnet, then you should select the Can tab and open the screws of the speaker to discover a magnet from inside it.
  • Open the passport to get a ticket.
  • First of all, you must discover and collect a corkscrew knife from the lower section of the table and add it to your inventory.

  • Go outside the room, select the corkscrew knife and use it to cut a leave from the plant pot.
  • Head to the coin machine kept on the right side of the door. See below the machine you may discover a coin that is almost unreachable until you use a magnet from your inventory.

  • Insert both coins into the machine and analyze the ticket to find clues. Head to the machine and hit the bottles of the following numbers first (7153).

  • In the next puzzle, you have to set the following numbers on the screen from top to down (42315, 23154, 31542, 15423, and 54231). Once you solve both puzzles, collect a rum bottle from the machine and add it to your inventory.


  • After getting a bottle of rum, you should go to the counter and keep the bottle there and leaves in the pot.
  • Click on the recipe written in a book and collect all ingredients you need to prepare a cocktail.

  • To prepare a cocktail, select the beer first and pour it into the jug, your second item is vodka, and the third item is Lime Juice. After that, bring some ice cubes to the jug and cover it using its lid kept next to it.
  • Pour the cocktail in the glass prepare the second drink for another girl who appears on the counter recently.
  • During the gameplay, you make almost every kind of drink easily. The only thing you need to do is read the recipe and work accordingly to fulfill the requirements of guests available at the party.

  • After that, the game takes you to the stage where you must help characters to learn how to dance. The playing rules are pretty easy as you only have to tap the red ball continuously on the sequence of the purple ball. Next to that, you must tap and hold on to the yellow ball.

Once the dance sequence gets completed, you will be moved to the Hidden Escape Murder Mystery Chapter 5 to complete more tricky puzzles.

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