Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery Chapter 10 Walkthrough


The final chapter of Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery is “The Killer.” In the previous chapter, we had collected fingerprints from different places to unlock the device and get Evidence of Ben using the printing machine. It is the last chapter of the game and hopefully, we may catch the killer. Surely, the last chapter of Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery won’t be easy as it contains lots of mini-games to play and tricky puzzles to solve. You can also read our Hidden Escape: Lost Temple and Hidden Escape: Secret Agent Adventure game Walkthrough Guides.

Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery Walkthrough – Chapter 10 (The Killer)

As prior, level 10 starts with a discussion happening between Mallory and Mark. Both characters are talking about the killer and finding a way how to catch him timely. Now, they are in a room where finding hidden items is mandatory and using them to solve tricky puzzles and mini-games.

  • Tap the bag kept on the floor to collect the following items: Mask and Phone Password Clue.
  • Head to the dustbin for a Drug Bottle and Drawer Clip.

  • Use the drawer clip to open the cupboard’s drawer to discover the Jacket and Mask.

  • There is a bag available on the bed and your job is to unlock it after finding a code. Discover a photo above the bed holding a clue “2007.” Set the following digits to the locker to open it and collect the Mask.

  • Above the computer table, the game features a blue board where you have to add all of your collected masks to run a mini-game. Your job is to lead the mask to its particular position.

  • Once you completed the puzzle, the game reveals a key that you can use to unlock the first drawer of the table.
  • The drawer brings a mobile phone and asks you to unlock it using the phone clue paper.
  • Solve the mystery of the phone and collect the Evidence of Mark.
  • After that, analyze clues to get hints about the killer. You have to analyze the following things: Rohypnol Bottle, Mark’s Jacket, Text from Ava, and Cufflink.


After analyzing items, the game takes you to a colorful room where different objects are available, including vaults, chairs, mirrors, and a bed.

  • There is a ping-ball swing chair on the left side of the stool. Click on the chair to collect a make-up box piece.
  • Head to the box available on the bed to play a mini-game where your ultimate goal is to match the colors of each square to solve the puzzle and get the following things, such as Brush and Key.

  • Use the key to open the cupboard fixed above the vault to collect pliers that you can use to open the purse for the note and powder.

  • Pour the power on the diary kept on the dressing table and use the brush to reveal a note.
  • Head to the vault and try to solve the puzzle using the clue you collected after pouring the brush.
  • Set the following images, such as Nail Polish, Earning, Lipstick, Necklace, Clip, Perfume, Purse, Diamond, and Ring.
  • As the vault opens, collect a paper clip and Ben’s Work Contract.
  • Click on the paper club and then select the plier to get a lockpicker.
  • Set the lockpicker according to the lock and open the door to reach the lobby.

Now, get out of the room and head to the main door where you are tasked with unlocking a locking device. To unlock the device, see the image given below.

  • As the door unlocks, you are once again found yourself in a Fancy Room where lots of stuff is available.
  • Go to the room and analyze the letter available in your inventory to figure out images of the available on the books.

  • Now, head to the book cupboard and tap on the targeted books to collect an access card and a mini-game wherein your objective is to find 8 similarities.

  • Select the access card from the inventory and use it to open the cupboard available on the right side of the book cupboard.
  • Collect a shirt from the cupboard and add it to your inventory. After discussing with Ben, you are supposed to analyze clues as follows: Bank Balance, Cap, Poolside CCTV, Text from Bookie, Hallway CCT, Note to Ava, Ben’s Shirt, Work Contract, Party Hall CCTV, Cufflink, Footage of Bar, and Recovered Footages.

After investigating, it is confirmed that Ben is the killer.

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