Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery Chapter 3 Walkthrough


Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery Chapter 3 welcomes you to a Cruise Ship where something unexpected is going to happen soon. If you didn’t read our Hidden Escape Murder Mystery Chapter 2 Walkthrough, then click on the given link to get help. The third chapter takes place in a ship where you find two characters chatting with each other before getting into the ship. It features a beautiful mix of Puzzle, Adventure, Hidden Object, and Single-player game elements. Similar to other challenging Hidden Object games, it doesn’t feature any system to help you find pre-defined hidden objects.

Furthermore, you have to find items without any list and play challenging mini-games to get rid of problems. Solving tricky puzzles isn’t a cup of cake that you can eat easily, it’s a tough game that requires quick reflexes, a smart brain, puzzle-solving skills, and speed like a detective. You must hone your skills and embark on a journey to solve a series of riddles that won’t be found anywhere else. If you need help, read our Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery Chapter 3 Walkthrough Guide to solve all problems within no time.

Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery Chapter 3 Walkthrough – Sail Me Away

The chapter is about the first day of Mallory at the Cruise that begins with a meet-cute, a maze, a robot, and a rival who aims to shake the confidence level of the female protagonist using a few words.

  • After reaching the entrance, tap on the bag and complete a puzzle to get a phone.

  • In the next step, you have to keep the handbag and the trolley bag in your inventory.

  • Click on the machine kept above the red carpet and enter the following: 3975 and scan your ticket to complete the boarding process by merely keeping your phone above the machine.

  • Select the luggage from the inventory and keep it on the trolley to open the door and get into it.

Cruise Ship

Now, you are in the Cruise Ship where you have to solve maze puzzles at any cost to reach your room. Your character holds a device displaying your maze and it is representing you with a red dot.

  • Solve the maze puzzle by merely hitting the green arrows and once you are done, your character Mallory reaches her room.

  • Get into the room, drag the lamp to discover a Swiss Knife that you must keep to your inventory.

  • Select the Swiss Knife to open the gift box for a surprise and it would be a jigsaw puzzle that you must complete to go ahead.

  • Solve the jigsaw puzzle to collect an Invitation Letter and Access Card that will be added to your inventory.
  • Select the access card and insert it into the locker fixed with the door. Set the images like Star, Arrow, Moon, and Sun to unlock the door and get into the room.

Dressing Room

After getting into the dressing room, you may discover a new environment where a few items are available and your ultimate goal is to solve tricky puzzles to earn in-game points.

  • Tap on a box of green color kept above the table. In short, it’s a mini-game wherein you have to separate objects of both male and female accordingly.

  • The completion of the puzzle may unravel a stone pin.
  • Go back to the main room, where you must add the stone pin to the dressing table and play a mini-game to get rid of problems.
  • Solve the puzzle to get a clutch and a key.

  • Come out from the room and use the key to collect your luggage.
  • Get into the room and head to the dressing room where you must keep the clutch above the drawers and your luggage on the sofa. Open the briefcase to collect a dress that you must keep on the left side of the cupboard.

Now, head to the mirror and try to customize your character using your fashion sense. As you end the makeup, the Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery Chapter 3 has been completed.

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