Bitlife Guide – How to Become an Actor and Movie Star in Bitlife


Bitlife is one of the best Life-Simulation games released on Mobile Platforms by Candywriter, LLC. The game comes with stunning gameplay and thousands of possible options that you can make when playing the game. Start playing the game with the gender of your choice and give your character a name. Decide the best career for your avatar and make choices to proceed with the game. It features multiple endings, depending on the decisions/choices you make during the gameplay. The introduction of different Ribbons took the gameplay to the next level, and players from worldwide are reading Ribbon Guides to learn how to achieve their favorite one. We are back one again with Bitlife Update – How to become an Actor and Movie Star in Bitlife?

Working Your Way to Stardom

Whether you are looking for a way to escape the prison in Bitlife or want to see how to become President, visit our main post (Bitlife Walkthrough) to find solutions to almost every problem. Besides, the majority of players are searching for a way to become an actor/movie star in Bitlife. For those players, we have compiled a guide with requirements they have to complete first before making any next move. Before starting, you should keep one thing in mind that to apply for the “Voice-over Actor Job” first in any company/film studio and work for a few years. You will be only a few steps away once you got selected as a voice-over actor.

Furthermore, you will be promoted to the post of actor after working as a voice actor for a few years, and then your next title would be a lead actor role. In case you are intending to become a movie star in Bitlife, you should work hard as a lead actor. Before taking the first step toward the destination of becoming an actor, make sure you have three things that we have mentioned below in Bitlife Update – Walkthrough – How to Become an Actor in Bitlife.

  • You should have Good Looks and High Smart Stats up to 95%
  • Voice over Actor Job
  • No Special Education Required

After knowing three main things, you must keep in mind that your first step is to become a voice over actor and work for a few years for experience. Give you 100% to get promoted as an actor and start working hard; meanwhile, keep an eye on your stats and keep them above 95%. Once you become an actor, then start working to become a movie star.

How to Become a Movie Star in Bitlife?

To become a movie star, you should be a lead actor first. Therefore, struggle to become an actor; meanwhile get promotions. Don’t forget to join social media platforms to earn fame. Following the said things will lead you to the role of a famous vie star in Bitlife – Life simulation.

Start Your Life with a Good Looking Character

Surely, you would be familiar with stats like Looks, Smartness, Health, and Happiness. If you are one of those players you want to become an actor or movie star, then ensure to start your journey with a handsome character. Upon getting birth in Bitlife, you should check the looks stats of your character first. If it is over 85%, then it’s great; otherwise, we suggest you keep starting a new life until you find looks stats over 85%. To start a new life in Bitlife, tap on the menu available at the top right corner, and then press a button of “Start a New Life.”


As we mentioned above, education doesn’t matter in case you have selected your career of becoming an actor. But, here we suggest you go with one of the following careers at university, such as Music, Dance, Political Science, and Arts.

Start Your Career as a Voice-over Actor

As already mentioned above that you need to be a voice-over actor first, before struggling to be an actor. Your application will be approved instantly if you apply with good looks or smart stats. In case you don’t have a character with looks, then you should start a new life. To apply for a voiceover job, you need to visit the job section and click on “Voice-over Actor (Film Studio).” In Bitlife, becoming an actor seems like the last stage of the game; therefore, you should keep patience, and soon you will get it. Here are some tips that you must maintain to keep your looks stats high:

  • Go to Gym Daily
  • Meditate
  • Avoid Working Hard
  • Don’t mess with others

Voice-over Actor Job isn’t available in Bitlife?

Despite having good looks and high smart stats, it may be possible that when you come to apply for the post of voiceover actor, it may be missing. Surely, the majority of players get confused upon not finding the job post option. Keep shuffling the list of jobs that are already added to the game’s algorithm; therefore, you don’t need to worry as you have an option to restart the game. Restarting the game may shuffle the list of jobs, so keep shuffling until you see the job there.

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