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Playing Puzzle games would be suitable for those players who intend to boost their brainpower. Haiku Games brings a series of challenging Hidden Object video games, and Adventure Escape Mysteries is one of them – offering you thrilling gameplay to experience by mixing Adventure, Puzzle, and Hidden Object game elements. The game introduces a point-and-click interface, letting you interact with the environment using the taps of your finger and find objects to solve challenging mysteries. An inventory is featured on the right side of the screen, where all detected items will be added to use later when need.

Moreover, you will experience a variety of highly-acclaimed storylines enjoyed by millions of players from all over the globe. Get ready to be a detective as you have to investigate tricky cases to find cryptic clues and find connections to reveal the mystery behind the scene while solving challenging puzzles in the beautifully crafted adventures offering new lightning effects.

Exploration of Fantasy-themed Kingdom

Before playing any game, you should read the instruction as many times lots of clues are hidden within it. So be careful next time whenever you are reading instructions. There is a fantasy kingdom that is in the cursed crown, and this is your responsibility to save it from destruction. Don’t be a delay, polish your skills, and set off an adventure to show off your puzzle skills. The plot focuses on a female protagonist named Nimue, who awaits you to be set on a quest to rescue her people from being invaded by rivals. While playing the game, your priority should be focused on learning new magical spells, including:

  • Super-size Plants
  • See-through Walls

Furthermore, try to make decisions because they will determine the outcome of the story on your epic quest. The game doesn’t introduce a single story as there are many others with a different protagonist, layout, environment, and a set of objectives.

Exploration of Trapmaker

The game lets you jump into the shoes of Detective Kate, who needs to investigate a mysterious murder case. It takes place in the Trapmaker environment where you are allowed to interrogate suspect your way and use your detective power to find out the secrets of everyone within no time.

Introduction of Ruined City

There’s a third story that focuses on a ruined city where your ultimate goal is to fend off a hurricane invading the world. According to the plot, a team of archaeologists had done a crash landing in a jungle-themed world where they found a forgotten, but cursed city. Within no time, they swept into a strange mystery that happened approximately 500-year ago. Now, the main question is that our heroes are brave enough to outlast the night and rescue the world from destruction.

An Ancient Story

The game tells you the story of the Sea goddess who lost her beloved friend, known as Kraken. At that time, she wept for tons of days, and because of her tears, a massive sea came into existence. After dissolving into the sea, the last remaining parts of the goddess turned into valuable jewels, such as:

  1. The Emerald Eye
  2. The Twin Tear
  3. The Blood Ruby
  4. The Breath of the Sea

All rare gems sank to the sea’s bottom, and the Royal Trading Company of the Queen have discovered them. Now, all pearls are famous as her Crown Jewels. After many years, the ship got vanished that contained all the gems while in transit on a Royal Trading Company ship. You would be shocked that only one jewel, “The Breath of the Sea,” was found and transferred to a new owner.

Mysteries to Solve

As mentioned above, the game doesn’t feature any single storyline to make your fun limited, as there are up to 11 stories available, and more are expected to release soon. Each storyline has up to eight chapters, and each chapter brings challenging puzzles for you to solve. Don’t waste your time, as many mysteries are pending to address.

  1. Trapmaker
  2. Pirate’s Treasure
  3. Puzzle Pack
  4. The Covenant
  5. Painted Worlds
  6. Paradise Mystery
  7. Trapmaker 2
  8. Cursed Crown
  9. Trapmaker 3
  10. Classic: Murder Inn
  11. Classic: Dark Ruins
  12. Midnight Carnival

It is good to know that by default, not all stories are unlocked to play – there may be a few stories available that you can open to proceed using keys. The game grants you only two keys at the very beginning, but after the completion of present stories, you get able to unlock further to proceed for advancement. After having a lot of information regarding the game and its all prominent features, let’s get started with the walkthrough of each mystery.

Trapmaker Walkthrough Guide

Adventure Escape Mysteries: Trapmaker serves as one of the two plots available in the latest version of the Escape Room app that the developer has released. Within the storyline, the game starts with a mysterious murder and the entry of a female protagonist, named Kate Gray – a detective who jumps into the scene to investigate the case. As I said before, the game gives you a blend of Escape Puzzles and Point-and-Click gameplay elements, released with well-designed surroundings.

It features hundreds of playable tricky puzzles, which will, for sure, make you confused while finding a solution. Your ultimate goal is to investigate a murder case by interrogating the suspects, locating the murder weapon, and finding the person who is responsible for all of these happening. Adventure Escape Mysteries spans eight chapters/levels, and each one brings a unique mystery to solve.

  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 5
  • Chapter 6
  • Chapter 7
  • Chapter 8

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Trapmaker Chapter 1 Walkthrough

It comprises eight playable chapters, and you control a female protagonist who needs to solve all mysteries to capture the person who is responsible for the murder. The first chapter starts with an introduction of a murder, revealing a suspicious death forces the protagonist (Kate Gray) to navigate the high-tech security conference to confirm that was it murder and how the next it. Let’s start playing Chapter 1.

According to the plot, Kate Gray was called for an investigation of a murder case, even though she is off. At the start, Murphy Lieutenant unravels that six vendors were setting up their deal; however, an IT guy stuck in a booth and suffocated. In the beginning, the game will show you how to start playing the game by introducing a simple tutorial, letting you find the police tape available in your inventory. Here are a few things you need to find a way to complete puzzles:

  1. Find a Police Tape and use it to lock the place for others
  2. To keep continuing the power, you need to set the dials
  3. Find a paper laid on a table, containing Booth Number
  4. Set both numbers on the dials
  5. Next to that, you find the person who got killed with a message for you “IT with three times underlines.
  6. Set IT three times by turning off all letters other than I and T
  7. Get access to the room and search out the dead body for further clues
  8. Collect All Clues and Chips, as well as Tie of the person who died, and add to your inventory
  9. Solve a Tricky Puzzle following the pattern available on the Tie
  10. Drag a treasure bag and keep them aside, use a scissor to cut the bag, and collect the letter “”
  11. Placing the letter “A” on the table will take you a locker code that you have to open at any cost
  12. Next to that, remove a tile of the floor and read the dialogues that appear on the screen to get the code
  13. Place the code on the dial and obtain a chip, as well as an emergency exit
  14. Remove more floor tiles and place all found chips
  15. Use the emergency button to get out of the room

Following all the mentioned steps could lead you to the completion of Chapter one.

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Trapmaker Chapter 2 Walkthrough

After surviving from the worst condition of the room where the murder happened, Kate moved to the 2nd chapter. But before, Murphy sealed the vault and told her that five people had visited the booth today. Next to that, Kate started interacting with Mr. Harris and said to him that his cabin faces the crime scene. Finding Mr. Harris absent, Constantine starts talking to Kate, offering her fully-featured interrogation rooms to chat. Kate replied by refusing the proposal and ended by asking a few questions floating in her mind. To Complete the Second chapter, you have to follow the given steps:

  1. Place the Chair near the Table
  2. Turn on the Light
  3. Choose the questions to reveal the personality of Constantine
  4. Collect a clue offered by Constantine
  5. Move toward the door and try to open it by dialing security keys
  6. Dial 9539 to open the door
  7. Get out of the room, behind the mirror, and start finding clues like a shirt written NIT on it
  8. Solve a challenging puzzle by swapping pieces with each other to make the perfect according to the eagle placed amidst the circle
  9. Once done the locker will open, rewarding you a star
  10. Next to that, you find yourself inside the interrogation room where lots of tools and accessories are available to make your setting to talk the suspects
  11. Set the project toward the suspect and let it recognize the face and give you data according to the targeted person
  12. You can open the briefcase using the code
  13. Collect all items from the suitcase, as well as a star
  14. Collect the Data Cable from the Projector Room where you will find the suitcase and add it to your inventory to use later
  15. Come back to the interrogation room, connect the cable with the project, clean its mirror using the cloth, and turn it on to start the clip
  16. Place the tissue box on the table ahead of the suspect and start asking questions again to solve the mystery
  17. Use a lie detector machine to force the suspect to admit that he is guilty
  18. After confession, take the suspect to the safe house

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Trapmaker Chapter 3 Walkthrough

After that, poisoning gas appears from the bulb and making both characters senseless; after that, the game welcomes you to the Third Chapter of Trapmaker. In the third chapter, you will discover that Constantine admits that he did a robbery, but not murder. The female protagonist finds herself trapped in a padded room with a stranger.

  1. Solve a Puzzle by finding a rope from A Point to B
  2. Once done, claim your start that you can use for a hint

Moreover, Trapmaker appears and starts the discussion with the protagonist, asking that she know him or not, and realized that he was the guy who gets ruined because of you.

  1. Collect a Map, Pillow, and Your Shirt
  2. Wake up the girl and collect her shirt too, as well as a food tray
  3. Collect a star laid right after the shoe of the stranger
  4. Pick the metal tray and throw it near the door as it will damage the wall of cloth and provide you with a start, as well as a half-part of the tray
  5. Use your tray again to cut the second part of the wall where you find a credit card and a machine you can use to open the door

As you come out, a robot equipped with a knife will appear, forcing you to back to your room. At that time, you have to choose the collected shirts to tie the robot and limited its movements. The stranger is suffering from an airlock, which won’t get unlocked until the contamination reaches zero levels; therefore, you require to fix the brain of Dr. Robot, as per the instruction of Edna. Use a knife to cut the upper head of the robot and put a new chip into it that you can find next to that robot. The game will display you a puzzle, involving you to set chips to reprogram the bot.

Try to gather further parts scattered throughout the floor and add them to your inventory for later use. While collecting items, you discover a glass of water with the words “Will Work for Caffeine,” as well as a pattern printed over it. A few magnets are laid on the floor, collect them all, and move to the machine containing a lock of five dials. You quickly unlock the locker by dialing “10248.” Next to that, open the magnet scanning device, and place all of the collected magnets to make it running till the lower level of contamination of the room.

Throughout the map, use the magnet to put a metal ball to the hole. Placing the ball to the center of the map will drop the contamination level downward, and the airlock gets opened. The code is “9467“, and the lock will open where you will obtain a tower that you can use to clean the blood spread all over the floor. Put all Petri dishes to that machine where you grab a towel and close it.

Right after that, you have to draw gestures by finding the clue; maybe you have seen it over a glass you found with a pattern drawn over it. Once the shape gets recognized, the game welcomes you to a conference room. Because of Edna, you find a key as she gets into the room you opened after drawing the pattern. Collect the airlock from Edna’s neck and add it to your inventory. Keep the neck lock you got from Edna on the magnet machine where you completed the puzzle by pulling the metal ball toward the center.

The bomb didn’t refuse, and the tick is still working; the Doctor tried to resist but failed, and he got himself to the room where you found Late trapped and got destroyed. Collect three stars and move to Chapter 4.

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Trapmaker Chapter 4 Walkthrough

The fourth chapter of the mystery is still revolving around Kate, who is navigating the booby-trapped conference hall, as a fiery bus crash leads her to an uneasy alliance. The 4th chapter takes you near a bus that is burning because of an accident that happened to it. To complete the 4th scene, you need to follow the steps:

  1. Collect the Green pieces mentioned in the picture and nearby items to add to your inventory.
  2. Pick up the cover of a light yellow-colored as mentioned in the image with number 3, and plug the switch over it to turn on the device.
  3. Pick up a Star
  4. Now, place secondly placed pieces to the device
  5. Add the firstly collect the green-colored item to the device and have a tin pack
  6. A side mirror is hanging over the bus, try to collect and add to your inventory
  7. The dial is placed over the center door of the bus, try to unlock finding a clue
  8. Dial “48559” and the door will be opened with an injured person coming town with a first aid tool
  9. Try to place items to their related places to obtain a star
  10. Get into the bus after requesting the person to sit on the chair
  11. Grab a mirror from your inventory and take it near the laser light, as the light reflects and collides with the roof of the bus, a metal bar will fall down. Add the metal rod to your inventory.
  12. Putting the metal bar into the hole situated right after the mirror room, containing the digital locker will be unlocked
  13. Try to use your wit to reveal the code as you can find it by merely maneuvering the bus as how many tires it has, its weight, and of Couse the number of doors “35625.”
  14. As the door opened, you find something ties with ropes, and she was Wendy, who will hardly believe in you that you’re a cop, not a trapmaker.
  15. After coming out, you find an illegal lockpick that you required to free Wendy.
  16. Receive Wendy’s Instruction and get into the bus, where you have to use the lucky charm and proper add to its place, as you can show in the image below, as well as set the button accordingly.
  17. Sliding the driving chairs and setting up the gear as mentioned in the picture will unlock a secret door, wherefrom you obtain the following: Long Cable, Illegal Signal Booster, Bomb Suppression Blanket, Thin Bar, and Ladder
  18. Use Bomb Suppression Blanket to slow down the flames of fire coming out from the bus engine.
  19. Use the long cable, attack the box laid inside the bus, select the ladder, come out from the bus, place it on the bus, and connect the 2nd part of the cable to a signal dish.
  20. Pick up the signal booster and place it near the dish where you recently connected the cable.
  21. Try to match the blue jamming signal
  22. Now match the blue police frequency
  23. Next to that, you would be made with Murphy
  24. Smoke will start to appear because of the antenna and signal booster, trapping you inside with only driving seats and a few types of equipment.
  25. Collect with equipment by slashing the driving seats like a piece of cloth and other items. Use the cloth to hold the hot rod and add it to your inventory for later use.
  26. Use the pad to keep the fire clam down and a way to out of the bus using the rod you. After that, the discussion will start Trapmaker, and the game takes you to Chapter five.

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Trapmaker Chapter 5 Walkthrough

Completion of previous chapters leads you toward challenging gameplay where it puts your detective skills to test. Now, the fifth chapter revolves around Kate, who follows the gunfire sound coming from a deadly shooting gallery. This time, your ultimate goal is to find out the weakness of Trapmaker in time.

This time, you find yourself in a shooting gallery with a sparking wire and too many toys. At the very beginning, you have to gather two dolls laid on the floor, and go to the bag to pick further items. You find a note “Exhibit Closed” on the board, collect it, and remove the tap that you can use to calm down the sparking wire. From the bag, you receive a key, life straw, and gun oil.

Select the key from your inventory and open the lock of a cupboard placed right after the bag, mentioned in the image with the number 6. Lots of toys are there, and you have to find out two toys which don’t belong to the set. Select toys available in your inventory and place them in empty places to complete that puzzle. Try to add the same toys vertically for the completion and receive a star.

Select the locker under the bad and try to unlock it using your wit, as well as the code. Follow the pattern described in the image to unlock to proceed. Once the locker opened, you will receive a light gun. Open the mechanical part of the board by tapping on it and fix the life straw to turn it in a working position. Add two removed eliminates from the blue-colored cupboard to the red-colored cupboard. Choose the light-gun and click on the poster to collect a star. Next to that, choose a bullet and add it to the mechanical part of the cupboard to make it start working. Select the light gun and shoot the animals to earn points and have a star. The successfully created aim will reward you with Doggie Vest.

You find a dog next to the locker and choose and equip the Doggie Vest to the dog to allow him to bark. Let’s manipulate the metal door, containing a lock of six switches. Grab your gun after getting into the room, recently opened after setting up switches, because they are coming back. It’s a warning released by Sanjana.

Take care of yourself as all dummy will start shooting at you within no, and you have to take them off as soon as possible. You have to defeat all enemies within six bullets. Once you get out of ammo, you have to restart the game. Once done, ask Sanjana to help you out in clearing the floor. After that, grab the Boom and Robot Arm. Choose the bloom and clean the floor to get advanced. Now, choose the robot arm and release the water to end the fire.

After that, play a mini-game designed by Trapmaker and complete it merely controlling a metallic ball in the maze-like environment. You aim to reach the middle of the game by finding a way that leads you to it. Once entered, now make your way to a trap. After that, a meeting happens between you and Constantine, who is trying to make Sanjana understand that Kate isn’t a cop; she is a Trapmaker. Clicking on the billboard containing an image of a trap will make it fall down, and the voice of Trapmaker appeared from the loudspeaker.

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Trapmaker Chapter 6 Walkthrough

Chapter six will appear with standard difficulty level, where both Kate and Sanjana descent to the lair of Trapmaster. Now, your ultimate objective is to fend off him from doing that. It seems the sixth chapter takes place in an underground environment where bunches of cables are available. At the very start, you find Zip Ties, which you can use to tie the wires correctly to clear the environment after that, follow the given steps to complete Chapter six, and unlock further.

  1. Grab a Metal Piece and add it to your inventory.
  2. You will find four Metal Pieces scattered across the wooden box, also containing a dial lock.
  3. Slide the Wooden Box to grab the fifth metal piece laid under it.
  4. Collect Spray Paint and a metal piece available between the cables.
  5. From the top, you can get a sturdy pipe; next to that, you have to use the spray over the wall to reveal the hint “TM.” Collect another Metal Piece from the left wall and add it to your inventory.
  6. Use all eight collected metal pieces on the wall where you did spray and adjust them to fill both letters.

Once done, the game opens up a way which leads you to the underground floor, where the very first, you need to use the metal rod and hit the pipe as the image shows, and once the gas completed leaked, you will be displayed some laser lights, in short, alarm system or a trap set by Trapmaker. Nearby the pipe, you find a sequence of numbers; remember that and come out of the room to open the lock you find attached with the wooden box.

  1. Once the box gets opened, you find a lot of waste in it.
  2. Find a Hard Drive and add to your inventory and struggle to locate a star below the waste
  3. Grab the Throwing Star, Motherboard, Locked Phone, and Paint-Stained Glove
  4. Use the throwing start to break the circuit of an alarming laser system; you found the underground floor; use Paint-stained Glove to open boxes where you find a key.
  5. Use the found key to open the suitcase laid on a table right after the massive box you opened and found a key.
  6. Input the number on the locker of the 2nd box “”
  7. Upon opening, it will reward you with Adrenaline Soda, which you required to destroy the Signal jammer.
  8. Place the hard drive and motherboard to start the computer.
  9. Connect the locked phone to the mini-suite computer and make it unlock.
  10. Set the streamline following the pattern you found on the wooden box to complete the puzzle
  11. Input the name of the remaining channels to open up the second lock.
  12. Hack the system by following the pattern, as shown in the given image, to recover the file and to decrypt it.
  13. You will receive a call from an unknown number of Trapmaker.

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Trapmaker Chapter 7 Walkthrough and Guide

In the 7th episode, you are supposed to disarm three bombs planted in an elevator. Therefore, you should try your best to beat the trapmaker at any cost by completing all puzzles and overcoming all deadly traps set for you and others as well. Start the game by collecting items, including Lightbulb and Wire Cutter, from the Bucket. Use the wire cutter to cut wires available on the booth and achieve a map of the looby.

  1. Use the Lightbulb and set it to the convention center and try to unlock the locker by inputting the code you received from the lightning bulbs of Convention Center2836.”
  2. The Prohibited items get unlocked, wherefrom you obtain a hammer, which is required to break the glass right below the box available.
  3. Collect Liquid Nitrogen Spray and Craft Knight
  4. Use the spray and hammer the box shown in the image to unlock and have two packages
  5. Place the map one of two packages and draw a pattern by connecting the letters
  6. Open the 2nd package to have an electric screwdriver
  7. Use the screwdriver to open the container by removing all screws and cute the red wires, place batteries, and turn on all switches to disarm the bomb. Once done, obtain a key card.
  8. Input the card to the elevator place and choose the rooftop to approach that.
  9. Reaching the rooftop, collect cloth banners, warning signs, and UV glass.
  10. Choose the electric screwdriver and open the tightly locked doors to disarm the traps
  11. Use the cloth to clean the screen and start placing signs
  12. Once you complete the puzzles, as shown in the image. Once done, the elevator starts moving upward.
  13. The lift will be stuck in the hallway where you need to collect Green Buttons, Cloth Banner, Handrail, and UV Glass
  14. Use the wooden piece to open the stuck door and get out of it.
  15. Get into the colorful world where you experience many burning lights and other decoration pieces.
  16. Try to solve the puzzle by inputting the text “FineMe
  17. After typing, a door will open which leads you to a detonator room
  18. Come out and collect items, including Plug Pairs.
  19. Input Plug pairs in the system of detonator to disarm the bomb

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Trapmaker Chapter 8 Walkthrough

In this segment, the most favorite detective (Kate) will be confronted her suspects in a suspicious conclusion and would reveal who killed Frank Deitch and who is Trapmaker. The last chapter will tell a lot of remaining secrets as many officers started to show their interest in you and gave you their helping hand in completing the mysteries. Assign the task to each officer and send them back to their work. Start playing the game by collecting items as we did in previous chapters, including Squeeze Air Blower, Wire Cutter, Car Window Breaker, and more.

  1. Use Wire Cutter to cut all available iron wires and collect a star.
  2. Click on the broken table to make it disappear from the scene
  3. Hit a click on the power cable and remove it to add to your inventory
  4. Choose the Car Window breaker and torn the mirror into several pieces
  5. Get into the window which leads you to a small room
  6. Open the yellow-colored suitcase and collect Scuba Mask, click on the hanging camera, choose the Squeeze Air Blower and clean the camera to check if it is working or not.
  7. You need a security code to run the camera, equip a Scuba Mask to see the numbers you need in the yellow-colored light and it will show you “5859
  8. Add the camera to your inventory and use the Squeeze Air Blower to clean the other electronic device
  9. Grab the wire cutter and clean the device from useless wires, attach the power cable, and connect the camera to see the footage
  10. Arrange the footage properly to complete the video and move to the next scene
  11. The last scene takes place where Kate had been kept after kidnapping a stranger girl.
  12. Collect Robot Arm, Empty Samples, Spray, and UV Light
  13. Pick up the UV Light, do spray, and collect samples
  14. Use the robotic arm to place the machine aside in another room and use UV light to reveal the pattern to unlock the security code.
  15. Next to that, you find a contamination level of 0 with many green gas cylinders
  16. Use UV Light again to collect samples nearby the green gas cylinders and back to the room where a DNA machine is available to check the collected samples.
  17. At last, gather all members and investigate one by one using proof, and display that the Trapmaker is Frank.


Adventure Escape Mysteries contains more than 11 playable stories to explore, and each one includes eight chapters. Each storyline will give you a fantastic experience and will surely improve your detective skills. The offered walkthrough will be helpful for you whenever you stuck anywhere and didn’t find any clue about what to do next. Solving murder and adventure mysteries are fun to play, but the tricky puzzles sometimes make you feel angry when you didn’t find anything to go ahead with. The name of 11 adventures are mentioned above, and more are expected to be released soon. Try to play with others and solve the mystery to show off your detective powers to your buddies.

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