AE Mysteries: Haunted Hunt Walkthrough

Hunted Hunt Walkthrough


If you are searching for the best Hidden Object video games, there’s nothing better than the Adventure Escape Mysteries game that holds up to seventeen adventures. Each adventure introduces a unique cast of characters, featuring individual objectives and mysteries to solve. Every adventure offers you a chance to become a detective and embark on a journey to solve a strange case. The game includes different genres, such as Adventure, Hidden Objects, and Puzzle elements. You are invited to unfold a unique storyline and explore unique locations when interacting with NPCs and finding hidden objects to solve puzzles. We already have covered lots of Adventures and are now back with the Haunted Hunt Walkthrough Guide to help you eliminate all problems.

AEM: Haunted Hunt Beginner’s Guide

Like other AEM Adventures, you are thrown into a detective role to find hidden objects and utilize them to solve mysteries. You won’t receive any list of goals to see; so, you should use your puzzle-solving skills to observe, judge, and solve riddles. Before starting the game, read the storyline on the cover of every chapter and make decisions accordingly. When playing the game, you should keep collecting glowing stars that may help you get hints to highlight or skip complex parts of the chapter.

Although you have an option to buy in-game coins, we suggest you not skip any part of the game as you can’t enjoy the ending correctly. The more you play the game, the more you learn. Once the level cleared, there’s no option to play it again, while you can reset the adventure to play it from the beginning. Every chapter unlocks with the use of keys that take a few hours to back once used.

Help Moira to Escape

The storyline revolves around Moira, who possesses shapeshifting abilities. Unfortunately, a villain named Otto is a hunter who captures supernatural skills for fun and sport. Recently, Otto caught Moira and trapped her into a cage where escaping is almost impossible. Therefore, Moira is looking for someone to help to get rid of that problem. Classic: Haunted Hunt comes with eight different chapters; each one is set in a different location. Explore each location to discover clues and use them to solve mini-games and puzzles to escape.

AEM Classic: Haunted Hunt Walkthrough

Moira wakes up in a cage set by Otto, a hunter who loves to capture supernatural creatures for fun. In this adventure, you assume the role of Moira, a shapeshifting creature who can turn into different types of animals. Completing all chapters isn’t as easy as it seems; therefore, we jump in with our step-by-step walkthrough guide, including all solutions and answers to help you. Read our AEM Classic: Haunted Hunt Walkthrough to find all possible solutions.

AEM Classic: Haunted Hunt Walkthrough – Chapter 1

  • Firstly, collect a napkin from near the bucket and dip it into the water. Use the napkin to clean the floor and obtain an empty teacup.

  • Tap the floor to see the pattern and follow the lines starting from the sun and the eye.

  • Now, click on the box fixed with the cage to change the combination as Heart, Sun, Eye, and Moon. Open the box to collect the bread from inside and add it to your inventory.

  • Select the cup, tap the bars to call a raven, and offer bread to shift your shape.

Switch between Human to Raven

Now, you are capable of switching between human and raven. Before starting, you should keep a few things in mind when playing as a raven that you can interact with other Ravens to get help and ask them to move, pick up the letter opener, remove the curtain, etc.

  • After that, you should tap on the human face fixed at the bottom-right corner of the screen to turn into a human. Collect a poker, a mirror, and use the letter opener to get a piece of the curtain.

  • Now, select the poker to remove the mermaid tank’s lid and head to the shelves of teeth to obtain the skull from inside. Before leaving the area, don’t forget to read the book kept on the butterfly wings.

  • It will help if you read the rules written in the book and set the butterflies accordingly: Green, Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow, and Green. After solving the puzzle, you may receive fairy wings.

  • Head to the painting glued on the wall to get a clue that vampires don’t have any reflection. Select the mirror from the inventory and place it next to the shelves of teeth.

  • Collect three sets of teeth that don’t have any reflection on the mirror.

Turn into Raven

  • After collecting teeth, you should turn into a raven and obtain the net from the Mermaid Tank.

  • Next, use the tank to get the scales and discover a clue after watching at the top of the shelves using the teeth. Upon watching, you may find a pattern and a note “BAXTER WAS HERE.”

  • Once you have all four items required to call a ritual, place all of them on the table to discover another clue above it.

Switch to Human

  • You need to turn into a human, select the cloth from the inventory and dip it in the grease you found there.

  • Head to the painting available on the wall and use the cloth to remove the scratches. Soon, you will discover the following code (1841) on the painting.

  • Head to the main door, enter the code (1841) to unlock it, and escape the room.

AEM Classic: Haunted Hunt Chapter 1 was completed.

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