Adventure Escape: Murder Inn Walkthrough


Adventure Escape: Murder Inn is an Adventure and Single-player Hidden Object video game brought to you by Haiku Games. For sure, you would be familiar with the developers, as they are specialists in developing Hidden Object and Puzzle video games. Thousands of puzzle games are available on App Stores, but the majority of them involve you finding only hidden objects.

Adventure Escape: Murder Inn brings a brand-new to play the puzzle game, and it features challenging mysteries to solve. Finding hidden objects isn’t enough, using them to solve the mystery is the real job and will reward you with points. Therefore, you should polish your detective skills before landing in the game. It has up to nine challenging chapters available, and each one is full of mind-bending puzzles.

Gameplay and Story

Moreover, the game takes you to a snowy environment where someone invites you to solve a dark mystery of murder among buddies. The story starts with college friends who reunite at a remote mountain lodge without having information regarding the dark mysteries and secrets that goes deep. In the next scene, the game reveals that one friend died in a skiing accident last year, while another friend was killed in her guest room.

Afterward, everyone is claiming the innocence of the targeted person, but there’s something that is lying. Therefore, a detective is hired, named Kate Gray to search the clues and interrogate the suspects to find clues and capture the culprit. Join Kate Gray on an epic adventure to see whether you can solve a strange mystery or not using your skills.

Adventure Escape: Murder Inn Review

Hidden Object games are the best source to boost your investigation skills and learn how to solve complicated murder cases. Adventure Escape: Murder Inn brings a variety of cases and beautiful landscapes to explore. The game features a female protagonist who needs your help to solve a complicated adventure revolving around a series of mysterious murders. Something strange is happening in the snowy environment, and everyone claims about supernatural forces.


Adventure Escape: Murder Inn comes with a well-written storyline, featuring a female protagonist who joins a group of college friends to find out who killed their friend. I found the game hard to play, but you can easily understand how it works. The game doesn’t feature anything like boosters, power-ups, etc. although the hint system is featured to highlight the item which is difficult to find.

Moreover, I enjoyed the storyline as it brings you close to a realistic murder case where you have to work, think, and react as a detective. Investigate the case, explore the location, interrogate suspects, and find the culprit to become the best detective. There’s a chance to prove your skills if you want to be a detective.

Graphics, Sound Effects, and Controls

If we come to graphics, then the game features stunning animation effects and beautiful graphics that bring the winter setting to life. Like other Hidden Object games, you can’t see your character when finding objects, but during the time of discussion with NPCs, you may see how your female character looks like. Leave everything on your detective skills, follow the trail left by the murderer, analyze clues, and reach the culprit to win. The sound effects are beautifully crafted, and the game features intuitive controls that you can enjoy.

Adventure Escape: Murder Inn Walkthrough

Probably, playing Hidden Object video games isn’t easy, especially those which come with mystery elements. Adventure Escape: Murder Inn brings a mixture of Puzzle, Mystery, Hidden Object, and Detective game elements. In short, you need to be a detective not only for finding objects but also for analyzing and finding the culprit. Therefore, Adventure Escape: Murder Inn Walkthrough Guide is here with the best Murder Inn Tips and Tricks to help you find the murder.

Furthermore, you should know that the game comes with 9 challenging chapters, and each one can’t consider as completed until you find all clues and solve the mystery. When playing the game, you will encounter a beautiful cast of characters, the majority of them are females and have different rules to assume. The game features a tutorial level to make you understand how to solve a puzzle, and using the hint system you can highlight the object you are feeling difficult to discover.

Adventure Escape: Murder Inn Walkthrough – Chapter 1

The mystery starts with “Emma” who is saying thanks to Murphy. Emma was thinking herself in danger and thought she may die on those slippery mountain roads. In the next scene, Murphy talks about Jay. A small discussion starts with three to four characters and ends when the scene takes you close to the main door of the house. Upon reaching, you find a board hanging over the house with written something on it “Winter Inn.”

As I mentioned above the first level is a tutorial to tell you how to solve the puzzle. Your first job is to open the door, but no way can open the door because the snow has blocked the way. Follow the given steps to remove the snow ahead of the gate.

  • Collect a shovel available at your right-hand side nearby the main door
  • Use the shovel to remove all snow as soon as possible
  • Your third goal is to find a security code to open the door. The game glues a keypad lock on the door.
  • The door is locked and you need to find a clue to figure out the code, which isn’t an easy task.
  • There’s security glued into the glass that you need to examine first to reveal the code.
  • See the main board to count the letters
  • After counting the letters, the number you will get is the following:

The next scene takes you to a beautiful room that is fully decorated with Christmas stuff. A dog is sitting on the floor and many other items are available over there to make the puzzle difficult to solve. As you get into the room, a post falls from a board on the floor.

The game displays a message from Murphy, who is saying that the wind is no joke. Next to that, a discussion starts between three characters. Follow the steps mentioned in Adventure Escape Murder Inn Walkthrough to complete all complicated puzzles.

  • Pick up the poster from the floor and add it to your inventory
  • Visit the sofa to collect another poster
  • The next three images are hidden below the cushion available on your left-hand side.
  • Tap on the frame laid on the table above the red-colored sofa of your right-hand side.
  • Click the specific area of the floor nearby the tail of the dog to reveal a mini-game holding too many grids and an image of Jay and Emma.
  • You may find a piece of paper under the round table available on your left-hand side.
  • Pick up the board you found near the dog’s tail, and place all images you found from different places, including the last one you got from below the table.
  • Your next job is to place all images on the board carefully and try to solve a puzzle.
  • Something like bone is available on the sofa of your right hand near the cushion.
  • Throw the bone toward the dog to keep it aside.
  • A round table is placed behind the dog, containing a drawer. Open the drawer and pick up a matchbox from there. Pick up a stick and take it close to the fire to burn it.
  • Use the burning stick to light up the candle placed on the round table in your left hand.
  • Next to that, the game introduces two new characters, such as Linda and Frank upon tapping the bell lad on the table near the lamp.

Adventure Escape: Murder Inn Walkthrough – Chapter 2

After ringing the bell, the game takes you to the next scene which takes place in the kitchen and your job isn’t ended over here yet, because you have to solve a lot of puzzles. The story of the game is great, and it takes you into different places to reveal the mystery and reveal the dark secrets.

The level starts with Linda, who greets you by introducing Greta, an old housekeeper who gets confused after putting things away in the wrong places. Afterward, both Murphy and Emma share their thoughts. To complete the kitchen scene, you have to follow the steps mentioned in Adventure Escape Walkthrough.

  • Collect a key from the table and add it to your inventory
  • Select the key from the inventory and open the locker available at the left side of the silver-colored refrigerator, and pick up a glass
  • Don’t forget to pick up a flowerpot from above the stove.
  • Choose the flowerpot and fuse it with the wine glass available on the shelf at the right-hand above the sliver-colored refrigerator.
  • Open the table door available nearby the dining table to collect a fishbowl and pot lid.
  • Select the fishbowl and fuses it with the wine glass kept on the table near the sofa.
  • Choose the pot lid from your inventory and add it to the cooking pot available on the stove. Next to that, collect a dinner plate from it and add it to your inventory.
  • Another plate is available below the cushion on the sofa.
  • Cloth Napkin is available on the floor near the tissue box.
  • Chandelier holds another Cloth Napkin, and the third Napkin is available near the windows.
  • Open the refrigerator and collect the third plate from there.
  • Now, you should head to the dining table and set all the collected stuff to solve the puzzle.
  • Once all set, the game displays you a letter on the table, displaying the favorite food of the specific person. Eight persons can easily sit at the table to enjoy their meal. Before they come, you have to serve food according to their taste.

Afterward, the house runs out of power. When the power comes, all characters are safe and sound, except for the one, who goes missing.

Adventure Escape: Murder Inn Walkthrough – Chapter 3

The next scene starts with Rohan who described that he saw Emma Head to her room before the power cut, so you should start searching for clues from here. Next to that, click on the room available at the left-hand side that takes you to the laundry where a challenging puzzle awaits you to be solved. The room has two washing machines, some cupboards, a few sets of clothes, and many other things. As you get into the room, you find washing power spread across the floor.

  • Firstly, you should open the drawer to collect a key, and use it to open the door of the cupboard available behind the old lady
  • Pick up a bucket full of clothes from the cupboard and add it to your inventory.
  • Put the clothes into the washing machine to find a clue, which is “Jay.”
  • Next to that, you have to keep all hanging clothes aside to see what is written behind them.
  • Tap on the cupboard to open the door and bring a vacuum cleaner out to clean the mess from the floor.
  • Get out of the room and head to the ice skateboards kept near the wall and set them in the order that the color of each piece is different from than others.
  • Now, you may have discovered a locker placed on the wall. You should visit the locker and add pin code “178” to open it. Setting both ice skateboards and the pin codes may reward you with two free hints.
  • As the box opens, it will display a series of numbers. Before selecting the number, you are supposed to head to the door available at your right-hand side to reveal the secret codes: 13 and 21.

  • Back to the locker, select the keys of the said number from it, and open the door to get into for investigation.
  • Ops, as you get into the game you discover a dead body of Emma. Next to that, you should investigate the scene to discover clues and number them to remember. Use your detective skills to solve the case if possible; otherwise, check out our created Guide on Adventure Escape Murder Inn Walkthrough.
  • Collect two wooden tiles from under the bed. Third and fourth wooden tiles are available under the pillows on both beds.
  • There’s a box between two beds holding a mini-game to play. Add the missing wooden tiles to the board and complete the puzzle to open it.
  • Once done, the box will open and reveal a web of spider. Here, you can use the vacuum cleaner to clean the mess.
  • Pick up a knife from under the bed and use it to bring out a bullet stuck within the box.
  • Take measurements of the bullets using the vernier caliper and figure out what type of gun has been used to kill Emma.

Adventure Escape: Murder Inn Walkthrough – Chapter 4

After investigating Emma’s Room, the game takes you to another location of the house holding a PC and many other things to interrogate. The level starts with Linda, who isn’t in her senses and can’t believe this is happening. She was confused regarding the dead of Emma and thinking why would anyone kill Emma.

The next dialogue will come from Kate, who makes her believed that the culprit will be in prisoner soon. Now, you should interrogate the room to find clues and the way to solve the mystery. If you are searching for a brilliant Adventure Escape Murder Inn Guide to solve all challenging puzzles, then brings you a complete playthrough with all possible solutions.

  • Firstly, you should pick up a free star from above a jar available near the flowerpot.
  • Click on the yarn to collect a needle from there and head to the drawer where you discover a paper having some patterns drawn on it.
  • Head to the TV and see the buttons according to the drawing you discovered from the drawer to run it.
  • Once done, you will receive a free hint. It will also display footage, along with the date and time.
  • Discover the calendar and the clock to remember both date and time. Back to the TV Screen to set the date, month, and time.
  • After setting the targeted time, the camera displays a person holding a long-range gun in a black suit.

2nd Room

After seeing the murder from the backside, the game takes you to another room where you confront Rohan saying something regarding the reunion. Similar to previous chapters, a discussion has started between three to four characters talking about the reunion party. It seems you are in the dressing room where everything has spread randomly, and the door is opened. Follow the given steps to solve the mystery and get out of the room to head to a new one.

  • Pick up a screwdriver from the floor and collect a stand available next to the shoes.
  • Use the shoes to bring the paper down from the cupboard and add it to your inventory.
  • Open the cupboard fixed in the front wall at your right-hand side and collect the 2nd piece of paper.
  • Click on the scenery hanging on the right wall, place two missing pieces to complete the painting and get a complete ski trail map. As the map completes, it will reveal a code, 4859.
  • Now, visit the cupboards on the left-hand side, and tap on the locker. Add the code “4859” and open the doors to see what it has for you. There’s a pair of socks that hide a shuffleboard disc.

Next to that, you should move to the next room where you find two persons sitting on sofas having a conversation about something.

  • Tap on the sofa on your left-hand side and pick up batteries.
  • Add batteries to the frame and turn it around to see what it contains. The frame contains images of Jay and Rohan. You should note the date written on the image – 26 December.
  • Click on the table laid at your left side apart from the front area, where you have to add the shuffleboard disc on the mini-game to play.
  • Once done, open the drawer and collect a red checker.
  • Move to the chess game where you have to add the button and start playing the game to find a clue.
  • The completion of the game will give you a key that you can add to your inventory and back to the room where you came.
  • Use the key to open the lock of the 2nd cupboard and discover a jacket.

Adventure Escape: Murder Inn Walkthrough – Chapter 5

A new chapter will begin once you find the jacket. The game intends to take you to a beautiful room where you find a bowl full of fruits kept near the lamp. Only one cupboard and a few sceneries are available and hanging on the wall. Your goal is the same as the previous level – to find hidden objects and solve challenging puzzles. Every level starts with the interrogation of different suspects and a casual discussion between characters.

  • Keep the plant pot aside to find a key. Collect the key and add it to your inventory.
  • Use the key to open the cabinet and pick up a letter from inside the cabinet.
  • Slide the curtains to find binoculars and add them to your inventory.
  • Use the binoculars to see outside the window where you discover moving chairlifts, and your goal is to note down the numbers written behind each chairlift.
  • Did you know? There’s a dial phone available inside the cabinet, asking for a code.
  • Enter the code you found behind the chairlifts, 3795.
  • Once done, the game brings the ladders down to climb up to head to the next room.
  • Tapping the ladder will lead you to a secret storeroom where you discover lots of stuff.

  • Firstly, you have to collect Christmas Lights.
  • Secondly, you need to collect a video game controller from inside the box available amidst the area.
  • Keep the rug available near the TV aside, connect the Christmas lights with the video game console.
  • Start playing a mini-game featured on the left wall. Fill the empty boxes with items and start and solve the puzzle.
  • Did you find a bookshelf near the TV? Grab a key from above the bookshelf and use it to open the briefcase available in the bucket on your right-hand side.
  • Note the numbers written on shirts available in the briefcase and also remember the number of players available on an album kept on the bookshelf.
  • Now, back to the main room where you found a locker on the main door. Set the digits “925” to open the lock and get into the room.

Adventure Escape Murder Inn takes you to a new room once you open the lock. Use your detective skills to reveal all secrets and find hidden objects to solve the mystery. The game doesn’t feature any system to highlight the names of objectives you have to find. Therefore, you should work your way to reveal what to find and how to solve objectives. The game is full of furniture, clothes, and other things.

  • As you get into the room, the first thing you may face-off will be a clock I guess.
  • Set the time (03:50) to open a secret box containing a key to collect
  • Use the key to open the drawer available on the right side of the sofa and collect a video game cartridge
  • Visit the storeroom where you found a game controller and turn on the TV.
  • Insert the video game cartridge, connect the remote controller, and start playing the game to solve the puzzle.
  • Play the mini-game to get the passcode that you need to open the locker available at the right side of the drawer from where you got a video game cartridge.
  • Enter the code “240” to open the drawer and pick up a paper written by Emma.
  • Tap on the table next to the guitar where a board is laid written two things, such as Lose (3507) and Sell (7735).
  • Open the briefcase available under the bed, having two security locks. Enter the codes as follows: 5317 and 3351. The briefcase holds a letter and you should read what it has written on it.

Reading the letter will add a few hints to your meter and takes you to the next chapter where lots of new challenges await you.

Adventure Escape: Murder Inn Walkthrough – Chapter 6

The next chapter takes place in the backside of the house where you find two chairs, a small hut, and other things.

  • Firstly, you have to grab an orange towel from the bench and then pick up a pink-colored towel from the first chair.
  • Open the box kept amidst the place holding an ice block.
  • Put the ice block in the blue-colored area fixed on the bench of your right side and set the temperature the game demands. Wait until the ice melt and pick up a key.
  • Use the key to open the door available near the rack containing six boxes.
  • Collect a green-colored towel after opening the door.
  • Keep all towels to their respective boxes and back to the bench, you used to melt the ice. There are six buttons of different colors available, and you should set them following the number of towels laid in the boxes.
  • Move towards the little hut where you find several ice cubes and a pair of shoes. Collect Ice Skate and add to your inventory.
  • Tap on ice cubes to play a mini-game, wherein your goal is to fill the space using the ice blocks to solve the puzzle.
  • Use the ice skate to remove ice from the front door of a small hut.
  • The small hut contains a locker displaying a hint that you must understand to proceed with the story.
  • Move to the bench where you once found a key after melting the ice block. Investigate the image and back to the hut where you need to draw the same thing by tapping the screen.
  • Once done, the game lets you get into the room where you find a grass cutter machine and many other tools. A shovel is also hanging with a hook near the ropes.


The game welcomes you to a workshop where your goal is the same as the previous levels. Use your skills and start finding hidden objects to solve complicated mysteries. Keep following the given steps to solve the puzzle.

  • Discover a blue-colored box holding a basketball that you should collect from it.
  • Use the basketball to break the jointer on the roof to collect a plastic key.
  • Now, you should use the plastic key to start the motor of the grass cutter and takes it aside.
  • Collect the shovel and open a specific area once available below the grass cutter machine. Making use of a shovel will spread several square tiles across the floor.
  • Come out of the house and collect a square tile from the roof.
  • Get into the small hut once again, and start playing a mini-game after collecting all tiles. Your goal is to figure out how to arrange all tiles.
  • Set all tiles in the way that it makes the following wordsOut Ice Cold.”
  • Once you are done, it will open a secret way to the basement.

Adventure Escape: Murder Inn Walkthrough – Chapter 7

The game introduces a new scene using the pop-up that holds a cupboard, a locker, and a dustbin. Following the storyline is compulsory and the game unlocks chapters one by one. Finding hidden objects isn’t a cup of cake; therefore, you should learn first how to find objects, and then move to solve the mysteries. The game pursues the storyline with Kate, who said that “I guess Frank didn’t give up hunting after all.”

  • You should collect Black Camouflage Paint from the cupboard.
  • Visit the lower part of the cupboard to find a paper where you discover something written like “I do Love Algebra.”
  • Next to that, open the dustbin to collect a Stencil.
  • Click on the silvercolored universe where you should place Stencil and put the Black Camouflage Paint.
  • After leaving the uniform, you must visit the wall on the left side, where a small puzzle awaits you. Arrange the tiles in the proper form to complete it, and move to the next scene.
  • Figure out both suits to reveal numbers (2 and 3) and head to the paper where you found a formula.
  • Enter the code “3257” to open the safe and collect all four arrows of different colors.
  • Figure out the wall where you find three small holes in it.
  • Set the collected arrows to the wall to reveal a secret way that leads you to a new room where you discover several heads of animals.

  • You should keep the sofa aside to collect a yellow arrow.
  • Add the arrow on the right wall to reveal a secret safe.
  • There’s a locker at the cabinet’s door containing four arrow buttons. Properly pressing the arrow buttons may open it.
  • Press the right button one time, upper button one time left button one time, and right button one time to open the lock and collect a metal dial and free hints.
  • Figure out the table where you discover a card game.
  • Fix the metal dial to the safe and open it.

Lush Room

As you follow the secret way, the game takes you to a lush room fully furnished and clean. Following the footsteps of previous levels, you spend a few seconds reading conversations having between detectives and suspects.

  • The game features a small showcase amidst the room, having a drawer.
  • Open the drawer to collect a key from it and use it to open the cabinet available below the cupboard.
  • Collect the Goggles and keep the slide the scenery aside to reveal a secret way.
  • Use Goggles to see in the dark, where you discover a code written on the tree.
  • Now, head to the cupboard at your left side and set the dial as the code you found written on a tree (JSEB).
  • An image of deer is glued on the backside of the cupboard’s door.
  • Tap the right door of the cupboard and draw a line between buttons following the image of deer.

Drawing the image will unlock the door. Soon, you will come to know that one rifle is missing from the cupboard.

Adventure Escape: Murder Inn Walkthrough – Chapter 8

Walkthrough Study Room

The scene you have to figure out takes place in the study room where you discover a table, typewriter, book selves, and many other things. Your goal is to interact with the environment, discover clues, and find hidden objects to solve mysteries.

Apart from that, you can use touch controls to perform actions and tap the items to interact with for the completion of objectives. At the start, you may interact with Linda who said how strange it was that Frank said he would be in here reading. Next to that, the discussion starts between Linda, Kate, and Murphy.

  • There’s a box above the chair holding a magnifying glass.
  • Pick up a small key from the table where you can see the typewriter.
  • Use the key to open both drawers of the table where you found a box holding six coins.
  • Both drawers of the table are holding six coins of two different types.
  • A purple-colored box is laid on the table, containing six coins of one cent. You can figure it out in a better way using the magnifying glass.
  • A briefcase is kept on the floor protected with a dial lock. Dial three-digit code (436) to open the briefcase and pick up a book from it.
  • Collect another book from the lower part of the cupboard where you may see a flowerpot.
  • Gather a Paper Clip from the main table and add it to your inventory.

2nd Room

Following the door available in the study room will lead you to the secret room where you find several things and models of buildings.

  • The game features a cupboard on the left side where you must watch trains carefully and remember the letters.
  • There’s a dial lock on the first table of your right side where you must set the digits to open it. (SJYL, VERA, and TAID).
  • Once you open the lock, the drawer opens and gives you a box of train tracks.
  • Use the box and attempt to connect the two tunnels with the rest of the tracks. Upon completing, you can claim free hints.
  • Click on the 2nd table available next to the train track, and set the colors as follows: Green, Blue, Yellow, and Red.
  • Once done, a train reaches the left table along with a key for you to collect.
  • Use the key to open the upper section of the cupboard on your left side and collect a book.
  • Now, you should move back to the study room and head to the bookshelves where you need to keep all books.
  • Move to the right bookshelf where you have to arrange books for free hints and collect a book from its top floor.
  • Keep the collected book from the right side to the left side and start arranging books like the first floor contains four books on the left side and four books on the left side. 2nd floor (7 Books (left) and 1 Book (right)). The third floor contains three books on the left side and five books on the right side. The top floor holds six books on the left side and 2 books on the right side.

Arranging the books in the proper number may open up a secret part of the cupboard holding a dead body of someone.


Adventure Escape Murder Inn brings mind-bending Hidden Object gameplay that puzzles your mind introducing nine challenging chapters. The title belongs to the most popular video game series Adventure Escape Mysteries, mixing elements of Puzzle, Adventure, and Hidden Object. The developer features outstanding graphics and a music track to keep you engaged in solving mysteries. Apart from that, the game features a hint system that always ready to help you figure out what you are looking for. I really enjoyed playing the game.

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