Adventure Escape Mysteries: Midnight Carnival Walkthrough


Adventure Escape Mysteries: Midnight Carnival is a newly released Chapter of the most popular Hidden Object video game, titled Adventure Escape Mysteries. The game has several chapters; each one is offering you a unique cast of characters and a storyline to experience, as well as hidden objects to find. Instead of controlling Kate, you are supposed to control a new character who finds herself in a magical world full of suspense, thrill, and adventure. Your ultimate goal is almost the same – find hidden objects meanwhile making decisions and reading narratives to reach the end.

Besides, you have to reveal dark secrets by merely finding hidden objects and solve puzzles to get rid of problems. Using the intuitive interface, you can interact with the environment freely, tap the place you want to explore, and search for objects. Offering you not a list of single objects you tasked to find is the beauty of the game. Hone your detective skills before embarking on an adventure and learn how to find hidden objects. Finding items isn’t easy especially then when you don’t have any list of objects. Therefore, brings a complete Midnight Carnival Walkthrough Guide for you to solve all challenging problems and puzzles.

Adventure Escape Mysteries: Midnight Carnival Review

More than 14 stories (cases) are available within a single game, known as Adventure Escape Mysteries. All chapters are playable on mobile devices, such as Android and iOS. Apart from that, more chapters are in queue to be released soon. Recently, Adventure Escape Mysteries included a 15th chapter – Midnight Carnival, and in this article, we will explore to see how to solve it. Before jumping to the game, you must keep in mind that without a detective approach you can’t solve even a single puzzle.

Moreover, the graphics are superb and the game features thrilling puzzles that are hard to solve. The storyline revolves around a witch named Maya who embarks on a journey to save a girl. Something suspicious has happened on Halloween’s eve that ended with the disappearance of a small girl. A witch needs your help to find that girl and the name of the “witch” is Maya. I’m not talking about the single story, the controls are smooth in each story/case and the graphics are mouth-watering.

Furthermore, the game itself will describe each scene beautifully and let you know what is happening around you. The addition of the hint system makes your grip stronger on the game and grants you a few turns to highlight the hidden object without any struggles. Although hints are limited and can’t be used once end, you must keep your eyes on the scene and collect the shining stars to increase hints to use later. A few days ago, we have released Adventure Escape Mysteries: Paradise Mystery Walkthrough. You can also overcome the Trapmaker, Murder Inn, and Pirate’s Treasure mysteries by merely following their walkthroughs.

Midnight Carnival Walkthrough

Midnight Carnival is a fabulous game to play and to be honest I enjoyed the gameplay when playing it. Sometimes, the solution lies ahead of you, but you can’t see it because of not thinking out of the box. Therefore, I suggest you think by coming out of a limited box whenever you find yourself playing Hidden Object and Puzzle games. Furthermore, you should keep everything in mind with whom you interact during the gameplay because anytime you may need that item to solve the next puzzle.


Midnight Carnival – All Chapters

Adventure Escape Mysteries: Midnight Carnival comes with 9 challenging chapters and each one holds a unique story and a set of puzzles for you to solve. Activate all of your detective skills to get rid of the magical world you are tapped in and didn’t find a way out. To unlock the Story of Midnight Carnival, you need 2 keys that you can obtain by playing other stories. The story features a beginner difficulty level that means you may experience easy gameplay, but keep in mind playing Puzzle and Hidden Object games aren’t easy it may put your puzzle-solving skills and quick reflexes to test. Get ready to experience the thrilling gameplay and to see what comes next. Here are the solutions of all 9 Chapters:

Adventure Escape: Midnight Carnival Walkthrough – Chapter 1
Adventure Escape Midnight Carnival Walkthrough – Chapter 2
Adventure Escape Midnight Carnival Walkthrough – Chapter 3
Adventure Escape Midnight Carnival Walkthrough – Chapter 4
Adventure Escape Midnight Carnival Walkthrough – Chapter 5
Adventure Escape Midnight Carnival Walkthrough – Chapter 6
Adventure Escape Midnight Carnival Walkthrough – Chapter 7
Adventure Escape Midnight Carnival Walkthrough – Chapter 8
Adventure Escape Midnight Carnival Walkthrough – Chapter 9


Adventure Escape Mysteries: Midnight Carnival Walkthrough brings solutions to all possible puzzles. There are 9 chapters and each one is beautifully designed by Haiku Games. The breathtaking environment will keep you engaged for endless hours of fun, while the storyline won’t leave you alone until you reach the end. The game doesn’t feature complicated controls, using only one-finger control you can overcome all challenging puzzles. The things that help you solve puzzles are sharp eyes and a smart brain.

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