Adventure Escape Mysteries: Painted Worlds Walkthrough


Adventure Escape Mysteries: Painted Worlds is another Adventure of AEM video game available to play on Android and iOS. Adventure Escape Mysteries comes with a variety of adventures and new ones are coming soon. Each adventure revolves around a strange murder case and involves the player investigating the case to figure out the truth and reveal the secrets behind the scene. Following the footsteps of other adventures, Painted Worlds come with a thrilling storyline a character named Gary who is an art dealer. On the day of the exhibition, Gary has been swallowed by a massive painting. Now, he needs your help to escape the dream world. Read our Adventure Escape Mysteries Painted Worlds Walkthrough to get help and complete all puzzles.

8 Chapters with Advanced Difficulty Setting

Similar to other AEM games, Painted Worlds has eight different chapters. Each chapter requires you a key to unlock as well as the adventure itself. Before unlocking the chapter, you can read a story briefly published on the cover. Here you need to navigate the world from a first-person viewpoint, interact with the scene to discover hidden items, and utilize them to solve tricky puzzles. There are different types of mini-games also available; each one shares different gameplay and puzzles to solve. Therefore, you should keep your detective skills improving by solving puzzles because, at high stages, puzzles may become difficult to solve. Available chapters are the following:

Gary – The Protagonist

The story starts with Gary who is waiting for a client to finalize a deal at 3:00. A lady shows interest to buy all paintings. As Gary reaches close to a baby painting to pack it up, he disappears from the scene and wakes up in a painted worlds. In short, Gary is struck in the painting and now searching for a way to escape. We jump in to help you with our Walkthrough Guide that contains tips, tricks, all solutions, and hints as well for all puzzles you feel difficult to complete.

AE Mysteries: Painted Worlds Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Painted Worlds Chapter 1 starts with the character who is about to pack up a painting he sold to a lady. Now, you must help him bring it out from the painting before it’s too late.

  • Collect a crank handle from near the mirror and get a gold key after getting the teddy bear aside from the baby kart.
  • Head to the pillow for a letter and read the poem written on it.

  • Tap the mirror to read the note that says “If you wish to go back to your world,” then the knob, and the door will open. Tap the mirror once again to read more content.

  • Collect the bell hanging with the knob and add it to your inventory.
  • On the left side of the bed, there’s a drawer that you must open using a key from the inventory to collect paints on the board and a brush. Select the crank and use it on the window sill.

  • In the next step, see through the window to discover the colorless environment. Select the colors and paint the scene to make it beautiful.

  • Now, tap the crank to close the window and read the poem written on the card kept near the pillow before leaving the scene.
  • Following the words written on the card, you should discover the items in the painting and keep the numbers in mind.
  • Head to the cabinet kept on the right side and press the button following the found items on the window in the same order to open it.

  • As the drawer opens, you can collect a silver key from there.
  • Select the key from the inventory and use it to open the door and enter the next room.

Second Room

After going through the door, you may discover yourself in the second room where finding hidden objects and playing mini-games are your ultimate goal.

  • Firstly, discover a shovel from the left side of the room and pick it up from there. Discover and collect the drops of the following colors: Red, Blue, and Yellow.
  • On the table, head to the menu to see the photo frame available nearby it.

  • Now, tap the mirror fixed on the wall to unravel a maze puzzle as well as discover the uncompleted painting hanging above the fireplace.

Maze Puzzle

  • Whenever you try to solve the maze puzzle, keep the following things in mind: Rotate the maze to command the ball and lead it to the targeted hole. Collect the “Oil Pastels” from the opened box as you complete the puzzle.

Uncompleted Painting Puzzle

  • Now, you should move toward the uncompleted puzzle where your goal is to make use of oil pastels and fill the colors in a way no areas are left colorless. Once done, collect the bell from there and leave the scene.
  • Now, open the door and go through it to reach the backyard.


  • Once you reach the backyard, collect an empty watering can from there as well as the bell.

  • Discover the paint drops of the following colors, such as Purple, Green, and Orange.
  • There’s a horse painting on the board, tap on it to read the note saying “Don’t Forget: Feed ED.”

  • Tap the water pump and bring the watering can below it to fill with water.
  • Give the water to carrots and color the tree. Once the tree painting gets completed, collect an apple and select a shovel to bring some carrots out from the land by digging it.

  • Select all bells from the inventory and place them with others hanging out there. Now, your ultimate goal is to play the right song.
  • Did you remember what was written on the horse painting? “FEED ED.”

  • Now, tap the bell following the letters found on the painting to solve the puzzle.
  • Playing the music using a bell will call the horse and you must feed him both apples and carrots. After that, tap the horse to be asked where you would love to go.
  • Before getting into the kart, you should go into the house to select the menu. Select the paintbrush from the bottom of your screen, fill the ink in it and use it to find the location’s name, Ruby Café.
  • Head to the horse and ask him to take you to Ruby Café.

  • After that, you need to choose Seabreeze Village because of the best foods you will find there.

  • The next question will be about the street (Rue de la Lune) and the answer is available on the framed photo kept on the same table where you discovered a menu.

  • The last question will be about the address number, which is 64.

Adventure Escape Mysteries: Painted Worlds Chapter 1 was completed. Click on the given link to read our next walkthrough guide.

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