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Playgendary Limited brings you to fun-filled gameplay where you assume the role of criminal and try to escape the cop. The game introduces a beautiful mix of Side-scroll Action and Arcade gameplay elements, giving you a simple, but addictive gameplay to experience. Somehow, the core gameplay seems similar to the Lemmings video game, in which you have to control a cast of characters while leading to the end of each stage by completing challenging objectives. In the game, your character can’t jump, just run for its escape till the end of each stage. It needs your help in making a way to the car, which leads him out of prison.


Experience the Classic Gameplay

The game takes you back to the era of the 90s’ when side-scrolling action games were ruling over the gaming industry, and people were crazy about the classic music introduced to those games. Something like that, you will experience in this game as it brings HD graphics and fun-filled gameplay with the latest touch of fabulous music. It is available to play on Mobile Devices and introduces hundreds of fun-filled levels to play and complete tricky puzzles using exciting ways.

Save Your Teammates from Traps

The game starts with no storyline, but a prisoner in the jail and a cop behind him to keep himself in the restricted area. The prisoner needs your help to make a way out of the jail, and he can’t able to do it alone; therefore, you should dig the way using your finger and guide your character and his companion to escape the jail. The game features touch controls, and it releases with a variety of unique power-ups that you can use to boost up your power and puzzle-solving skills. Proper planning may help you in coming out from the jail; otherwise, considering yourself the permanent resident of jail.

Start Building Your Mansion

The game isn’t limited to the Arcade genre, as it incorporated the building genre that lets you start building your mansion on a beautiful location using the gold you earn from the completion of levels. The introduction of a star-based system will reward you with one of three stars depending on your performance and keys you collected while trying to escape. Different types of obstacles you find when exploring the way, and your ultimate goal is to keep your away to keep your characters alive. Some obstacles help you in smashing barriers and other hurdles laid on your way to make it clean as you can use bombs to destroy walls and other obstacles, and it won’t harm any of your characters.

Find Your Way to the Car

Your ultimate goal is to control your character and start digging to find a way the car to complete the level. It introduces one-finger control, letting you swipe your finger across the screen to make way for your mates and character to follow and grab the car to run. The successful escape will reward you gold and stars that you can use to build your mansion where you, along with your mates, can enjoy life peacefully.

Different kinds of stages are there, and each one comes with a unique background and a different layout. The user interface is so friendly that you don’t need to read any instruction or take any training session to boost your skills. When you come to build your mansion, the game gives you one of four possible options from which you have to choose your mansion color. Once selected, the mansion will be there with your character and other mates having fun together.

Make Your Collection of Costumes and Cars

The introduction of an in-game store will allow you to make your collection of cars and clothes. For sure, you would love new clothes and stylish cars. Therefore, the game features brand-new vehicles and fashionable clothes for your characters. Watching video ads may unlock both vehicles and clothes randomly. You start playing the game with nothing, but as you advance through the game, gold and points will be added to your wallet depending on your performance. After that, you can visit the shop to purchase your favorite items using your in-game currency to look beautiful.

Escape Masters Walkthrough – Find a Way to the Car

Although it’s a simple game to play, many challenging levels may you find tricky. In this Escape Masters Walkthrough, you will learn how to master all challenging levels and to build a beautiful mansion for you and your mates. Each level lets you experience a unique puzzle and complete the objectives to earn in-game points and keys which you required to unlock treasure boxes. Therefore, you should grab all three keys to unlock the treasure boxes, containing gold required to unlock building materials and other stuff.

Level 1 – Learn How to Play

The game comes with hundreds of fun-filled levels, and each one brings you to the completion of unique objectives, leaving you a lot of rewards at the end. The first level will teach you how to play the game and will start by letting you learn how to dig. Using the touch screen, you should drag your finger across the way where you intend to make a tunnel for your tiny friends.

As you drag your finger, the floor will be a break, and your character falls to the bottom. Next to that, you need to grab a key and leads your character to a van. At the end of each level, your characters will perform a beautiful dance, while enjoying their victory. It will give you choices of four different houses of a different color, and your ultimate goal is to choose one of them to start getting your home started to build.

Level 2 – Meet Your Bro!

The level 2 is somehow similar to the first one, in which you will encounter a character like you, and your ultimate goal is to command both characters by dragging your finger to dig the way to the vehicle. While playing the level 2, you have to gather the following things:

  • 2 Characters
  • One Ring
  • One Key

Missing an item means you won’t obtain full points required to build your mansion where you can have fun with friends and your teammates. After the completion of the said stage, the game takes you to the mansion site, where you need to select one of four different side-grills to place surrounding your mansion for safety.

Level 3 – Help Your Mates and learn how to use Bomb

The third level is specially designed to make you understand how to use grenades to smash walls and other obstacles to make a way to the vehicle and escape. While playing the game, you will dig your way from a side-view, collect the objects, and try to reach the end to win the game. The more you play the game, the more points you earn. After the completion of the third level, the game takes you to a bonus level, rewarding you in-game gold and other items to use for your progression. Next to that, you are supposed to get a prize using the keys you collect by playing levels by opening treasure boxes using the keys one by one.

Level 4 – Rob a Bank

Level 3 starts with a cast of characters requesting your help you escape. You should dig a way to let them escape after robbery from cops who are behind them. Dig your way through the level and grab collectibles, trophy, coins, and keys, while smashing obstacles like walls, wooden boxes, and other objects using bombs. The game rewards you with gold to purchase clothes and other items. At the very start, you can’t get access to all prominent clothes as they are high in price, and you can’t afford them at the start.

Level 5 – Collect a Trophy

The level contains a trophy placed at a height, and you just have to grab it before leaving the level. The right way is to stop your character by lifting your finger from the screen and start digging from right below the trophy to make it fall ahead of your character and lift off your character. Now, start moving your character to grab the trophy, a key, and lead him to the end for the completion.

  • Choose a Gate of your Mansion

After placing the walls surrounding your mansion, the game lets you choose the color and design of your gate to place, and hit the build to start construction. All of your mates will start to make it visible on your screen, and the completion of the objective will reward you with a new car to use for your escape.

Level 6 – Grab a Crown

For sure, you may have heard a beautiful whistle of your small character after completing six stages. Your character may make a whistle whenever you lift your finger for a specific time. Okay, in the 6th level, your goal is to gather the following objects:

  1. Wake up Your Two Friends
  2. Collect a Crown
  3. Collect a Key

After collecting all the mentioned items, you are almost ready to escape on your newly unlocked vehicle.

Level 7 – Rob a Bank

It takes place in a bank where you minions have a robbery and waiting for your help to escape. Help them to escape before the police reach to arrest them. Merely drag the screen to dig, collect a crown, and let your characters fly because of magnet power, and reach the next scene to gather a lot of gold. During the game escape, you have to collect all of your mates who left behind, because the level won’t be completed until they join you again.

At the end of the level, a battle takes place between you and the police officers, and your goal is to defeat all police officers before they defeat you in a turn-based fight. At the end of each stage, the game gives you a chance to earn extra rewards by merely watching a video ad, in case you’re not interested to see you can skip it by tapping “No, Thanks.”

  • Welcome to Prize Level

Find yourself lucky as the game provides you with an opportunity to win huge than your expectation using keys you collected to open the treasure box. Hit three of nine boxes you want to open and claim your rewards to make your character fantastic.

Level 8 – Collect 3 Mates and a Ring

It is quite simple to play as you need to find three mates and collect them to reach the end, but before you should grab a ring strategically to claim all three stars, and find a way to the vehicle.

Level 9 – Build a Garage

After the completion of level 8, the game will take you for the development of your garage and will give you an option to choose one of four different garages from available to build nearby your home.

  • A Free Roulette Spin

You’re not supposed to earn in-game currency by completing the stages as many different ways were introduced to grant you luxury items within a small amount of time. So if you are lucky, then you may win the following items:

  • A Vehicle
  • Alien Costume
  • 200 Gold
  • 300 Gold
  • 500 Gold
  • 1000 Gold

It means each section has something to give you for free. The item will be added to your account automatically. Next to that, you will find yourself at a marketplace, where a shopkeeper welcomes you with a variety of options regarding vehicles. You can use your gold to unlock the vehicle to use and escape or can exit the shop without making any purchase.

Level 10 – Rob a Bank Again

The game starts with seven characters; each one is containing money bags and looking for you to help them out. Start helping those guys by dragging your finger to dig the sand and take them out to their vehicle to escape, but before you have to keep all characters together and collect a ring and three keys to complete the level. During the escape, you find many other characters sleeping in specific places, and you must collect them to advance through the stage.

Level 11 – Find Your Way to Escape

It starts with a single character who requires you to collect the other two mates, grab keys, and obtain a key to reach the end. You find two different bombs and must use them to remove hurdles and other obstacles. This time, you don’t need to go at the top of the level, as the vehicle is standing below the floor awaiting you and your mates.

  • Select and Plant a Tree

Hitting the mansion building will lead you to your house where you find all of your mates having fun together and enjoy their freedom. This time, the game asks you to choose one of four different trees to and plant surrounding your mansion to increase its beautiful. The first three trees are free, while to unlock the last one you are supposed to watch a video ad. The completion of construction will reward you treasure points and add to a bar which upon getting filled will take you a treasure room.

  • Decorations

Lots of decorates may be introduced to you after planting trees, such as:

  • Bicycle
  • Birds
  • Cat
  • Letterbox
  • Dog
  • Flowers

Level 12 – Save your Two Mates

Your two mates are awaiting you as they are captured in a small cage. You must dig the way to those characters and flee them from there while finding the way to the vehicle to escape.

Level 13 – Bank Robbery

While doing bank robbery, you must lead your seven mates and help them to approach the vehicle at any cost before the cop get them back to the cage. You must play strategically, make use of the bomb to overcome obstacles, and reach the end along with all of your mates where three cops await you. The battle takes place in the turn-based system, and maybe you lose a few of your buddies while fighting against cops. Defeating all cops would grant you the way to the vehicle.

Level 14 – Visit the Shop

The character visits the shop to purchase impressive costumes for himself using the gold he collected by completing levels.

Level 15 – Let’s Go

Playing arcade and casual games are always fun, and together they provide you endless hours of fun. This arcade did the same thing as others and introduced a beautiful scene and attractive music. In the 15th stage, you start moving to a downward direction by digging a tunnel to save your mate who is right below you, and then move forward from a side-scroll perspective to save another one using the one-finger control. Next to that, collect a trophy, keys, coins, and lead your characters to the end.

  • Construction of a Swimming Pool

For sure, the mansion can’t be considered complete until there is a swimming pool. The game grants you four swimming pools to choose from, and you have to select according to the appearance of your mansion.

  • Claim Your Reward

You would be surprised to know that the completion of the swimming pool gets you a prize and upon opening you will see a new vehicle gets unlocked for you to escape.

  • Get Your Prize

Using collected keys, your character will unlock three of nine treasure boxes, and he gets rewarded by gold bricks which automatically adds to its wallet for later use.

Level 16 – Introduction of a New World

  • After completing fifteen stages, you will find yourself to a new world with different themes and backgrounds.
  • Wake up Two Mates and Collect a Crown
  • During the navigation of the level, you should be careful while letting your mates join your team. You must have to touch them at least once; otherwise, they will be in the sleepy mode and won’t able to join you.

Level 17 – Let’s Go

The environment is unique, and you find the addition of pipes letting you quickly move from one side to another while making sure you have collected all available items like a crown, keys, and coins, as well as your mates.

Level 18 – Build a Fountain

Having a fountain at your mansion gives you a good feeling; therefore, the game lets you build a fountain nearby your mansion on the empty ground to make it beautiful than ever before.

 Level 19 – Go shopping

Visit the shop to upgrade or unlock the vehicle using the in-game gold. If you do not see ads to grab more gold, then this time, you can’t afford to open a new car because of the lack of gold.

Level 20 – Save Your Mates

It takes place in a beautiful environment where you start alone and have to save your buddies while collecting a crown. Drag your finger across the screen to make a path toward your mate, but first, let the crown fall nearby your sleepy friend and gather them together to advance. Make use of pipes for fast travel and obtain a key to complete the level. Once you reach the vehicle, the game gets completed, and you will be promoted to the next one.

Level 21 – Remove Blocks to Advance

At level 21, you will face off massive blocks laid on the way to stop you from escaping. Drag to dig and collect a ring while reaching to the surface. Eliminate an enormous block by digging sand below it and do the same with the next one too. Now, remove the vertical block by digging the land below it and climb the ladder to reach the next floor, and lead all of your characters to the vehicle to complete the stage.

Decorate Your Mansion by Placing Furniture

Start decorating your mansion using the furniture as the game gives you four possible options, and you have to choose one of them to place next to the fountain to enjoy the sunbath.

Level 22 – Bank Robbery

After completing a lot of stages, for sure, you might learn how to survive throughout the game. In the level 22, your ultimate goal is to do robbery in the bank, lead all of your mates, gather gold, and try to escape your way to the end where a vehicle awaits you.

Level 23 – Overcome Obstacles

Every new level brings something new to reveal and enjoy. Level 23 comes with a green-colored environment and a challenging task to complete. Control your character and start digging to find your mates, and get rid of obstacles to clear the way. As the game advances, you find further characters and must try to make them a part of your team to win big.

Level 24 – Visit the Shop

Visit the shop to purchase a stylish costume for your character using in-game currency and exit the shop to continue completing levels for the completion of your mansion.

25 Bonus Level – Bank Robbery

Similar to previous Bank Robbery stages, you are supposed to command seven characters from a side-scroll perspective, and your ultimate goal is to reach the end of the stage at any cost while avoiding obstacles, preventing police officers from catching you, and more. Drag to dig the way to the vehicle, while struggling to collect all scattered gold and other items to boost your points and more. As the game starts, new types of obstacles will get started to appear, and you must overcome each one to leads your character to the end.

Level 26 – Introduction of New Obstacles

The game features new circular type obstacles that you must overcome by merely removing the sand below them and make a path to the next scene. Wake up all of your mates who are sleeping, collect gold, and reach to the end of each stage.

Level 27 – Let’s Go

Level 27 is quite simple as you have to grab your friends, collect a ring, as well as a ring for the completion of the stage.

Completion of the milestone will reward you with an opportunity to build another apartment next to your mansion after crossing the road. Claim your rewards and unlock treasure boxes using the keys you gathered during the gameplay. You would be surprised to know that this time the game may unlock a character with stylish hair.

Level 28 and 29 – Save Your Friends

It is also known as Bonus Stage, letting you collect a cast of characters while blasting your way to make a path and collecting gold to become the master. At the end of each stage, you will face off cops, and after defeating them, you can escape easily. As the level gets completed, visit the shop to purchase a vehicle for your character to run faster than ever before. The completion of the said stage will grant you different types of locked decorations, and you must unlock those watching video ads and place to your newly constructed apartment.

Level 30 and 31 – Let’s Go

It is quite simple to play as you only have to collect your mates, get a crown, and reach the end of the stage by avoiding obstacles.

Level 32 – An Obstacle

Whenever you start playing the game, keep in mind that every game contains a few bugs that may happen during their development. Therefore, you may discover a bug when playing level 32 as two of four characters start moving in another direction before reaching the surface. To prevent this, you need to his the green-colored button to move the game in the forward direction.

Build Barriers

When you start building your mansion, don’t forget to place the barrier across the road. The game provides you with four beautiful items and lets you choose three of them for free, while the fourth one required you to watch a video ad to unlock. As prior stages, go to the treasure room, make use of the keys to open boxes, and claim your reward.

Level 33 – Bonus Level Bank Robbery

Now, you may come to know that the game has different worlds, and each one contains a set of fifteen exciting levels starting from basic to difficulty. The bonus level has a lot of gold for you to grab, as well as a crown to have. Start with a set of seven mates, lead them throughout the stage to the vehicle, while collecting a crown, making use of bombs to remove obstacles, and keep all of the characters together till the end of the game. Timely collect buddies, you the game doesn’t have any feature that lets you move in a backward direction.

Level 34 – Visit the Shop to Change Your Appearance

After the completion of stages, you are supposed to visit the shop to purchase some new costumes for your character, and this time, the game offers you a girl with yellow-colored hair, a man with the black hat, and an alien-type creature to purchase.

Level 35, 36, 37 – Bonus Level

You would be surprised to know that the said level also contained a bug, and your character may stop moving when they reached their final mates to collect. At that time, you have no option, expect to reset the level. Because the level contains a battle against cops; therefore, you should be abundant in numbers as the cop will easily defeat your three mates, and if you only three in number, then the level gets failed.

Set Dining Table

For sure, a mansion won’t be considered as completed until there’s no dining table. Your mates are hungry and need some food in a comfortable environment to enjoy. Therefore, you should place a table next to the apartment to make the entertainment with yummy food after a massive escape.

Moreover, the entire game has similar mechanics and controls, but with different layout and objectives to complete. Lots of collectibles are available, including:

  1. Trophy
  2. Crown
  3. Coins
  4. Keys
  5. Mates
  6. Ring
  7. And more.

The game has different segments, and each one comes with fifteen playable levels. You can’t jump to the next level until your current level can’t get completed. Collecting all available items may reward you with three keys that you can use to unlock treasure boxes, as well as mansion builders to complete the construction of your mansion where you, along with your mates, can have fun together.

Master Escapes Tips and Tricks

You can’t Grab Three Keys in Each Level

After playing a lot of levels, we assure you there will be no three keys on each level; therefore, you can obtain them. However, the game rewards you with one of three keys, depending on your performance. However, it makes a few things a bit frustrating but doesn’t affect your game. Many players may get worried about keys that they might have missed one or more along the way, but in actuality, there are only one or two keys per level. Upon collecting three keys scattered a set of levels, you obtain a chance to open treasure boxes for awesome rewards.

Collect All Treasure along the Journey

No doubt, robbers love gold and other shiny objects, so whenever you are playing the game, try to assure you have grabbed all treasure boxes found along the way. The treasure box means regular coins, rings, crowns, and other jewellery. Although you can’t directly control the characters while playing the game, you can influence their paths by dragging your finger using the touch control to clear the debris away. While playing the game, try to ensure you have always strategized a bit here, and remove the debris, so the path of your character lets you gather everything along the way.

Furthermore, the game features air-launchers that you can’t control and needs to be active while trying to cross them. Your ultimate goal is to revolving around gathering stars, instead of treasure boxes or keys. You should grab three stars on each level, and lead all of your people to the van. If you miss any treasure, the game won’t reward you with all three stars.

Undoubtedly, no one can complete each level in his first attempt. Instead, restart the stage before completing it to master it, because the second time, you have an idea about what will happen to next. Learning all levels will grant you three stars, and in return, you earn a lot of gold.

Bombs won’t damage Mates, but some obstacles will

The game comes with a variety of obstacles; each one has unique characteristics. You should confirm first before using to smash objects like hurdles, walls, and other obstacles. The prominent barriers are includes:

  • High Falls
  • Bombs
  • Spikes

Except for purple-colored bombs, all other obstacles are dangerous for you as they may end your game. You may discover red-colored spikes that connected with top platform, and upon removing sand below them carelessly, they may fall on your mates, and the level gets failed. Therefore, you should keep your always active while digging the environment to assure taking advantage of all items that are designed to help you; similarly, stay away from those who are designed to hurt you.

Multiple Ways to Beat the Level

In the basic levels, you don’t have any choice to expect one to keep your group of robbers together. But as you approach advanced stages, the game lets you split your band into two or more groups to grab everything present on the layout, and attempt to bring each one to the van. Without a doubt, you won’t face any problem because of having two different paths that you have to follow as the game area divides into two sections. If you intend to take two different paths, then you should increase your speed and let some of your mates go one way, while the remaining mates to another.

Annoying Ads

I know, everyone finds ads annoying except the game developers. You should know that developers need funds to keep you entertained by introducing a fresh look and lots of fun-filled activities as well as new stuff. In the game, you’re not going to watch ads for free as the developers have decided rewards more than average for you after watching video ads. Therefore, seeing ads would be great as you can unlock a lot of fun using the awards granted you for viewing ads. But if you’re okay with ads, then merely turn-off your Mobile Data/Wi-Fi to experience the ad-free gameplay.

How to use Gold?

You will be rewarded with gold for each completed level. Many stages contain gold blocks for you to collect along with other jewelry items. The first question for sure will raise in your mind that where you can use the gold ingots or they are just to show off of performance. Recently a new update introduces a shop where you can purchase vehicles and costumes using gold ingots you collected.

The creation of the mansion doesn’t need any gold as you can easily developer it by gathering mansion builders. Decoration pieces will start to unlock as you watch in-game ads, which you can use to make your mansion beautiful. You have an opportunity to design your villa your way and show off your friends to impress them. You can also compare your mansion with your friends to see how it is more creative.

The Final Words

Master Escapes let you experience fun-filled gameplay with hundreds of stages categorized in a set of fifteen stages. Each set comes with the following stages:

  • Bank Robbery
  • Bonus Level
  • Visit a Shop
  • Treasure Box
  • Mansion Building

Participate in all activities would be a pleasant experience as it rewards you with a lot of gold that you can use to complete your collection of vehicles and characters. Play with new characters to feel a new look and dig wisely as many challenging obstacles are placed over there, which may hurt your mates or sometimes cause the level end.


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