Adventure Escape Mysteries: Trapmaker 2 Walkthrough


If you didn’t read our AEM: Trapmaker Walkthrough, then you should read it because leaving the first part uncompleted won’t let you unlock the Trapmaker 2. The sequel to the first part comes with a new story to unfold and a strange mystery to solve. Adventure Escape Mysteries has several stories for you with a beautiful cast of characters, thrill, and suspense. Each story casts you in a different role and assigns you a series of cases to solve. In all cases, you assume the role of a detective who aims to investigate the scene, find hidden clues, and utilize them to solve the mystery.

Moreover, each chapter requires you to use a key to unlock it. Playing Adventure Escape Mysteries video games may hone your detective and puzzle-solving skills. When playing the game, you may interact with NPCs and objects surrounding you. Keep finding hidden items and adding them into your inventory to use when you need them. Furthermore, you can use a hint system to highlight the object you are feeling difficult to locate. In Adventure Escape Mysteries: Trapmaker 2, Kate is back with another case to solve. She needs your help because a dead body was found near the river. Let’s start searching hidden clues with the help of the Adventure Escape Mysteries: Trapmaker 2 Walkthrough Guide.

AE: Trapmaker 2 Walkthrough

It comes with “Advanced Difficulty Level” which means solving puzzles won’t be easy than other chapters; therefore, you should not rely only on your puzzle-solving skills, always prefer going out of the box strategy to win. Furthermore, the most fearless protagonist, Kate, is invited to investigate and solve a new case using her detective skills. A man was found dead near the river and everyone was shocked to see what happened to him. When solving the case, Kate has to be careful and prevent herself from the trap.

AE: Trapmaker 2 Walkthrough – Chapter 1

After unlocking the first chapter, the player finds himself standing ahead of a dead body near the river. Roll up your sleeve and keep all of your detective tools in your bag. Reach the spot where a crime was committed. Follow the instructions mentioned in the AE: Trapmaker 2 Walkthrough to find all solutions:

  • Collect a camera from a briefcase and take a picture of the shoe print.
  • Go close to the dead body and take another picture of his business card for the identification of the dead body.
  • Thirdly, you have to take a photo of the face to discover animal bites.
  • Tap the Patio Umbrella to visit the second place where you discover a fridge full of bottles, a briefcase, and two tables.

Patio Umbrella

After coming under the Patio Umbrella, you should start your investigation to find the murderer; meanwhile, looking for weapons that were used to kill the innocent guy.

  • Collect a powder from under the table and dig the sand to find coins.
  • Insert coins into the machine for a water bottle and keep it in your inventory.
  • Now, head to the briefcase laid on the floor and enter the passcode “7912” to open it. Once the briefcase gets opened, you can collect Luminol – a chemical used to make blood glow under a UV (Ultra-violet) backlight. Don’t forget to pick up gloves from the briefcase.
  • After that, visit the table where a flashlight is available; keep both water and powder on the table to make a mixture. Firstly, you should add one part of the hardening agent and then two-part of powder. Lastly, you must add three parts of water to solve the puzzle.
  • Once done, collect a plaster from there and add it to your inventory.
  • After that, you should go back to the dead body and use the plaster to cast the footprint from the sand.
  • Keep the cast footprint in your inventory.
  • Use the gloves to search out the body and bring it to a straight position.
  • Now, select Luminol from your inventory and spray it on the body.

Investigate the Body

  • Hit the pocket to collect several puzzle pieces and play a jigsaw mini-game to find clues.
  • Connecting all puzzle pieces will reveal time.
  • Head to the wristwatch and set the according to the paper: 2:45:30 and 3:45 (Small Clock).
  • After that, bring makeup removal wipes from a lady’s purse and clean the body to collect a makeup sample.

Tap on the Footprint

  • Tap on the footprints to play a mini-game where your goal is to find a way out, but first, you need to compare the print you are looking for to these points.
  • The trait may lead you to a trash bin where you must drag all items aside until you find a battery. Collect the battery and go back to the tent.

Go Back to the Tent

  • After reaching the tent, keep all samples to the fridge and grab a hairpin next to the fridge door.
  • Use the hairpin to open the flashlight and grab the second battery.
  • Insert both batteries to the UV backlight available within the briefcase and grab it from there.
  • Use the UV Backlight on the body and let’s move to the Second Chapter.

AE: Trapmaker 2 Walkthrough – Chapter 2

AE: Trapmaker 2 Walkthrough – Chapter 3

AE: Trapmaker 2 Walkthrough – Chapter 4

AE: Trapmaker 2 Walkthrough – Chapter 5

AE: Trapmaker 2 Walkthrough – Chapter 6

AE: Trapmaker 2 Walkthrough – Chapter 7

AE: Trapmaker 2 Walkthrough – Chapter 8


AE: Trapmaker 2 comes with a thrilling murder where a person was brutally killed. The game full of mysteries is designed only for those players who whether want to become a cop or a detective. The protagonist is fully professional, but still, she needs your help to find the culprit. You can’t find the culprit until you don’t complete all chapters. The graphics and soundtracks are amazing and the plot is heart-pumping. Interaction with other characters is mandatory and they will bring lots of suggestions that you can’t think to do randomly.

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