Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Walkthrough

Playing Social games is too much fun as the game lets you interact with other players using real-time chat option, make new friends, hang-out with them, join parties, and more. It provides you a 2nd life where you have a chance to fulfill all of your dreams by creating a house, decorating it using accessories, and more. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is specially released for mobile devices, such as Android and iOS. Both Single-player and Multiplayer modes are there, and the game brings you a series of cute animals to your handheld devices. It is available for free-to-play, although some in-app purchases are available. The title continues the story of social simulation series that enables players to interact with campers while performing tasks and decorating the living spaces.

Start with Character Customization

For sure, every player will start the game by creating his character. The game features an in-depth customization option, allowing you to establish your character by selecting the face size, eye color, clothes, and hair-style. You can also choose your skin color, and once done, and you can jump into the world where you start navigating the world from an isometric perspective to create a beautiful village.

Engage Yourself in Social Simulation

As you know that Animal Crossing is a beautiful series of Social Simulation games, where players from all over the world can customize their avatars, living spaces, and villages by utterly trading different materials and favors for decorating items. In the game, the ultimate objective of the player is to decorate the given area in place of a town and tries to gather resources, including wood and cotton, from the surrounding and trade for furniture orders. While playing the game, players can befriend nearby animal characters, who are interested in visiting players’ campsite.

Visit Your Neighbor or allow him to visit your site

The beautiful world is full of players who can visit each other at any time. The pre-defined or self-created avatar can move to different locations, including Saltwater Shores, Sunburst Island, and many other marketplaces where players can quickly sell their created furniture and other products. The customization options of the player can extend to the gender of the avatar, facial traits, and others.

Nearby Neighbors will Reward you with Materials

It is releasing with quite impressive gameplay, offering you a chance to put yourself in the role of a villager and establish your area while performing fun-filled jobs. Most of the game, you find the character interacting with Non-player Characters for collecting clues and completing objectives. Although the player is limited to a specific area, there is much more to discover and have fun. If you intend to collect some materials from nearby locations, then try to visit your neighbors in nearby recreation sites, where they will reward you with crafting materials for achieving objectives. Next to that, visiting a local craftsman will turn all of your gathered resources into useful things, including new locations to discover, pools, and furniture.

How to attract Specific Neighbors?

Want to at targeted nearby neighbors? No worries, just place their favorite furniture at the campsite and see how they get attracted to the placed furniture and surely they will visit you. For sure, each visit will increase the “Experience Level” of Relationship, serving as a newly introduced mechanics for the first time to the series. You should know that each villager has varied relationship levels that will be increased or decreased based on tasks you complete and communication you do with them daily. You will get rewarded with clothing and beautiful furniture which you required to decorate your town.

Introduction of a New Microtransaction Currency “Leaf Tickets”

For the first time, developers have introduced a new in-game currency for the mobile version, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. You can use Leaf Tickets to stop timers for a few moments or to craft valuable things without having any raw materials. How to obtain Leaf Tickets? The ultimate question will be floating in your mind for sure, and the answer is that you can quickly grab it by completing in-game tasks, or you can visit the in-app store to purchase some for you. Throughout the gameplay, you can trade Leaf Tickets for special events, which causes you to attract some players to your campsite.

Prominent, but repetitive Events

The game releases with three superb events that are repeated after a specific time with different rewards. You can easily participate in them to grab some exciting prizes for you to use in unlocking additional content to become the master. The names of some events are the following:

  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Garden Events
  • Fishing Tournaments

Link Your Nintendo Account if you have

At the start, the game will give you an option to link your Nintendo Account if you have to secure all of your progress to play safely; if you don’t have, no worries, the game will save all of your growth in your device. One done, get ready to see a piece of woods, empty land to create campsite, and more. Firstly, you should know how to control the movement of your character using the touch controls. Very simple, you utterly required to tap the screen anywhere where you want to walk your character. During the game, if you drag your finger across the screen, your character will follow that to approach the targeted location. You can tap anywhere or anyone that catches your attention as there are lots of things to discover.

Communication with Isabelle

Secondly, you will find an NPC (female character) named Isabelle, who will ask you a few questions, including your nickname, to call you. She will assign you the role of a manager and say that she is pleased to meet you. Next to that, two options will appear on your screen, and choosing one of them is compulsory to proceed further. The next question of Isabelle depends on the answer you want for the last question. After that, she will ask you to choose one of four possible themes, such as:

  1. Natural
  2. Cute
  3. Sporty
  4. Cool

You have to choose one of your favorite ones to get started. Once selected, the theme will appear with two choices, such as “Not My Style” or “I Want It.” She will take you to show off the selected place when you get ready. A map will be displayed where you must click on the location and hit the let’s go button to approach the area.

As you start navigating the world, you will encounter a visiting animal who is looking for your help. Your objective is to give all things it is searching for, and in return, your friendship level will be increased one level. Leveling up rank will reward you with bells and unique gifts. While playing the game, you must keep in mind that all characters are camping, so new friends can be moved around some; therefore, you should keep an eye out.

Meet Goldie

After the introduction, you will meet Goldie, a dog who will be surprised after having you, because Isabelle told him you are arriving there. The game gets exciting as you proceed further. Lots of possible endings are there, and your every decision does matter and will change the outcome and the behavior of other characters. During the gameplay, you have to do lots of fun-filled jobs to earn lots of friendship points, hearts, and more. Your first job is to shake the tree to grab some apples for Goldie and bring him to complete his recipe. After that, you will obtain up to 100 Bells and 2 Cottons that you can use later to advance through the game.

You should know that all objectives for you are open-ended and is dependent on you and how you want to manage your campsite as well. The basic routine would be to obtain some items to complete the request of villagers. However, completion of these objectives and requests will reward you crafting materials and bells which you can use to do what you want, like crafting furniture and amenities, purchasing clothes, and upgrading the campers of you.

Long-term Objectives

The game doesn’t contain only short-term objectives, some long-term goals are also there, and some of them are the following:

  • Unlock and Increase Friendship Level with Villagers
  • Complete the Catalog, which includes gathering (Furniture, Clothing, and Amenities)
  • Revert Camper Loans

The completion of challenges requires you to increase your level up by unlocking villagers and more furniture crafts. During the gameplay, the completion of each request won’t only increase your friendship, but grants you bells and craft materials. You can use bells to purchase market place items and paying off loans you took from campers.

How to Decorate Your Space?

The very first item you have to craft is a sofa and must complete the procedure by paying off the in-game currency. Throughout the gameplay, you will find yourself communicating with Isabelle and other NPCs like Goldie. After crafting a sofa, the game will reward you with points that you can unlock to decorate further items. Now, your next job is to decorate your space that you can easily continue by tapping on the grid icon on the upper-right side of the screen. Once tapped, your character will start arranging furniture and items at your cabin or campsite.

You will discover a new button, “Place Item” that you can use to place new items at your campsite. Once placed, use your finger to move it or tap the screen once to make it rotate. To put things away, you require to tap the button “Put away” and then tap any item you intend to store. After completing, you must save your layout by hitting the back and then done button.

Invite Goldie to your campsite

After decorating your campsite, you are allowed to invite one of your best buddies, Goldie, to your campsite, who would be happy to join you. Next to that, try to complete the pals’ request of animals to level up your rank. Soon, you will receive a gift from Isabelle, containing a variety of content to enjoy.

Moreover, the game will update your contacts list by adding new animals, such as Eagle, Jay, Rosie, and Filbert. After leveling up, you become able to craft several unique items like plants and furniture. You can discover the list of items by visiting the craft catalog. Three new locations will be there on your map soon to navigate, and each one comes with a variety of fun to experience.

Log-in Bonus

Receiving the bonus from Isabelle will provide you a lot of items to use later in the game. Next to that, a file of 97 MB is required to be downloaded on your device. Once completed, the game will grant you the log-in bonus, which comes with more than 1000 bells, honey, three seeds, and more. Two new goals will be unlocked, such as:

  • Timed Goals

It contains three objectives to complete like the first one lets you give kudos to another player at his campsite, the second will task you to gather two coconuts, and the last one will allow you to pick 9 Crucian Carp at any cost within 11 hrs.

  • Stretch Goals

Unlike Timed Goals, Stretch Goals appear with many tasks that you have to complete at any cost. Some of the tasks are the following:

  1. Become a Campsite Manager
  2. Link a Nintendo Account
  3. Chat with one of the animals visiting a recreation spot
  4. Complete a request for an animal

You need to complete the timed goals within a specific period to claim rewards while stretch goals come with no time limit and reward you many items.


For sure, after having a virtual life, you would be happy where you can make new friends, hang out with them whenever you want, and can decorate your dream campsite where you are allowed to place any item at any place where you find it perfect. The first thing in the game is to modify the campground, the main area where you will execute all of your experiments. After that, you have an option to customize your camper’s interior using the wallpaper, furniture, and more.


Furthermore, you can extend the area inside each available floor using several upgrades. You can use “OK Motors” to modify the exterior by selecting between colors and patterns. Not only campsite and camper customization features are there, but you can also change your character too following a few simple steps, already mentioned above.

Crafting Items

The essential thing in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is crafting that you must learn before proceeding. In short, you can move without learning to craft. Basically, the game deals with three main elements, such as Crafting, Building, and Interaction. You must master all of these mentioned skills to become a hero. Control your hero using touch controls and go wherever you want to complete the objectives. Chat with cute animals you find in your contact list. You can use live chat options, make the calls, or can invite them to join you at your campsite to have fun and play different mini-games.

You can quickly develop furniture by utterly placing a craft order. You must have in-game currency (Leaf Ticket) to begin the procedure even if you find yourself empty with no required materials, as well as you can speed up the time to make your order completed within no time. How to earn Leaf Tickets? An exciting question and its answer are quite simple; by completing tasks for NPCs and objectives assigned you by the game.

Crafting Materials (Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp)

The game releases with two types of crafting materials, which you can create by gathering the required resources and parts. Their names are the following:

  • Limited Edition
  • Regular Materials

Limited Edition

  • 1-up Mushroom – You can quickly obtain 1-up Mushroom from Timed Goals and Villager Quests, and its selling price is 10, while the bundle size is 999.
  • Candy Cane – If you would like to obtain Candy Cane, you should complete Villagers Quest, Raising a Friendship Level, and Participate in Event Challenges.
  • Countdown Charm – The completion of Villager Quests, Event Challenges, Crafting Items, Rising a Friendship level, etc. will reward you with Countdown Charm.
  • Crystal Shard – You have only four ways to obtain Crystal Shard, such as Stretch Goals, Event Challenges, Villager Quests, and Shovelstrike Quarry.
  • Snowflakes – Snowflakes will be added to your inventory once you completed one of the following tasks, such as Villager Quests, Event Challenges, Crafting, Stretch Goals, etc.
  • Mega Mushroom – Need a Mega Mushroom? Participate in Villager Quests, Complete Timed Goals, and accomplish Shovelstrike Quarry.
  • Super Mushroom – The procedure and worth of having Super Mushroom are similar to Mega Mushroom.

Regular Materials

Compared to Limited Edition, Regular Materials are more significant in numbers, as there are many items that you can obtain from dozens of possible options. The range of possibilities is so broad that you can’t mention it in a list. Therefore, only items are listing here as the following:

  • Caps
  • Civic Essence
  • Cool Essence
  • Cotton
  • Cute Essence
  • Elegant Essence
  • Friend Powder
  • Harmonious Essence
  • Hip Essence
  • Modern Essence
  • Natural Essence
  • Paper
  • Preserves
  • Rustic Essence
  • Sporty Essence
  • Sparkle Stones
  • Steel
  • Wood

What are Amenities and how to use them?

Firstly, you should know what Amenities are and how you can use them during the gameplay. Amenities are buildings that you use or place in your campsite to attract villagers. Similar to Animal Crossing New Leaf edition, they are massive outdoor constructions that not only make your campsite beautiful but to help you in attracting other cute animals. For sure, you would be amazed to know that there are more than ten types of amenities available and their names are the following:

  • Generic
  • Cool
  • Cute
  • Natural
  • Sporty
  • Rustic
  • Hip
  • Harmonious
  • Elegant
  • Modern
  • Historical
  • Civic
  • Limited Edition

Each type contains many items in it and has different requirements and materials to get completed. The completion of each amenity required a specific amount of time and will reward you by leveling up your friendship level. So, without wasting a single minute, make your focus on crafting amenities and start attracting other villagers to increase your friendship level to unlock more stuff. The more you play, the more you gather, and the more you grow.

Locations and Buildings Walkthrough

You start playing the game with only one location where you meet with Isabelle. After that, the second location will be unlocked, where a cute animal awaits you to collect some fruits to cook a delicious recipe. Once done, the third and fourth locations will be unlocked. Here’s a list of sites you find in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Edition, such as:

  1. Campsite

The game starts with the campsite, the primary location, where you find Isabelle, who assigns you a designation of a manager and lets you decorate your campsite by crafting furniture, decorating the place, inviting friends, and having fun.

  1. Camper

Camper is a newly found feature and vehicles introduced in New Leaf and Pocket Camp editions. In short, it’s a type of caravan that you can use to visit different locations for the completion of goals. First, you use a camper to visit your first animal friend. Campers are also known as RVs, and you can decorate their interior using furniture, wallpapers, and flooring. You can use accommodation or transportation between different locations, as mentioned above. If you intend to modify the exterior, you should visit OK Motors, where you have an option to choose between different colors and patterns as well.

  1. Breezy Hollow

It is a location where you can gather some juicy fruits while interacting with cute animal buddies. Breezy Hollow is a beautiful area full of trees and serving as a perfect location for camping. You can utterly find your vehicle on the west side of the map while the Camper of other players would be on the east side. During the visit, you can find three bunches where you can comfortably sit and two stumps as well. By shaking trees, you can collect food, and once you receive, the tree requires some time to reappear them to manage.

  1. Sunburst Island

One of the most beautiful locations in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is Sunburst Island, enabling you to catch bugs, while interacting with villagers to add some new contacts to your list. Your camper may be parked on the northeast corner of the map, while campers of other players may be situated on the opposite side. Nearby your camper, there’s a stump where you can put some honey to attract bugs to catch them. Amid the map, there are trees and some open space where you can easily catch more bugs.

  1. Saltwater Shores

Whenever you have to catch some fish, you should visit Saltwater Shores, where you find fish and some villagers to interact. In short, it’s a beautiful beach with some docks and a lighthouse – increasing the beauty of the said area. During navigation, you will find some shells and coconuts to gather for use later in the game.

  1. Market Place

Pocket Camp releases with a newly added location, known as Market Place, where the player can visit several shops to purchase items for himself/herself or campers. You find three different things in each shop set on display each day, and only two of three shops you can visit at one time in the Market Place. Therefore, shops and items rotate daily. You should before visiting any shop that each shop will change four times a day, approximately every six hours.

Three shops are the following:

  • Nookling Global
  • Able Sisters to Go
  • Kicks

The first shop is run by two characters named Tommy and Timmy, and you can purchase non-craft-table furniture from there. Three characters, such as Labelle, Sabel, and Mable, run the Able Sister to Go Shop, where you can buy clothes and accessories for your character.

  1. Nookling Global

It is a shop available at the market place, where two characters are working and dealing with customers like you. If you are looking for non-craft-able stuff for your campers, then you should visit this shop as only three items are on display over here daily.

  1. Able Sisters to Go

Three characters are running Able Sister to Go Shop, where you have to find all kinds of accessories and clothes for your character. In the game, you have a choice of making your designs that will be released in future updates. Similar to the previous one, only three items are on display.

  1. OK Motors

It is the ninth location on the map, allowing you to modify your campers using a variety of items. OK Motors is a shop run by Giovanni and his employees named Carlo and Beppe. In this shop, players can bring their camper to change its size, color, and style to make it awesome.

  1. Shovelstrike Quarry

The game introduces a new location in Pocket Camp that contains many beautiful places to visit. You need almost 20 Leaf Tickets to get access to the area, and after approaching, you become able to gather up to five friends that will help you in mining for minerals. During the gameplay, you can gather ore by mining rocks using a shovel. The game lets you collect the following metals, such as:

  • Gold Ore
  • Silver Ore
  • Rubies
  • Sapphires

You can sell all of your collected valuable items for bells or can use it as a part of the craft order to proceed further through the game. Whenever asking your friends to help, you’re limited to mine one mineral per day. After the fifth attempt, all of the resources will be sold, and you will be moved to the market place.

  1. Lost Lure Creek

Every location will give you a chance to interact with villagers and increase your friendship level as much as possible to unlock additional content. Master all crafting items and complete both stretch and timed goals to gather what you need. It is the eleventh location in the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, offering you a chance to grab some freshwater fish for you and interact with villagers to make new buddies. Here, you find a beautiful waterfall feeding a river that runs from west to east. There, you can cast a fishing net to capture many fishes. Besides a Waterfall, you will discover some fruit trees as well, and you can utterly pick some of them when the game starts.

  1. Cabin

The cabin will be unlocked at level 15, and it is serving as an area that can be modified following the same manner as the camper, though its features are somehow similar to Campsite. During the game, you can alter it using furniture and can plan to host up to eight cute friends who are having a high friendship level. You should keep in mind that invited animals won’t offer you any gifts or request clothing changes. Unlike campers of other players, the cabin can’t be expanded further to adjust extra furniture.

  1. Happy Homeroom

The location will be unlocked once you reached level 6. The home lets you make the practice of your interior designing skills while crafting furniture. There are several classes, and to attempt each class, you need a HH voucher. Once the class has selected, you need to pick up the furniture from several options listed to make the room even more beautiful. Keep in mind that only 12 highly scoring items will be displayed over there.

Recreation Spots

The game is introducing many locations where villagers may appear in every cycle, and the said locations are the following:

  • Breezy Hollow
  • Lost Lure Creek
  • Saltwater Shores
  • Sunburst Island

Knowing is good that each location comes with a set of different items like Bugs, Fruit, etc. and the player can collect them to fulfill the villager requests.

Introduction of Leveling System

The game features a new level system, known as Friendship Level that rewards you with heart. During the gameplay, you can chat with cute animal friends available in your contact list or can complete their requirements to raise your friendship level while interacting with them to gain rewards. Achieving a good friendship level will attract more animals who prefer to visit your campsite once their minimum requirement of each friendship level is reached. They would love to leave you a beautiful gift and rewards once they found their beloved furniture that is placed at your campsite. For extra rewards, you should call them using the phone call option to invite them.

In the game, the player has a level that will increase as a villager levels up. The game adds heat to your meter once it finds a level is increased by any villager. For each unlocked level, you will receive rewards that come with a variety of unlockable furniture or animals who may be interested in visiting your campsite and will reward you up to 1000 Bells and 10 Leaf Tickets. You can claim an additional item from those levels that are multiples of 5, and the other item may be a calling card or a request card. You need hearts to rank up your level as the following:

  • Player Level (1 to 11) – Heart Required for Next Level (5)
  • Player Level (12 to 13) – Heart Required for Next Level (6)
  • Player Level (14 to 15) – Heart Required for Next Level (7)
  • Player Level (16) – Heart Required for Next Level (8)
  • Player Level (17 to 18) – Heart Required for Next Level (9)
  • Player Level (19 to 35) – Heart Required for Next Level (10)
  • Player Level (36) – Heart Required for Next Level (11)
  • Player Level (37) – Heart Required for Next Level (12)
  • Player Level (38 to 39) – Heart Required for Next Level (13)
  • Player Level (40 to 41) – Heart Required for Next Level (14)
  • Player Level (42) – Heart Required for Next Level (15)
  • Player Level (43+) – Heart Required for Next Level (16)

Throughout the gameplay, all answers will be determined by the starting villager, such as Rosie, Apollo, Goldie, and Jay.


While playing the game, you will discover managers and campers of other campsite many times, and they will randomly appear with different looks and appearances. At that time, you are allowed to welcome other managers by sharing your ID with them. You become able to inspect the market box once your ID gets accepted by them. Go to visit their campsite and become their friends to leave your opinion on their campsite at any time.

Introduction of Leaf Tickets

For sure, you are a bit confused about Leaf Tickets as it is a newly introduced in-game currency letting you purchase items and furniture any time from the shop to decorate your campsite. You can earn Leaf Tickets by merely completing assigned tasks or can win through regular play. You have another option to have in-game currency, but it cost you real bucks, and you have more than one way to purchase in the game. You need to know that purchased Leaf Tickets can’t be used on other devices. During Fishing Tourneys and gardening events, you can make a purchase of Leaf Tickets in a bundle.

Leaf Tickets can be used for:

  • Throw Net
  • Honey
  • Fertilizer
  • Getting Access to Shovelstrike Quarry
  • For Placing Craft Orders
  • Speeding up Craft Time
  • Craft Special Items
  • Buying Exterior Customizations
  • Buying Fortune Cookies

Where can you use Throw Net?

If you intend to capture fish and shells at Sunburst Island, then you required a Throw Nets that you can use on the dock to fulfill your goals. You can also use the said thing to catch bugs, although you can purchase those using Leaf Tickets, but what if you don’t have enough bucks to buy the in-game currency.

You need honey to attract bugs when you are navigating Sunburst Island. Using Leaf Tickets, you can purchase them to complete the goal. Many animal characters will reward you with honey as gifts for the completion of their request, and you can use them to fulfill your own objectives.


Unlike other titles of Animal Crossing, Pocket Camp edition releases with collectibles like bugs and fish. During the gameplay, players can gather shells, fruit, coral, and crafting materials as well to use later in the game for crafting items and furniture.

Playable Events – Tips and Tricks

You would be happy to know that the game releases events to participate and win massive rewards. During a specific period, lots of events have been released, offering many things like individual items and clothing. So, whenever you find any event is running, you must participate to showcase your cupboard with exclusive rewards.

Interaction with other players will give you a chance to grow your friend list and invite them to visit your decorated campsite, while you can also go to visit your friends’ campsite. Enrich your contact list and call animals to increase your friendship level. Try to make in-game currency and must link your Nintendo Account if you have to claim extra rewards. Read the conversation between characters and choose the option accordingly, because your every action does matter and will decide the outcome.

The Verdict

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is released with fun-filled gameplay, unlike others, as it contains many exciting locations to explore, a beautiful cast of animal characters to interact, and fun-filled goals to complete. Building your campsite is a fabulous objective, especially when you have an option to create it your way by selecting one of four possible choices. Earning rewards let you unlock additional items to have more fun than ever before.

Invite some friends using the call feature to let them visit your campsite while finding other villagers to make new buddies and increasing your friendship level. The game has lots of exciting activities for all ages as you can collect fruits from trees, decorate your house, craft furniture, and can make new friends get social. The introduction of in-game currency will let you feel relaxed by unlocking premium content with no hard work.

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