Adventure Escape Midnight Carnival Chapter 2 Walkthrough


After solving the First Chapter, both Maya and Jack follow Emily who has been disappeared. There is a question should Maya trust Jack when she doesn’t know who he is. After getting access to the Midnight Carnival, you should get ready to face off more challenging puzzles. Mind-blowing challenges will put your puzzle-solving skills to test. Your will to save a girl may help you get rid of all puzzles.

The 2nd Chapter known as Carnival Square and it revolves around both characters Jack and Maya who follow a girl who vanished surprisingly from the scene. Find clues and start searching for the girl who is in seek of help. You can’t directly jump to the next chapter unless you complete the first one. Furthermore, you need a key to unlock a chapter that is only possible when you complete puzzles.

Midnight Carnival Walkthrough – Chapter 2

After getting rid of the first chapter, you find yourself trapped in an empty place where no one is available to listen to you. The story starts with Maya who is shocked after finding the whole place empty. A discussion starts with Jack and Maya for a while and the game leads you to the main area where you start your work as a detective.

  • Before starting, pick up a hint from the floor and add it to your meter to use later when you need it.
  • The second glowing star is on the hut, while the third one is on the vehicle’s roof.

Hot-Dog Cabin

  • Get into the Hot-Dog cabin by merely tapping on it and start finding hidden objects you need to solve a puzzle.
  • Collect a broom and open the door of the small refrigerator. It gives you the challenge to make the sign given above by merely bringing letters and shapes to a circle.
  • Once done, collect a healthy Carrot and keep it in your inventory.
  • Notice the pretty colors on the wall above the jars and back to a cupboard protected with a locker. Set color on each button following the colors you found on the wall to open it.
  • The cupboard holds a softball and a wooden block shaped like Europe for you.
  • Come out of the cabin and hit the right side of the screen to explore a new scene. Collect the first ball from under the table and the 2nd from the top of the room as shown in the image. You can collect the 2nd ball from above the roof. Therefore, you must make use of a broom to collect it.

  • Head to the closed window cover and enter the code (482) to open the locker and collect the 2nd piece of the map.
  • Go back to the main area where you will find the third piece of the map available near the horse next to the vehicle.
  • The fourth piece of the map is held within a machine and you must play a mini-game wherein your object is to hit the three red clowns to win the prize.
  • Open the doors by merely tapping on them and place all balls to start the game.
  • The balls move in both vertical and horizontal directions. You must tap the first direction after aiming, and then go to stop the 2nd.

  • Now place all pieces on the map and collect a cartwheel from there.
  • Go near the horse, fix the wheel, and tap on the jar to transform the horse.
  • Feed the healthy carrot to the horse and let it go. The path of the main office will clear once the horse runs away from there.

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