Adventure Escape: Midnight Carnival Chapter 3 Walkthrough


The third chapter takes place in the Main Office and it seems the puzzles are more challenging than previous chapters over here. Availability of people may be possible in a Carnival, but the main office is almost empty. Everything seems suspicious because of magic and Maya must investigate the scene to reveal what is happening to surround, as well as find a clue to save the girl. The completion of the chapter leaves you a key while unlocking a new chapter deducts a key.

Midnight Carnival Walkthrough Chapter 3

After getting into the office, both characters find it empty. Taking advantage of having no one, both characters start to look around.

  • Firstly, you must open the second drawer below the book to collect a scissor.
  • Read the note available on the left side of the jar, containing a code in complicated words (4735).

Explore the Second Room

  • Come out from the main office to visit the next door where you have to use a scissor to cut the sweater and collect yarn. Head to the briefcase kept at the corner, enter the code (4735) to open the locker, and play a mini-game that is tasked you with solving a jigsaw puzzle.

  • After solving all three jigsaw puzzles, you need to investigate all images to find a code (481).
  • Now, visit the table where a small box is available. Head to the box, enter the code (481) and collect a red snake tile.

  • Pick up a fireplace poker from near the fire and add it to your inventory.
  • Use the fireplace poker to hit the bookshelf so all books Collect a piece of the puzzle and go back to the main office room.
  • Select yarn from your inventory and connect it with a hook available in the first drawer. Use the tool to bring the second piece puzzle from a jar where a spider is lurking.

How to Solve “Guess the Color” Puzzle? Midnight Carnival Walkthrough

Next to that, you must head to the “Guess the Colors Machine” where your ultimate goal is to make the right combination of colors to bring the 5 on a dial below. Most players across the world how to solve “Guess the Color Game”; seriously, there’s no basic rule to follow to overcome the puzzle. You must tap the balloons randomly to bring the said number and collect a piece of the puzzle. Here we suggest you tap each balloon one by one to see what number comes. Repeat the process with all balloons and then start making the combination of red and orange to see what comes ahead of you.

  • After guessing all colors correctly, you have all tiles that you must place below the jar.
  • But first, you must go out of the room to see the painting hanging above the box you opened to solve three jigsaw puzzles.
  • Back to the room and place tiles following the given order: Purple Raven Tile, Blue Frog Tile, Green Monkey Tile, and Red Snake Tile.
  • As the drawer opens, you find a picture of the missing girl where “the sacrifice” is written clearly.

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