Adventure Escape Mysteries: Midnight Carnival Chapter 5 Walkthrough


Midnight Carnival Chapter 5 takes place in the Theater where you see Jack following the hooded assailant; meanwhile, Maya is following the trail of Emily to the Theater. Like the previous chapter, you need keys to unlock the next scene. If you run out of keys, then you should wait for a while until the game adds a free key. Upon reaching the theater, both characters discover a stage is set for a magic show; however, Maya has to perform some exciting magic tricks to find the truth behind the scene.

Note: To solve the mystery of Chapter 5, you should learn how to play with magic and illusion.

Despite having a strong grip over detective skills, many players get failed to find a solution; therefore, they come out to find Walkthroughs for the solution of tricky puzzles. So, we compiled a Guide – Adventure Escape Mysteries: Midnight Carnival Chapter 5 Walkthrough for you with all solved puzzles. For the completion of tasks, follow the steps mentioned in the guide:

Midnight Carnival Walkthrough Chapter 5

The game starts on a stage where you must tap the illusion box that seems to contain something important for you. The box seems like a jigsaw puzzle and you must bring all square pieces to their accurate positions. When playing the game, you can move pieces in both horizontal and vertical directions. Adjust the pieces with the background to get rid of the problem.

Magic Show Stage

  • Solve a jigsaw puzzle after tapping the illusion box and collect a saw from it.
  • Use a saw to cut a box into two pieces and collect glowing orbs from there.
  • After that, get into the room available on the right side to find hidden objects.

Makeup Room

Now you are in a makeup room where you must investigate the scene to find hidden objects. Firstly, your goal is to collect a Back Scratcher from the left side of the room.

  • Open the cupboard to discover a magic wand.
  • Go back to the stage, use a magic wand to bring a rabbit out of the magician cap, and collect two glowing orbs.
  • Use the Back Scratcher to bring the ladder down to the stage and collect a wooden bat available above the stage lights.
  • Turn the lights toward the table above the stage and play a card game to eliminate all the cards in the puzzle.
  • You have to find two cards of the same color, shape, and letter to remove.
  • Once done, the game displays four cards of 3, 2, 5, and 8. You should keep the numbers in mind as together they may be a code.
  • Go to the makeup room and head to the dressing table where a lock is placed. Open the drawer by entering the code you found on cards “2385.” It will add a wooden owl to your inventory.
  • Use both Wooden Owl and Wooden Bat to open the cupboard available on the right side of the makeup room and discover a shovel from there.
  • Use the shovel to break the mirror to collect a glass shard.
  • Now, you have to use the glass shard to cut the bag available in the cupboard to discover a toy lion.
  • Place the lion amidst the cupboard and let it do a trick. Collect a torch from the artist’s hand and add it to your inventory.

  • Next to that, burn the cannon using the torch and collect a beach ball and offer it to the sea cat who will drop a barbell that you can offer to a muscular man in exchange for a flute.
  • Give the flute to a man with a white hat and see how a snake comes out from a bucket holding a dagger in its mouth.
  • Offer the dagger to the magician who will throw it toward the board and the board will get aside revealing a shoe.
  • Tap on the shoe to turn it into a magical pot using the glowing orbs.

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