Adventure Escape Mysteries: Midnight Carnival Chapter 4 Walkthrough


The completion of the third chapter (Midnight Carnival Chapter 3) takes you to a new scene where the story starts with Jack who discovers a doll after getting into the room and reveals that he isn’t a good uncle because of his tough police job. Leave it for a while and start collecting shining stars from across the room. The game will add blue stars into a jar while the other stars may help you to earn hints.

At the very start, you should collect a note from Jack by tapping on his hand and add it to your inventory. To solve the mystery of the magical world, you should follow the steps mentioned in Adventure Escape Mysteries: Midnight Carnival Chapter 4 Walkthrough.

Midnight Carnival Walkthrough Chapter 4

  • At the start, collect the note from Jack’s hand and keep it in your inventory.
  • Visit the right side of the room to discover Doll’s Arm.
  • Now, tap on dolls on the left side of the table to play a mini-game. There are four dolls and each doll has a unique color. You can easily watch their reflections in the mirror; therefore, you should adjust the arms and legs of each doll against the pose you are watching in a mirror.

  • Once done, the game will open the box to reveal a diamond ring.
  • On the shelf, there is another Doll’s Arm.

  • Go back to the main area, use the diamond ring to cut the glass for the Doll’s Head. Collect the doll’s head, but before head to a box secured with a locker. Go to the 2nd room and investigate the jar holding lots of eyes. Keep their colors in mind and go back to the box where you must enter (Red=2, Brown=2, Green=4, and Blue=5) to open it. Collect a lot of seeds as the box gets opened.
  • The Doll’s Body is right behind Jack on a rack.
  • Head to the table in the second room and keep all the body parts of the doll you collected.
  • Connect all parts following the image kept on the table and decorate it using red hair and violet dress with a black bow. Don’t forget to give a brown color to the Doll’s eyes using the brush.
  • Keep Emily’s Doll to your inventory and gather a moon key.
  • Go back to the main area and keep the seeds on the window to attract the crow who brings a letter along with him.
  • Investigate the crow to find a star key and add it to your inventory.
  • Now, open the locks of the door available on the right side to bring Emily out of the case. When she comes you no one believes in their eyes that she’s okay. Tap on the magical jar to reveal that Emily is just a dummy or illusion made using to trick you using the magic.

After all the scenario, the evil creature will appear in the window to warn you to go away from there – you will never find the girl. Next to that, the mysterious man throws a knife toward the protagonist, but Jack saves her.

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