Adventure Escape Mysteries: Midnight Carnival Chapter 8 Walkthrough


Leaving the illusion room, head to “The Wagon” where Maya has unraveled hidden quarters of Madame Zoastra. Now, Maya needs to see into the past to reveal the dark secrets of the Carnival in Adventure Escape Mysteries: Midnight Carnival Chapter 8. After completing the Midnight Carnival Chapter 7, you find yourself standing in front of a wagon, where the fire is confirming something unexpected has happened. Get ready to solve another tricky puzzle of Midnight Carnival, while improving your detective skills to get rid of all problems.

Using coins whether you can skip the puzzle or buy hints to reveal the location of objects. There are only two ways in Adventure Escape Mysteries to Earn Free Stars, such as collection from the scenes or buy using real-world money. Whenever you find a shining orb, pick it up because it’s a star. Furthermore, making use of your detective skills may help you complete the second-last Chapter of Midnight Carnival. Saving a little girl is more important, so let’s get started to solve a mystery.

Midnight Carnival Chapter 8 Walkthrough

Adventure Escape Mysteries: Midnight Carnival Chapter 8 would be quite interesting and will reveal the addition of two new characters. It brings a mathematical question, mini-games, and hidden objects to collect; you should master puzzle-solving skills if you intend to save the little missing girl. Follow the steps given in Midnight Carnival Chapter 8 Walkthrough Guide to solve all puzzles and unlock the last chapter.

  • From the entrance of the wagon, you have to collect a fan.
  • Near the red box, collect a rake and add it to your inventory.
  • Use the rake to cut the grass bundle and discover a Flute Piece.
  • Click on the wagon’s door to open and enter it to see what it contains.
  • When you are in the wagon, tap the table on the left side where you can play a mini-game to put the silver ball into the hole.
  • The completion of the game will open the box to reveal a mold.
  • Collect a sledgehammer from the left-side of the stove. Don’t forget to collect tongs from above the stove.
  • Come out from the wagon and use the hammer to break the pot available on the right side of the candle to discover a 2nd Flute Piece.
  • Now, you should use both Pieces to add into the Flute, a musical instrument, and play it following the notes the game displays you.


To solve the puzzle, you have to tap the following pieces:

  • Red, Green, Dark Blue (2x), Green, Red, Light Purple, Yellow, Sky Blue (2x), Yellow, Light Purple, Dark Purple, Sky Blue, Yellow, and Dark Purple.
  • Sky Blue, Yellow, Dark Purple, Red, Green, Dark Blue, Light Purple, Yellow, and Sky Blue (2x).
  • Once you have done it all, a blue paper will be revealed that holds a clue for you in unknown letters.

Start investigating the scene and collect a clothespin from the rope.

  • Use tongs from your inventory to pick up a lump of coal from near the fire.
  • Once again, get into the wagon and put the coal to the stove. Use the clothespin to fix the paper in the front wall near the curtain.

How to Solve Mathematical Problem

The next puzzle is tricky for all those players who don’t have a better grip over mathematics. During exploration, you may find two values one on the tree while the second on the sofa. Next to that, you should head to the paper you glued on the wall using a clothespin and try to solve the equation. You know the value of two digits and your goal is to reveal the values of others using your brain. After making the calculation, you would find the values of all signs.

  • Come out from the wagon and head to a cloth hanging on with rope connected with three.
  • Remember all signs below the animals and head to the red box near the wagon.
  • Enter the code 467489 to open the box and collect a silver bar.
  • Get into the wagon and put the silver bar to the pot above the stove and wait until it melts.
  • Select tongs from your inventory and pick up melted silver.
  • Put the melted silver into the mold you found after playing a mini-game and use a fan to make it cool.

  • Collect the key from the mold and open the box near the curtains to collect a crystal ball.
  • Put the crystal ball on the table to see in your past. Soon, the game displays you some newspapers holding the images of the protagonist’s mother.

Midnight Carnival Chapter 8 has been solved. Tap the link to read the walkthrough and learn how to solve AE: Midnight Carnival Chapter 9.

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