Adventure Escape: Midnight Carnival Chapter 7 Walkthrough


Midnight Carnival Chapter 7 takes place in the Funhouse where both Maya and Jack reach after following a hooded man. Lots of tricky challenges await both characters into the room where illusions will puzzle their minds at a press of a button. The gameplay is a bit easier than other chapters it seems, thanks to Beginner Difficulty Level. Like previous characters, the scene starts with both characters talking with each other. Before getting into the room of illusions, you have to investigate the outer area first to collect some clues that may help you get rid of problems inside.

Midnight Carnival Walkthrough – Chapter 7

You can also read AE: Midnight Carnival Walkthrough Chapter 6 at The solution of all puzzles is beautifully revealed and following each step of Midnight Carnival Guide may help you reach the end of each story. As mentioned above, before getting into the room, you have to click on the left wall aside the joker’s mouth to read the note “Time is just a sequence of events.”

  • Read the note on the left-side and collect a piece of Eiffel Tower.

Tap Green and Black Button

  • Get into the joker and enter the room after pressing the green and black button on the board where you have to collect a bird.
  • Behind the sofa, there is an uncompleted painting of the Eiffel Tower. You have a missing piece, so add it over there to complete the painting and let it open a secret box for you.
  • As the box opens, you can collect a striped button from there.

Tap Striped and Green Button

  • Get out of the green room and add the button to the board fixed next to the door. Press the button you recently found and get into the green room again. This time, you find yourself in a completely new room with a new setting and furniture.
  • From the table, you have to collect a teacup, set the parrot on the wall clock, and note the letter it shows, which is A.
  • Collect the second swirly button from the sofa and add it to your inventory.

Tap Swirly and Green Button

  • Come out from the room to add the button to the board and press it to change the room settings. Get into the room and this time you find yourself ahead of a dining table where candles are burning.
  • From the main chair, you may discover a Lampshade, while below the table, there is a wheel for you to gather.
  • Get out of the room, head to the board, and press the second button to visit the place where you found a painting of a bicycle with a missing wheel. Add the wheel to let the painting slide a bit to drop a thumbtack. Collect the object and add it to your inventory.
  • Come out from the room and the joker’s head to pop all balloons to find a purple button.

Tap Purple and Black Button

  • Add the button to the board and press the first button to see what the room shows you this time.
  • This time, everything is floating in the air. Your target is to collect a book and add the lampshade.
  • Come out from the room and hit the second button to find a new environment when you get into the room.

Tap Purple and White Button with Black Lines

  • Enter the room and collect a teddy bear from the sofa and keep books in the cupboard after finding space.
  • Next to that, the clock will show you another digit 9.

Tap Purple and White button with Dark Circle

  • Now, you should tap the third button on the board and get into the room to collect heart from the roof, add the teacup to the set, and wait for a while until the clock shows you the next digit 3.
  • Tap the third and green button together and enter the room to keep the teddy bear to another one and note the letter the clock shows you “4.”

  • Click on the first button to discover the room you may have seen first where your goal is to add the 2nd piece to complete the heart placed below the clock. After that, it will show you the next level which is C.
  • Now, you need to click on the table available outside the room and enter the code “LEGACY.”

You have completed the Midnight Carnival Chapter 7 Walkthrough. Follow the link to jump to the Midnight Carnival Chapter 8 Walkthrough.

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