Adventure Escape Mysteries: Midnight Carnival Chapter 9 Walkthrough


AE Mysteries Midnight Carnival Chapter 9 is about “The Sacrifice.” The hooded man had tricked both characters, Jack and Maya, and locked them into a dungeon full of deadly snakes. Jinx is the name of a hooded man who aims to kill not only Emily but also both characters who are struggling to rescue her since the First Chapter. Besides, Madame Zoastra is getting ready to sacrifice Emily; meanwhile, Maya and Jack need to find an escape to prevent the ritual from reaching its completion. If you missed solving AE: Midnight Carnival Chapter 8 Walkthrough, follow the link to get answers.

Jump into action to rescue both characters so they rescue a little girl. Surely, the last chapter may be a bit challenging compared to previous chapters and bring lots of challenging puzzles for you to solve. Therefore, you should keep connecting with AE Mysteries: Midnight Carnival Chapter 9 Walkthrough to see how to complete all puzzles and find the person behind the event; meanwhile, locating trace to search for a little girl. Being a detective, you must investigate all things deeply while finding hidden objects to get rid of problems.

Midnight Carnival Walkthrough – Chapter 9

The starting scenes unfold that both characters recently woke up, and get worried after finding themselves in their difficulty. The dungeon in Chapter 9 is full of poisonous snakes who are almost to attack both characters. Your first and ultimate goal is to get free Maya and Jack who gets tied with an iron chain. To get out of the trouble, you need to follow AE: Midnight Carnival Chapter 9 Walkthrough:

  • Start collecting glowing orbs after breaking stone to fill the jar and use energy to make snakes disappear from the scene.
  • Tap on the iron chain with whom Jack’s hand is tied. Here your goal is to turn all pieces of iron chain from red to green that is only possible when you break their connections.
  • Jack drops a knife upon getting to stand up. You should collect the knife and add it to your inventory.
  • Use a pocket knife to cut the long stick available on the left side of the candle, and pick up a candle either.
  • On the right side of the hole on the floor, there is a grappling staff, so collect it.
  • Use the grappling staff to bring a mining pick from behind the prison and add it to your inventory.
  • Use the mining pick to break the wall that will lead you to a secret room.

Second Room

After getting into the room, you should investigate the surroundings to find clues and hidden objects using your detective senses.

  • Start your career by collecting a candle from the left side of the room and take a secret passageway to go backside of the room.
  • Collect the third candle from near the door and the 4th from the left-side of the room.

  • Now, you should move to the second room and keep all candles from your inventory to their stands.
  • Read the name on the tomb and head to a fireplace that is closed, but holding a locker. Tap the locker and set the following images: Shock, Spider, Harp, and Sword.
  • After setting images, a secret place is opened where you discover a stone symbol.
  • Once again, you should go to the backside of the room and fix the stone to open the door.
  • Come out using the door to collect a dagger and back into the initial state to cut the bushes using the dagger to reveal a mini-game.


It seems a board game where you find nine runes and your goal is to have only one “rune” in each row or column.

  • Once you complete the mini-game, a door below the game will open that holds the first title.
  • Collect that first tile and come out using the room to play another mini-game.
  • To solve the puzzle, you have to investigate the signs fixed on the wall first and then move toward the game to tap the same sign.

After all the scenes, finally, Maya meets Zoastra who reveals that Maya’s mother and she were immortal enemies. Additionally, she took everything that Zoastra loved. Next to that, she decided and back to avenge. A few minutes later, a faint voice calls Maya, and the sound was of her mother.

  • After getting free from a discussion, you must help Maya to tap the magical bowl to stop the ritual before it gets completed.
  • The purple line is representing the magic of Zoastra, and the game is tasked with redirecting it against the evil magician by removing the circles.

  • On the bowl, three different circles are available; the first one you have recently completed, while the rest of the two are there for being completed.
  • After solving all three puzzles, you have successfully turned the magic of evil against her and rescued the little girl.

We have solved all AE: Midnight Carnival Chapters.

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