Can You Escape the 100 Room XII Walkthrough


Are you love playing Hidden Objects? Do you have enough guts to explore a thrilling world full of suspense and challenging levels to complete? If yes, then HKAppBong brings another exciting video game, titled “Can You Escape the 100 Room XII,” to your mobile devices to play. It belongs to a series of Can You Escape the Room, as already a few titles were released by the same developer having up to 50 rooms for navigation and the completion of challenging puzzles. Furthermore, the game is designed to challenge your puzzle-solving skills, and it will see how you get rid of challenging problems.

Moreover, Can You Escape the 100 Room XII’s classic environment awaits you along with 50 Tricky Puzzle Levels; more are expected to release soon. Following previous games’ footsteps, Can You Escape the 100 Room XII features the same gameplay and borrows a few components from the series like the hint and inventory systems? Having detective skills and abilities would help you reach the end of each level. Each room has a locked door, and the game challenges you to find a key to open it and move to the next room where your basic goal would be the same.

Can You Escape the 100 Room XII Review

Seriously, I believe that playing Puzzle-solving games would help you improve the way you think, enhance your decision-making skills. Players who wish to be a detective have a golden chance to see and learn how a detective works and what type of situations he goes through. Although playing Hidden Object games is difficult relative to other puzzle games, it brings Romance, Story, Suspense, and Relaxing Soundtracks together in one pack, unlike any other games. Usually, players aren’t allowed to see the character they are controlling, except that they interact with the environment to find hidden items using the point-and-click interface.

50 Levels, 50 Rooms, and 50 Challenges

Like other games released from the same developers, the game features 50 Rooms to explore, and each room holds a unique mystery to solve and puzzles to complete. Interaction with the environment may help you find hidden objects while revealing the secrets happening behind the scene. Completing levels will leave you a key to the next door and a few bucks that will add to your in-game account.

Hint System

The game introduces a hint system like other games of the series. In the beginning, five hints are free that you can use any time whenever stuck and can’t find any solution to solve the puzzle. Afterward, the game asks you to use in-game coins you will earn after completing levels to purchase hints. However, the said system is handy and helps you complete each room.

Point-and-Click Interface

I’m surprised after finding the smooth and quick controls, as I didn’t find any flaw. You can play the game easily using one finger. There’s no need to swipe your finger across the screen to drag the item from one place to another. Only tap the item you found, and it will be in your inventory within no time. Next to that, whenever you need the item to interact with other objects – merely select the item from your inventory and go to the next object you want to interact with to complete the task.

If you’re looking for walkthroughs of “Can You Escape the 100 Room X” and “Can You Escape the 100 Room IVvideo games, then you can visit or can follow the link to see how to complete challenging levels.


As all fingers aren’t equal, similarly, all players aren’t equal in skills and abilities. Some are better at playing FPS (First-person Shooter) games, while some are masters in playing Puzzles, Adventure, and Hidden object Games, but every player wants to taste games of every genre. Sometimes, the game features a tricky scene where coming is almost impossible without a proper guide. Therefore, we jump in to help players by bringing “Can You Escape the 100 Room XII” to their palm with every possible solution. Read our guide to solve every puzzle within no time.

Can You Escape the 100 Room XII Walkthrough – Level 1

The first level takes place in the barbershop, where the game tasks you with finding hidden objects without knowing their names, solve tricky puzzles, and find a key to the main door. You find the following objects in the room like a wardrobe, a set of sofa, a table, and some barber chairs. To unlock the first door, you have to follow the given instructions mentioned in “Can You Escape the 100 Room XII Walkthrough.”

  • Visit the table to collect a key and add it to your inventory for later use.
  • Select the key from your inventory and open the first dressing table drawer available on the left-hand side to collect a spray bottle.
  • Move toward the wardrobe to collect a towel and visit the 2nd dressing table of which the mirror is dirty.
  • Select the bottle from your inventory to spray the water on the mirror and then use the towel to clean it.
  • Upon getting cleaned, the mirror displays a clue that you can use to open the box laid on the table.
  • Click on the box and the images like that: Bottle, Scissor, and Comb to open it and collect a comb and a scissor of green color.
  • Move back to the drawer where you collected a bottle, add the scissor, and comb on a music box kept above the drawer to open it. Grab a star when a secret drawer will open and add it to your inventory.
  • Add the collected star to the cupboard’s right section to open it and pick up a door button from there.
  • Use the button to open the door and move to the next scene.

Can You Escape the 100 Room XII Walkthrough – Level 2

The next level takes place in a highly secured room where the player finds two beds and a few images, along with other things. The player needs to navigate the room from a first-person viewpoint and complete the puzzle by finding hidden objects and move to the next scene.

  • The player needs to click on the golden object available amidst the room to collect a button at the very start.
  • Next to that, you must click the left wall where several boxes are available and fix the middle-box button to play a mini-game. You must follow the pattern mentioned in the given image to complete the mini-game and collect a card.
  • Afterward, click on the triangle available on the front wall and enter the code “643” to open a secret box and collect a piece.
  • Now, click the golden object and add the piece you recently collected, opening a locker. It will display several robotic creatures, and you must adjust following the image hanging on the right wall.

  • As the golden box opens, you have to collect a screwdriver from it.
  • Use the screwdriver to open another box on the right side of the front wall. Upon opening, it will display you a circuit that you must take on to open the door following the card you found from the box on the left wall.
  • As the circuit gets complete, the door will open, and the game lets you move to the next scene.

Can You Escape the 100 Room XII Walkthrough – Level 3

The next level takes you to an ancient environment where you find several drums and other things. Don’t rely on your destiny when playing Can You Escape the 100 Room XII video game; we suggest you hone your hidden object skills if they are below average. Follow the instructions mentioned in the Guide to complete the Can You Escape the 100 Room XII Level 3.

  • Find the red box to collect a piece of wood nearby it.
  • Click the classic stove available on the right side of the screen, add woods, and put the kettle back on the stove. Once you found the water starts to boil, add it to your inventory.
  • Next to that, you must put the hot water into a bucket to melt ice and collect a key.
  • Use the key to open the red box and collect a saw.
  • Now, you must use the saw to cut the iron chain and open the door available on your left side. Get into the small room and collect a green-colored button.

  • You can easily discover a table on the left side wherefrom you can collect gloves.
  • Use the gloves to clean the mess available on the green box kept near the ice bucket.
  • Add the button to open the box and collect a paper displaying your chess pieces.
  • Head to the right wall where you clean a box secured with a locker having four dials containing chess pieces. Adjust the chess pieces according to the paper and open them to collect the ax.
  • Use the ax to destroy the drum and collect dynamite.
  • Explore the wall on the right side where you discover a mini-game to play, but first, you have to add the green-colored button to solve the mystery.
  • Once the game is done, you can collect a string or a lighter.
  • Go close to the main door, place the dynamite and add a string into it. Use the lighter to burn the dynamite to destroy the bomb.
  • The door will open after a massive blast and give you access to the next room.

Can You Escape the 100 Room XII Walkthrough – Level 4

The 4th level takes place in the music room, where you discover dozens of musical instruments. The prominent musical instruments include the following: Piano, Guitar, Speakers, Drums, and more. Following the traditional rules of Hidden Object video games, your goal is to find the items hidden beautifully to find the key and open the door. We suggest you not tap the screen randomly; therefore, we offer you a complete Can You Escape the 100 Room 12 Walkthrough.

  • Firstly, you should tap the piano to collect a letter and then move to the table on the left side to pick up a music note and an item.
  • On the right wall, you may find some plates hanging on the wall. Find the wall having a star and tap following the pattern you discover on an item found from the table.
  • Click the speaker and set the colorful buttons shown in the image to open the window and collect a piano key.
  • Your goal is to gather three piano keys from different places.
  • Next to that, click the red guitar, add the music notes you collected from the table, and grab the paper note.
  • Tap the paper available in your inventory and mix it with the colorful star-type item you found from the table.
  • Click on the left wall where you discover a locker. See the paper to reveal the number and add it to their respective locker box to open it. The code is “94715.

  • Once the box is opened, you can gather the 2nd music note, which is black.
  • You should add the music note to the black guitar and collect the 2nd piano key this time.
  • You may discover a board above drums having several small geometric shapes. You need to add the paper on the board to see a pattern you must follow to beat the stick’s drums.
  • Once done, the drum will open to reveal the third piano key.
  • Add all the keys to the piano and open its drawer to collect a key.
  • Use the key to open the door and escape.

Can You Escape the 100 Room XII Walkthrough – Level 5

Have you ever dreamed of visiting the ancient Egyptian Pyramids? For sure, everyone is dreaming of visiting that place because of their interest in history. Similarly, the game decides to take you to an ancient place where you find different ancient relics, statues, and more. Your goal forces you to find hidden objects while revealing secrets behind the scene. Follow the given steps to complete the Can You Escape the 100 Room 12 Level 5.

  • Firstly, you must pick up a hammer from near the weight machine available near the coffin.
  • Use the hammer to break a brick of blue color fixed in the grave to collect a golden button.
  • To open the main door, you have to collect at least three buttons. One is already collected, the rest of the two you need to find.
  • Click a box placed on the coffin to open the security locker. Unlock the locker using the code mentioned in the image, and collect a coin.

  • Tap on the right wall between two statues and head to a locker where you need to add a coin first and start playing a mini-game.
  • The statue will open and leave you the 2nd golden button.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you may discover a pot. Upon exploring, you will find a weight stone that you must add to your inventory and learn the image drawn on the pot.
  • Head to the weight machine and keep the stone in it; meanwhile, keep the image drawn on the wardrobe in mind and collect a paper that appears once the drawer of the wardrobe opens.

  • Click on the first statue available on the right side, follow the pattern drawn on the paper and set the images you found in different places to open the locker.
  • Once done, it will leave you the third golden button.
  • Use all three buttons to open the main door.

Can You Escape the 100 Room XII Walkthrough – Level 6

The game takes you to visit a showroom where you find three different vehicles on the left side and three different sports bikes on the left side. Beautiful scenery is available above the cars on the wall, and the game features lightning on the right wall.

  • Click on the black table set on the left side to collect a stick.
  • Pick up a shovel, and a string from the table kept on the right.
  • Use the shovel to dig the pot’s sand kept on the black table and collect at triangle piece.
  • Use the triangle piece to open the left drawer of the table wherefrom you gathered a shovel. It will reveal a car remote control.
  • Click on each vehicle to read their number plates and press the button to set the letter according to their colors.
  • Once done, the yellow car door opens and lets you get in to see a locker containing three buttons. Firstly, you should see all the bikes standing in the room and keep their colors and respect shapes in mind; next to that, draw the same image on the buttons to open the vehicle’s dashboard.
  • You find a magnet from the car’s dashboard that you must keep in your inventory to use later.
  • Now, connect the stick with the magnetic available in your inventory and tie them using the string.
  • Use the stick to bring a coin out from below the green-colored car.
  • Next to that, you can use the coin to open the 2nd drawer and pick up a phone from there.
  • Turn the phone on to see the images and head to the blue-colored bike where you need to draw the same images to open the seat and collect a piece of the car from there.
  • Use the piece you collect to add to a board and start playing a mini-game.
  • Once done, it will leave you two balls of different colors like red and blue.
  • Add the balls to the main door and arrange them following the image drawn on the vehicles’ wall.

Can You Escape the 100 Room XII Walkthrough – Level 7

You would be happy to see a colorful room where a beautiful rack and colorful chairs welcome you. Reveal your detective part and start finding hidden object games to complete the mystery; meanwhile, finding the way to open the door and unlock the main door.

  • The game features a mini-game to play on the left side of the front wall containing genius people’s images.
  • Afterward, you have to visit the rack where different boxes contained letters. Arrange them as shown in the image given in Can You Escape the 100 Room 12 Walkthrough to solve.

  • Your next step is to move the chair aside below the wall, where you can easily discover a camera has been fixed.
  • Click the camera to see the clue behind it, and open the rack to grab a cutter.
  • Use the wire cutter to cut the camera’s wire.

  • Next to that, you have to pursue your further operations once you cut the wire so that no one can see you.
  • A pink locker is available on the right side of the room, where you must deal with dials to open it and collect a fuse. After grabbing it, you need to add it to a box fixed near the main door and play a mini-game. Once done, the door will open and give you a way to the next room.

Can You Escape the 100 Room XII Walkthrough – Level 8

It seems you are now in an engine room of any ship where the premise is to find hidden objects and deal with the environment to solve the puzzle. Navigate the environment from a first-person viewpoint, interact with things available surround you, and solve the mystery.

  • The game features a red-colored box wherefrom you have to gather a submarine model on the left side.
  • Discover the sacks available on the floor, where you may find a box. Add the submarine model to open it and collect a bolt opener.

  • On the right side, there’s a small door having a locker of four images. To find the images, you need to visit the left side of the main door. Once the small door is opened, you can collect a wheel that needs to be fixed on the blue-colored box available on the room’s left side.

  • Play a mini-game to set all images according to the requirement and collect a small ship model from there.
  • Visit a red box wherefrom you found a submarine, and add the ship to its front door to collect a pipe that you can use to stop the moving fan.
  • Use the bolt opener to untie all screws of the first fan fixed on the left side.
  • Once the fan stopped, collect a knife and cut the sacks to pick up a toothed gear.

  • Play a mini-game fixed on the first door and find a TV Remote.
  • Use the remote to power on the TV and reveal the code.
  • Now, you should head to the main door and enter code 3576.

Can You Escape the 100 Room XII Walkthrough – Level 9

The game welcomes you to a small library where dozens of books are beautifully managed. It takes place in a 3D environment where your ultimate goal is to escape at any cost by finding items. The difficulty level increases as you approach high stages. For sure, you remember the time when you complete the first level within a few minutes, but now the level needs a few hours to be completed. Therefore, you should work your way through various levels to escape the house containing up to 50 rooms.

  • Find out three bags of different colors on the right wall and back to the floor, where you discover a briefcase having a locker. The briefcase will open once you set all arrows in the proper directions.

  • The briefcase will give you a paper clue that you should add to your inventory.
  • Afterward, head to the book rack, where you find four different pencil stands. Count the pencils available in each stand and keep their colors in mind.
  • Below three bags, there’s a table, and you discover a colorful locker. Enter the code (Red=5, Yellow=3, Blue=2, and Green=3).

  • You will find a star after opening the cupboard. To complete the level, you have to find out 2 stars.
  • Above the cupboard where you collected a star, needs to open the locker by setting the letters as follows: DYTS. It will provide you with another paper clue.

  • The 2nd star is available near the pencil box stands laid on the book rack.
  • A green book race is placed on the front wall that contains a box holding two stars empty places. Add two stars on the said place to open the small cupboard to collect a purple stick.
  • Visit the cupboard available on the left side of the screen to add the stick over there and manage the colors following the pattern of the files kept in the 2nd. It will keep you another paper.
  • Next to that, you must add all three papers below the shield available on the right side of the front wall.
  • Draw lines following the papers on the shield using the dots to collect geometric shape objects. Add all the shapes to the main door to open it.

Can You Escape the 100 Room XII Walkthrough – Level 10

There’s a room full of cupboards and drawers containing something suspicious. Opening each drawer isn’t possible because they are in hundreds. Therefore, you should open the targeted ones to find hidden items and solve the mystery. Finding which drawers and objects are there you need to interact with, follow our Walkthrough of Can You Escape the 100 Room 12.

  • Firstly, click the table available on the right side to collect a drawer holder and one out of two bottles.
  • Afterward, we suggest you tap on the right cupboard and find the drawer whose cape is missing. Place its cap and open it to collect the 2nd
  • Below the same drawer, you may find another drawer where something is drawn in the pattern.

  • Keep the pattern in mind after exploring the area on the right side of the main door. Back to the drawer and set all buttons according to the pattern to unlock it.
  • Once the drawer is opened, it will leave you a hook-style object one out of two.

  • Now, head to the table available on the left side, keep both of the bottles you collected from different places, and put all liquids of all bottles in the jar one by one. Next to that, collect the jar.
  • Some boards are hanging a few steps from the main door with the roof. You must tap on the targeted area to reveal the images they contain. Next to that, you have to draw the same images on the board available below the shelf where you added all liquids into a jar.

  • Collect one out of two jars and a piece of paper once the cupboard gets opened.
  • Tap the paper from your inventory and drop all liquid you prepared to reveal the code.
  • Add the code to open the cupboard and collect the 2nd
  • Keep all the jars you collected on the shelf on the left side of the screen to open the drawer and collect the 2nd Mixing both hooks will make a sign of Shaolin sign.
  • Add the Shaolin sign to the main door to open it.

Can You Escape the 100 Room XII Walkthrough – Level 11

After opening the door of the 10th room, you find yourself in a Sports Room where lots of equipment like billiard and snooker are available. In the game, you will deal with a challenging puzzle that, upon completing, will open up a door to the next room that you must escape unlocking the next room.

  • Click on the tennis table to collect a puzzle piece.
  • In the 2nd step, you have to pick up a piece that looks like a sun.
  • Use the sun to open the box kept above chairs and collect the 2nd puzzle piece.
  • Now you should head to the front wall, where you discover an incomplete painting. Add both pieces to the painting and start playing a mini-game.
  • As you complete the painting, it will reveal paintings of the tennis bat, a ball, a billiard stick, and a chair.

  • Go close to the arcade game, and you need a password to run the game, but before, you must count how many chairs, bats, and balls available all over the environment. The code is 4953.
  • Once the game starts, you find yourself controlling the snake to eat orbs.
  • After that, on the front wall’s left side, there’s a board holding four arrows. You must turn them on and hit the button to throw the light on the board in the opposite direction.

  • The board will display four images of different creatures that you must set on the board available on the main door’s right side.
  • The door will open once you set all images properly.

Can You Escape the 100 Room XII Walkthrough – Level 12

The newly unlocked room is pretty beautiful, containing only limited stuff to explore. It seems you need to interact with fewer objects for the completion of objectives. Be a detective and start finding objects you need to open the door. The graphics of level 12 is quite impressive, and the room is spotless. Follow the steps for the completion of the puzzle to become the master.

  • The iron chains are available on the left side of the screen that you must bring equal to each other to continue the water flow. There’s a water tub below the chains where you may collect a piece.

  • Head to the treasure box and add the missing piece to it to play a mini-game. The treasure box holds a star with eight corners.
  • There’s another section containing stars on the right side of the room where you discover a cupboard.

  • Pick up a leave above the said place in the previous step and move to the cupboard in the opposite direction where you must add the leave to open the drawer and collect a hammer and one-toothed gear out of three.

  • Visit the window to find a jar where you collect a flower that you need to open the drawer. To collect a flower, you have to break the jar using a hammer.
  • Bring the flower to the drawer and open it to collect the 2nd
  • Now, you have 2 out of 3 gears. Click on the rug to collect a piece of paper containing a clue.

  • Understand the formula and tap on the stars following the answer to open the cupboard’s drawer. Collect the third gear and add it to your inventory.
  • A box is available on the left side of the room, where you must add all three collected gears to open the box and grab a key to the door.
  • Open the door using the key and escape the room.

Can You Escape the 100 Room XII Walkthrough – Level 13

The next scene takes you to a gym where you can do a bit of hard work to build your muscles. But for now, we leave it and focus on finding hidden objects for the completion of the puzzle. The door won’t open until you find all objects required to resolve the mystery. Therefore, we prepare a Guide of Can You Escape the 100 Room 12 Walkthrough to find all hidden objects.


  • You need to hit the posters to reveal the code; you need to open a box on the front wall.
  • Open the box to collect one out of three pieces. Next to that, you should move to the corner of the right wall where you discover a puzzle to solve. Set the rotating circle as shown in the image to open the box and collect the 2nd

  • When completing puzzles, don’t forget to keep numbers you found on the board of the colorful circle 4 and below the main door’s handle 3 in mind.
  • Near the trackwheel, there’s an orange color box available where you can discover the number 8.

  • Near the dumbbells, you may find 3 and 1 digits.
  • After that, open the locker by adding the digits you collected from different places: 834723. It will leave you the third piece you are looking for.

  • Add all three pieces to the orange box and play a mini-game to open it to collect a button.
  • Add the button to open the security locker and grab a key to the main door.
  • Open the door using the key and escape.


Can You Escape the 100 Room 12 is one of the thrilling games, offering you similar gameplay to other series games; however, the environment and puzzles are completely different. The hint system works following the footsteps of previously released video games. I found the graphics much better than others, and the puzzles are somehow short and interesting to solve. The soundtracks are amazing and built in a way to keep you engaged until the game ends. Playing puzzle games doesn’t need any strategic skills; they center on your detective skills. I really enjoyed playing the game. will keep updating further levels weekly.

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