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Death Park 2 is an Adventure and Single-player video game offering similar gameplay to Granny and The Evil Nun 2. Euphoria Horror Games release it for Mobile Devices such as Android and iOS. The game features deadly creatures and a deadly joker that won’t let you alive. A thrilling story is written in a way that will chill your bones and keep you feeling like you are the protagonist and have to survive at any cost. In the game, players navigate the land from a first-person viewpoint, and their ultimate goal is to rescue Lily, the little sister of the protagonist. Therefore, the game is considered one of the best scary and creepy horror games. We are back with another Walkthrough of Death Park 2 to guide you on how to escape.

Explore Creepy City

Death Park 2 takes place in a creepy city full of vicious monsters, secrets, and thrilling adventures. There is no aim except for surviving the monsters and a joker who is always searching for you to kill. Your pretty sister has been kidnapped by a joker who promises not to leave her alive, steal her mind to fulfill their unholy plans like to access the real world to spread terror among people. Prepare yourself for an epic battle where you fight against your nightmares and different monsters that have threatened the beautiful landscape.

8 Massive Locations to Explore

The game features up to eight different locations to explore; each one contains a different plot connected with the same protagonist who embarks on a journey to find his sister at any cost. The names of the locations are the following:

  1. Prologue
  2. House
  3. City
  4. Hospital
  5. Cemetery
  6. Sewerage
  7. Military Base
  8. Death Park

Controlling the character in any location isn’t easy, as the game requires you to don’t make any noise and keep finding clues to solve puzzles. Each location has different areas, like the house has multiple rooms, and each one holds different clues to find and solve the environmental puzzle. When playing the game, you can use weapons to kill those monsters whoever takes a step to kill you. Therefore, your priority at the start should be focused on finding weapons and their ammo.

Explore Both Worlds

As the game starts, you wake up in the real world where you found your sister missing. Upon conducting the investigation, you come to know that a clown has abducted her to fulfill unholy plans. You should find a source to access the 2nd world where your sister awaits you. Seriously, you don’t have enough time to learn how to play the game. Start exploring the environment and find a red balloon that gives you access to another world.

Death Park 2 is a sequel to the first game that brings many modifications and new content to the series. If you love playing science-fiction and horror games like Evil Nun, Dead Space, and Silent Hill, you should love to play Dark Park 2. You would be happy to know that the game has multiple endings, and your survival and the consequences totally depend on the actions and decisions you make during the gameplay. Only the first scene is unlocked, and the rest of the levels require you to complete the previous goals.

Five Difficulty Levels – Choose according to your survival skills

As not all fingers are equal, similarly, not all players are equal in skills and abilities. Many players on the planet feel difficulty when playing Hidden Object and Horror games; therefore, the developers suggested kids not to play the game. However, there are up to five difficulty levels, such as:

  • Ghost – The ghost mode is specially designed for those who don’t know how to survive longer. Both monsters and clown can’t see you when you select Ghost mode and they can’t kill you. Earning ammo is possible by watching ads.
  • Easy – If you consider yourself a bit more powerful and brave, you should select Easy Mode to test your survival skills. The Easy mode makes the monsters weak and slower, as well as the clown’s speed, is slow. Watching ads may help you earn extra ammo.
  • Normal – Selecting Normal means allowing the monsters and clown to move a bit faster than average. Besides that, you can’t earn ammo by watching ads.
  • Hard – Amazingly, the number of monsters will increase as you select the Hard Mode. They are sharp and clearly see you, even they can listen to the sounds of floor cracking.
  • Extreme – I will suggest you not choose the Extreme mode if you haven’t played the previous modes.


Leave everything for a while, whatever you are doing; keep your concentration on finding the way out to escape. You control a character from a first-person viewpoint to interact with the environment and objects surround you. Furthermore, the game brings a beautiful fusion of several genres, including Puzzle, Hidden Object, First-person Exploration, Horror, and Single-player Survival.

The gameplay features creepy creatures like the clown who has multiple eyes fixed on his head seems terrible. The game introduces a heart-touching storyline revolving around a brother and sister. Upon awakening, the protagonist finds his sister missing with a note that he can’t see his sister anymore. Without making any delay, embark on an adventure of finding your lost sister following the Death Part 2 Scary Clown Survival Horror Game Walkthrough.

Death Park 2: Scary Clown Survival Horror Game Walkthrough – Prologue

The first scene starts with a boy who wakes up after having a nightmare in his room. The first objective of the player is to visit his sister Lily’s room. After reaching, you will find the door is locked. Therefore, you should move to your parent’s room to find clues. Your parent’s room is available on the left-side of your sister’s room. Once you’re in the room, discover a photo frame where you may find a date written on it. Keep the date in your mind and find a locker. You must enter the date to your locker “121189” to open it and collect a pistol from inside it.

Objectives to Complete:

  • Visit the Sister’s Room
  • Explore the Parent’s Room
  • Touch the Red Balloon to get into the Dream World
  • Open the latch on the door in the sister’s room.
  • Find a way to get down to the first floor.

As you pick up the pistol from the locker, the game displays you a cut-scene and slows down the speed. Afterward, a red-colored balloon comes into the room from somewhere, and you would be surprised to know that it is the way to access the second world where you may find creepy creatures and find clues.

Note: To get into the dream world, you have to touch the red balloon.

Tapping the world will take you into the dream world where everything seems covered with red color. You need to navigate the land carefully and struggle to access your sister’s room to interact with the clown who appreciates the character by saying his name Charlie. He said that finally, you have learned how to travel between two worlds.

As the cut-scene ends, you have to open the latch on the door in the sister’s room to escape. Afterward, finding a way to get down to the first floor is compulsory. Once all said things have been done, you must back to your parent’s room to get back to your world. Visit Lily’s Room to give her sympathy and promise that you are working hard to find help for her. Leave your sister’s room and open the door to reach the first floor.

Death Part 2 Walkthrough – House

After leaving your sister on the 2nd floor, you are now on the first floor, where you find a letter from your dad glued on the orange door. Your dad warns you that something strange is happening across the city within the letter, and he witnessed watch creepy creatures. Your ultimate objectives are the following:

  • Leave home to find help for Lily.
  • Find a way to get to your father’s office.
  • Find a way to open the safe in your father’s office.
  • Leave home to find help.

Next to that, the game gives you a hint that the protagonist’s father keeps spare keys in his safe.

Therefore, you have to find the safe to grab keys and open the locked door to proceed with the story. Afterward, start exploring the first floor and reach the kitchen to pick up a torchlight from there. The torchlight is available on the table at the corner of the kitchen. As you try to open the door opposite the kitchen, the game introduces a red-colored balloon in the hall. Tapping the balloon will give you access to another world. After getting into the dream world, your objective is to find your father’s office.

Find the Father’s office.

The door against the kitchen will unlock as you tap the balloon. Follow the stairs to reach the basement, where you find ammo from different places. Don’t forget to collect the wrench that you need to open the trapdoor.

Note: Without a flashlight, you can’t see the way because there’s too dark.  

Afterward, find and take stairs to reach the open area where you find different doors. Open the door ahead of you and find a trapdoor. Use the wrench to open it and get access to your father’s office.

You are exploring the dream world’s environment where your goal is to open the safe in your father’s office. Upon entering the room, you need to play a mini-game to reveal the code you need to open the safe. Rotate the blocks to reveal the code, which is “9156.” After unraveling the code, you must tap the balloon available on the sofa to come back to the real world. Find the safe and enter the code to open it, but before don’t forget to collect the ammo. The safe contains a key to the main door.

Leave home to find help for Lily

Once again, tap the balloon to get into the dream world and start your search to find the way out. Apart from that, you must follow the stairs to visit the basement once again to collect ammo. Now, go back to the main area and tap the balloon available in the hall.

Find the right Balloon to Return to Reality.

The time for the appearance of a clown has come to kill you. You don’t need to be panic; just find the right balloons to get access to the real world. If you fail, the game ends. The right balloon is available at the corner of the room; meanwhile, the clown roams the environment freely to kill you. Don’t make any noise, even walk silently, because he will hear the sound of the floor cracking. Therefore, you should find the right balloon as soon as possible and reach the main door to escape. Now, you have a key to open the orange color door where you found a letter left by your dad. Open the door and escape to complete the next scenes.

Death Part 2 Walkthrough – City

Finally, now you are out of your home where a clown is randomly searching you to kill. You start exploring the environment after leaving home. The weather is foggy, and the game is tasked with looking around the street for help. The very first, you may discover a letter glued on the door of a house that you can clearly see upon leaving your home. The letter is written by John and Mary, who warn you by declaring that there’s no way to hide and the consequences of the first phase didn’t fulfill the command’s expectations.

Moreover, leave the house to move to the left direction, where you may find a police vehicle standing on the way. Interact with the vehicle to find some clues. As you reach near the vehicle, you listen to the radio that the evacuation has been announced, and all patrols are ordered to leave the town instantly. Military forces take the rest of the survivors away from the hospital because no medicines and staff left. For sure, without a proper guide, you can’t survive long; therefore, we are here with a well-structured Death Part 2 Scary Walkthrough to help you. In the third level (City), your objectives are the following:

  • Leave around the street for help
  • Pick up a card and a baseball bat

Don’t forget to pick up a city map kept on the car bonnet and collect a baseball bat from the police vehicle’s car hatchback. Afterward, you must explore the environment to find the hospital. It seems you may find helping tools over thereupon investigating the scene. During the navigation, you may confront deadly monsters who won’t let you make your approach to the hospital.

Moreover, make use of a gun to kill them all who are standing in your way. Collect ammo to keep your gun always loaded and never leave any monster alive who comes on your way. Investigate the map to find the location of the hospital and find a way to get into it. Apart from that, you find all the environment uninhabited where cars and buildings are in ruin.

After finding the hospital entrance, don’t forget to collect shotgun ammo as they help you kill beasts using the shotgun within no time. Cross the door, and start moving to head out of the hospital. The pistol is a bit slow and may take three to four-shots to kill a beast. After crossing the hospital gate, you are promoted to the next scene.

Death Part 2 Walkthrough – Hospital

Now, you’re in the hospital where your goal is to find hidden objects to proceed with the storyline and find help for your sister, whose life is at high risk. Exploring the hospital may reward you with many items you can use to take on enemies looking for you to kill. Navigate the scene from a first-person viewpoint and keep killing vicious beasts to survive longer; meanwhile, keep an eye on your health percentage. As your health reaches zero, your character will die, and the game will end. You should take a door to get out from the hospital to collect an item for a while. The item would be a gun and don’t forget to read the letter available on the front door.

Moreover, get into the hospital to start fighting against monsters. We suggest you make the gun your primary weapon. Once you are in the hospital, start collecting both shotgun and rifle ammo; meanwhile, defeating monsters who will come to attack you. Keep searching and collecting aid, kid, because it helps you refill the health whenever any monster attacks you.

Note: You should not act as a brave boy when watching a monster coming toward you. Bring out the weapon you have and start take steps in a backward direction while shooting the monster.

Find a key to Spare Stairs.

You can explore the toilets and other sections of the hospital to collect ammo of rifle, shotgun, pistol, and aid kid. To collect a key to Spare Stairs, you must move in a forwarding direction and then turn left to reach the dead end. Upon reaching the said location, you find a door to your left side. Open the door and get into it. You will discover a key on the patient’s bed along with ammo on another bed. Come out from the room and head to the spare stairs door.

Spare Stairs – 2nd Floor of Hospital

Once you reached over there, take the stairs to reach the 2nd floor. Start exploring the scene and turn left side to explore all rooms for collecting ammo, aid kits, and more. In each room, you will find collectibles that help you achieve victory. After exploring each room in the said row, you will head to the door. Leave the front door and open the door available on your right-hand side. Follow the way to reach the end and try to open the door. Tapping the door creates suspense and makes the balloon’s appearance allow you to get into the dream world.

Find the Correct Doors

Ops! The clown is right behind you. Run as fast as possible and make the right selections when you come to choose the door. Wasting time in opening the wrong door will give a chance to the clown to come close and catch you. The game displays you three doors, two of which are locked, while the rest is unlocked. Therefore, you should run at high speed and make selections correctly. You would find the names and shapes of the change whenever you come to play the same scene. Your ultimate goal is to find the exit door as soon as possible in the dream world.

  • Head to the Hospital
  • Inspect the Hospital Reception
  • Find the doctor’s office
  • Search the way to get to the doctor’s office

Examine the head Doctor’s office

After tapping the balloon, the clown will appear on the screen to kill you. Your ultimate goal is to escape and find the perfect door as soon as possible. You can’t only solve the puzzle by crossing the only first door, as it seems a massive maze where you find open many doors until you find the balloon. Once you find the balloon, tap it back to your main world. Once you reach the final room and tap the balloon, take a breath because you are now out of the dream world, but you should be aware of deadly monsters. Head to the table to read the notes available over there and collect a key to open the door and escape.

Stephen Dorsey

On the table, you discover a note written by your friend “Stephen Dorsey” who is informing you that they can’t accept the deceased. The cemetery is full of vicious people, and there isn’t space left for further people; therefore, the entrance is being closed. The envelope contains a key to a spare entrance that you can use to access the cemetery. Afterward, you have to find a way out following the path you selected to come here and move to the next scene. Get out from the hospital and bring the map out you collected from the police car to find the cemetery factory. Once found the location where the factory is available, start your journey toward the factory.

Find the Graveyard

After collecting a key, you are supposed to search the graveyard and get access to it. Come out from the hospital and open the map and find the location. Once you reached the decided place, bring the key out and open the door.

Death Park 2 Walkthrough – Cemetery

Now, you are in a graveyard; you must be smart and aware of vicious beasts. Keep exploring the environment from a first-person viewpoint. Your ultimate goal is to find the head doctor’s grave at any cost to proceed with the story. Firstly, finding the doctor’s grave isn’t easy; secondly, when you find the grave, the objective won’t end over there because you have to dig it up to find clues.

  • Find the head Doctor’s Grave
  • Search for a Shovel
  • Find a way to get to the Church
  • Take the Service Lift down to the 0 floor
  • Find a way to get into the refrigerator room
  • Take a dose of HZ-3
  • Inject HZ-3 drug into your sister in your house
  • Examine the Entrance to the Death Park
  • Follow the Red Balloon

Soon, a balloon you are familiar with will appear from inside the church. Tap the balloon to get into the dream world where you always found yourself in trouble because of a vicious clown. After jumping into the dreaming world, your goal is to run as fast as possible without getting caught. Your goals are to find a shovel and a ruby. Exploring the graveyard is the key to escape; therefore, you should keep an eye on everything while collecting ammo and aid kits.

Collect Rubies and Open the Door to the Church

After finding the Head Doctor’s grave, you should struggle to find a ruby available on a grave, and you can find it easily because of its glowing property. Next to that, you should grab another ruby known as Amber from the other side on the right side of the church. Emerald and Sapphire are also available across the graveyard that you have to collect at any cost. Now, you have the following rubies:

  • Ruby
  • Amber
  • Emerald
  • Sapphire

Having all said rubies in your hand would be great. Get into the church as soon as possible before the clown catch and kill you. Head to the front wall, where you discover a shield having four empty spaces for rubies. Place all rubies one by one to open the door. When adding rubies, you should be careful because each ruby has a different shape and pattern that you might see on the grave you collect the rubies from there. Afterward, the church door will open where you discover a balloon, and upon tapping, you will be back to your original world.

Find a Shovel

After getting access to the church, you must find a shovel because digging the grave of the head’s doctor is compulsory to bring out some clues for the completion of tasks. Exploration of the church will take you to the spot where you may find a shovel. When navigating the land, don’t forget to pick up bullets and aid kits to survive longer. Running out of bullets means the game end.

Once done, come out from the church and start digging the grave of Samuel Carroll (1959-1991) to get a key using the shovel you collected from the church. Collect a key to the head doctor’s safe, and get ready to battle against dozens of vicious beasts who started to chase you once you picked up the key. Your goal is to find the main door as soon as possible, open the door, and escape to get rid of monsters.

Find the safe of the Doctor

The real challenge has started now. Vicious monsters won’t stop chasing you; therefore, you should work hard your way while navigating the world. After collecting a key from the doctor’s grave, you should go back to the hospital to find his room. The room has a hidden safe that you need to reveal and open to collect an injection gun and a Key Card. After that, find an elevator next to the main door, use the key card to open the door, and escape.

Explore 0 Floor

Start exploring the 0-floor and find a way to turn on the fire alarm. Although hitting the button and switching the handles won’t work. Therefore, you should find an alternative way to bring the system back to the working position. First, you need to find a refrigerator room available at the end of the floor. The game places an emergency switch outside the refrigerator room, but you find it out of order. Next to that, you must get into the room and hit the red button to turn on all switches. Next to that, you should turn on each handle one by one in a specific pattern to fulfill your task. In my turn, I hit the tap the third handle from the left-side and then first, second, and fourth. Once done, you have to go out of the room and turn the alarm on.

Find a dose of HZ-3

Leave the refrigerator room to find a dose of HZ-3 and inject it into the injection gun you found from a room. Next to that, you are supposed to leave the hospital as soon as possible because you found a cure to the disease your sister is possessed with. Go back to the elevator and hit the floor 1 button to escape. Reach the main door of the hospital to come out and start finding a way to your home.

Inject HZ-3 drug into your Sister

If there’s any difficulty to find the way back to your home, you should see the map to reveal the path. Follow the path and reach your home as soon as possible because your sister is in trouble and needs your help. Once you reached your home, take the stairs to reach the 2nd floor and head to your sister’s room. Opening the next door inside your home will take you to the prologue section where your sister is available on the bed. Inject the drug into your sister’s body to see what will happen next.

Note: Injecting the drug will wake up your sister with the 2nd mind of the evil, speaking to you that the procedure you did won’t work. The mind of your sister is completely in the evil’s hands.

Head to Death Park to save your sister

After surprising you, the sister will be asleep. Now, you must embark on another journey to reach Death Park to complete challenging objectives. Head to your house’s main door to come out of your room and start navigating the city. Bring the map out from your inventory to see how you can follow to reach Death Park and start moving toward your set location. During the journey, you must collect ammo and aid kits to keep your health-filled. Don’t fear the scary creatures because you have weapons to kill them.

Examine the Entrance to the Death Park

Furthermore, you have limited ammo and weapons. Therefore, you should be careful when aiming and shooting enemies. Don’t miss any shot, and take a step back whenever you find monsters coming toward you. Upon reaching Death Park, you may discover a scissor to cut the metal. Instantly, collect the scissor and follow the red balloon that appears on your screen.

Follow the Red Balloon

The balloon will appear once you picked up a scissor. Following the balloon will end your path to a place where you are stuck in a fire, and without finding a firebase, you can’t come out. Therefore, you should search the fire truck’s backside to collect the base and connect it with the fire hydrant.

Next to that, you should head to the pressure control unit fixed on the truck’s right side and apply the maximum pressure to start the fire extinguishing to blow up the fire—move-in the forward direction to reach the main gate. Use the wire cutter to open the door and get into the sewerage line after removing its cover.

Death Park 2 Walkthrough – Sewerage

Now, you are in the sewerage line, where you have to complete various objectives while searching for a way to rescue your sister. As you start navigating the environment surround you, a letter is found by you displaying that you are in the Farland City Sewer, and the year is 1991. Your first objective is to look around in the sewer. Firstly, the protagonist considers the city sewer goes all across the military base.

  • Tap on the paper you found on the wall and add it to your inventory to use as a map.
  • Search for collectibles and aid kits to keep yourself alive all the way to reach the end.
  • Visit the sewer line’s death end to find a balloon and tap on it to get into the dream world.
  • Tapping the balloon will reveal the clown who is ready to kill you. He sets up a trap for you to kill; therefore, you should unravel a way to escape from the clown trap.

Moreover, it seems like you are in a maze where a clown is searching for you to kill; meanwhile, you are struggling for your life. Find handles and rotate them to open the trapdoor. Once you reach close to the tunnel, jump on it to escape and start finding a control room to close the door. Hit the handle to close the space with a massive wall and click on the button to release the water. Once the water tank gets filled, it will provide you with a way to make your reach on the other side, where a balloon awaits you. Tap the balloon and back to your real-world where you can use your weapons and other arms to defeat monsters. Start collecting items you need to confront beasts and


  • Look around in the Sewer
  • Get to the Military Base entrance to find a key to the park.
  • Find a way to escape from the clown’s trap.
  • Find a way to overcome the water tank.

Find a way to a military base

After tapping the balloon, you must find a way to reach the military base. Once you reach the entrance point, a digital lock awaits you over there. The game places a paper next to the lock hiding a code you need to unlock the door. Understand the code by exploring the codes and bring the code to your palm. Enter the code “79314” to open the door. The military base door will open to give you access to the base.


Death Park 2: Scary Clown Survival Horror Game will chill your bones after giving a breathtaking gameplay experience. I appreciate the introduction of a well-written storyline revolving around two children who are siblings. There’s a deadly clown who has stolen the girl’s mind to force the boy to rescue her; otherwise, he will never see his sister again. There are eight different scenes available, and each one is interconnecting with the other. You must work your way to find the solution to each problem when finding a cure to save your sister’s life. Although the game offers similar gameplay to Granny and the Evil Nun, it’s a bit challenging and brings several improvements compared to the first release.

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