Can You Escape the 100 Room X Walkthrough


Can You Escape the 100 Room X is a Puzzle, Hidden Object, and Single-player Adventure video game available for Android and iOS. The game brings up to 50 challenging rooms; each has a different scene, objects, and puzzles to solve. Hone your puzzle-solving skills before jumping into a haunted mansion that has something mysterious for you. HKAppBond promises to introduce more thrilling levels very soon.

Moreover, the game doesn’t feature any plot to follow; therefore, you’re only limited to find objects with the aim of solve mystery without having the names and appearance of the objects. The game’s premise is your puzzle-solving skills – the more you play, the more you learn. Start exploring the room, finding objects, and solving mysteries to lead yourself to the end. The game won’t reward you anything, except for hints that you can use to find items you feel challenging to discover.

Can You Escape the 100 Room X Review

If you’re a gaming enthusiast, then for sure you have played dozens of Hidden Object games like The Room, Escape the Mansion, and more. In case you want more thrill, you should play Can You Escape the 100 Room X because it doesn’t feature a robust hint system and won’t let you what to find next; even the name of the object won’t be displayed on your screen.

Therefore, you should rely on your detective skills to complete all challenging puzzles to escape 50 Rooms. The game brings you to a mix of Puzzle, Hidden Object, Adventure, and Mini-game components, offering you exciting gameplay, unlike other Hidden Object games.

Graphics and Sound Effects

It features beautiful artwork to make you realize you’re exploring real-world scenes. All fifty rooms have different environments and objects to find. The first level is a tutorial, while the rest of the levels will put your detective and puzzle-solving skills to the test.

Whether you use a hint system or your skills, completion of levels is compulsory to unlock additional content. Furthermore, the game features relaxing sound effects that will keep you engaged for endless hours of fun. Nevertheless, take a break from your daily work to involve yourself in puzzle-solving gameplay with relaxing music and sound effects.

A Pack of 50 Levels

As mentioned above, there’s a mansion where the game takes place with fifty beautiful rooms. To interact with the environment and objects, you have to tap the screen to zoom-in, figure the item you need to proceed with your escape, and hit the back button featured at the left-bottom corner of the image to lead yourself to the main page. Use the item to reveal further objects and reach the end to find a key and escape. Each room has a door that you require to open at any cost; otherwise, the game won’t let you navigate other rooms at any cost.


Whether you love playing Hidden Object games or not Can You Escape the 100 Room X will keep you engaged until you complete all 50 challenges. There are only fifty rooms, and each one brings a new challenge for you to meet. Therefore, polish your detective skills before jumping into the game.

The game gives you a few hints, which is only 5 in number at the start. We suggest you claim free hints regularly by tapping the button that appeared with a pop-up. Playing Can You Escape the 100 Room X isn’t a cup of tea for many players; therefore, we jump in to help with Can You Escape the 100 Room X Walkthrough for those players who are in trouble and need help to come out.

Can You Escape the 100 Room X Walkthrough – Level 1

The first challenge occurs in a beautiful room where a birthday party has been organized for someone else. Although it’s a tutorial level, you should still try to solve it yourself without using any hint. The scene is fully decorated with colorful balloons, decoration lights, and many other things. Let’s start to complete all challenges together!

  • Click on the Wooden Shelf and collect a bottle
  • Pick up a bottle opener from above the wooden box containing some blocks with the letters and a locker having four digits
  • Use the opener to remove the cap and collect a lemon
  • You can see some green-colored circles on the front wall
  • Analyze the circles deeply to reveal a code which is 3695
  • Use the code to open the wooden box and collect an arrow
  • Blast a green-colored balloon using the arrow to reveal a letter containing connections between images
  • Before clicking on the green table, you should visit the cupboard once again to see how many objects are available over there and tap the table to set the number accordingly to pick a button A
  • Tap the yellow section of the table to place the letter you found from the green section
  • After placing, set the letters following the digits kept on the wooden box, and collect one gear out of three
  • Head to the blue section and make connections between images and objects to open the drawer for the 2nd gear out of three
  • A blue-colored box is available on the table with four blocks having three lemons and one empty. Add the lemon you collected earlier and adjust the color following the table’s fruit and color format.
  • As the box opens, collect the third gear, and head to a game fixed on the main door with four gears. Your goal is to add all collect toothed gears and adjust them correctly to open the door.

Can You Escape the 100 Room X Walkthrough – Level 2

A beautiful room where lots of toys and pink-colored furniture are available. Your goal is the same as the previous level, and the completion of the puzzle will lead you to a new room to explore. Navigate the room to figure out all objects, solve the mystery, and open the door to escape.

  • Collect a small teddy bear available nearby the purple-colored toy kept on the floor
  • Visit the bed-connected drawer, set colors according to earlier found animals to open it, and collect a jug
  • Click on the mirror to collect a cup of water, and put the water into the jug
  • Now, put the jug on the electric stove and wait until the water gets boiled
  • Note the number appeared on the mirror because of smoke
  • Tap on the third bed-connected drawer to open it using the code “492,” and collect a power cable
  • Click on the PC, connect the cable to the computer. Don’t forget to collect a Barbie doll from the table
  • Tap on the box available at your right-hand side, add the small teddy bear on the cap, and start playing a mini-game to open the box
  • As the box opens, pick up the 2nd Barbie doll out of three and collect the first clock out of three
  • Visit the bed-connected drawers once again, discover a music box and place two Barbie dolls over there to open a small drawer holding a kitty face
  • Open the middle bed-connected drawer to collect the 2nd clock out of three and a play button using the code 3642
  • Click on the cupboard above the bed, add the kitty face to the empty place and adjust the play button to start playing a mini-game
  • Match items of similar color and repeat the process until the playfield gets empty and a clock isn’t added to your inventory
  • Click on the door, adjust all three clocks following blur images. Hit the play button you recently added to a mini-game to display you different times in different colors. Set the time on the respective clock of the same color and open the door.

Can You Escape the 100 Room X Walkthrough – Level 3

Welcome to a beautiful kitchen where almost everything is available to make yummy food. Explore the environment surrounding you to collect items you need to solve the puzzle. Make use of items to escape the kitchen as soon as possible. You can use hints whenever you find yourself stuck in any problem. Let’s start completing the puzzle using detective skills.

  • Start collecting items by tapping the stove where a pot containing water is on fire holding a piece of ice-cream
  • Use the spoon to bring out the said object and add to your inventory
  • Don’t forget to pick up a knife from the shelf because it helps overcome a challenge
  • Click on the main table where you discover a set of knives is available, and it requires you to add a missing knife available at your inventory and start playing a game
  • Click on a food box available at your right-hand side, add the ice cube to open it, and collect a piece of meat
  • Use the meat to lead the puppy out of the room and collect a piece of lemon from his bed
  • Once again, click on the food box to count the boxes and the specific colors to open a lock
  • Now, click on the blue-colored cupboard with an ice-cream locker having a three-digit lock. Enter the code Yellow (3), Red (6), and Blue (3) to open the door and collect a gas cylinder
  • Click on a wall-type object hanging on the right wall, add batteries you collected after completing a mini-game and start playing a match-3 game
  • Open the secret drawer and collect an object from there
  • Adjust the lemon wheel below the drawer and adjust the color according to the decoration you found within a cupboard you opened using a code
  • Once done, the game will give you a key, but you can’t open the door right now only using the key
  • Connect the recently found object with the gas cylinder and cut the rods placed to prevent the door from opening
  • Use the key to open the door, but before you’re supposed to play a mini-game

Can You Escape the 100 Room X Walkthrough – Level 4

Finally, the game takes you out of the rooms in an open area where you discover a swimming pool, a beautiful fountain, and a pleasant environment to relax and have fun. But the journey of the fantastic trip ended here because the moment has come when you need to solve the 4th puzzle to escape.

  • At the start, click near the bench to collect a ladder and don’t forget to note the numbers written on it 385
  • Use the ladder to approach the balcony where a treasure chest awaits you
  • You can use the 385 passcodes to open the treasure chest to see and collect a green-colored gem
  • Click on a statue at your left-hand side and put the gem in her second empty eye to open her mouth to give you a button
  • Now, tap on the spot of wallet to add the missing button and play a mini-game
  • As the game ends, the fountain’s water will stop flowing and reveal a box with a mini-game to play
  • Upon completing the game, you will receive one hook out of three, and a new mini-game will be displayed on your screen to play
  • The completion of 2nd and 3rd mini-games will leave you rest of the hooks
  • Use the hooks to help the wheel rotate across its axis and brings you a key to the door to escape
  • Select the key from your inventory and open the door to a gaming zone

Can You Escape the 100 Room X Walkthrough – Level 5

Every gamer loves to spend a lot of time in the gaming zone. For sure, you would also dream of playing awesome games along with buddies in the gaming zone. Therefore, the game has featured a beautiful environment where you discover dozens of arcade games to play and enjoy.

  • Firstly, tap on the floor to collect a statue and don’t forget to note down the letters ILE
  • Secondly, pick you a butterfly from the 2nd arcade machine available at your left-hand side
  • Thirdly, click the wooden cupboard, place the butterfly to open it, and place the third statue over there to complete the collection
  • As you put the statue, the game will reveal a box containing a hammer
  • Select the hammer and start playing a mini-game on the third arcade machine
  • Complete the game and pick up an air pressure pump that you need to use to fill the air in the football
  • Select the basketball to score the highest points and win
  • Back to the first arcade machine where you need to open all treasure chests for rewards and use the set the letters you found earlier in the level.
  • Whenever you are opening treasure chests, don’t forget to count how many stars, hearts, and coins are there because they are your password to open the first arcade machine available on your right-hand side
  • Once done, collect a blue button and put the coin to play a mini-game that tasks you with selecting an ancient item using a machine
  • Now, place ancient items in the cupboard to open the secret doors and gather a red-colored ball from there
  • Put the balls to the main door and adjust their shapes following the orders like yellow (down), red (up), blue (left), and purple (right)

Can You Escape the 100 Room X Walkthrough – Level 6

There’s a strange room where everything is flying, including a robot. Finding objects could be a difficulty, especially when they are continuously moving. Therefore, keep your focus on moving objects to reveal those you need to solve the puzzle. Follow the steps give in “Can You Escape the 100 Room X Walkthrough Guide.”

  • Tap on the circular rings on the left wall between blue-colored squares and adjust in the location available above the place where you collect the circular rings
  • Once done, it will reveal an object something like a gear
  • Tap on the right wall where the game features the same box. Fix the gear between a toothed gear and collect a piece of cardboard which you can use to play a mini-game
  • As you solve the riddle, the game will give you a button that you need to adjust within a box floating in the air
  • After fixing the button, you need to adjust the shape of each switch according to the paper you will reveal on the left wall
  • Open the box to collect a red-colored ball that you must adjust to a container having different geometric shapes
  • Tap on the shapes the floating robot displaying you in a dreaming bubble, and collect a pink-colored heart
  • Click on a yellow-colored object, put the heart in the empty place, and lead yourself out of an unknown area

Can You Escape the 100 Room X Walkthrough – Level 7

The 7th level takes place in a place which is in ruin but holds a beautiful swimming pool. We are doing a great job in completing challenging puzzles; and for sure, you have learned a lot, as well as secrets about how to solve each puzzle. Approximately, each level brings a few mini-games of different genres to play. Let’s complete the 7th level to unlock the next stage.

  • The game features a bench at the left-hand side holding some stuff. Your goal is to investigate the pot to discover a man-style statue and place it over the box to its proper place to open it.
  • The box will add one tile out of two and a reel
  • Now, head to the cupboard available at your right-hand side, and tap on the door holding three circular buttons. Set the colors as mentioned in the Can You Escape the 100 Room X Walkthrough, such as first (Blue), second (yellow), and third (green) to collect a seahorse.
  • Tap on the window, set the reel ahead of it to reveal the code which is Use the code to open the door of the cupboard once again to collect a tile
  • Now, you should tap on the ceiling fan holding four different designs that you must draw on the door of the cupboard to open it for the 2nd tile
  • Click on the box available on the floor, put both tiles on it and play a mini-game to collect another seahorse
  • Put both seahorses above the box to obtain a purple-colored gem
  • Click on a board hanging on the right wall with a missing tile that already available in your inventory. Place the tile on the board and start playing the game to remove the riddle. Place the gem and lead it to the end to dry the water of the swimming pool.
  • At the bottom of the pool, you discover a yellow-colored gem that you can use to play another game. Upon eliminating another riddle, the door will open to make way for your escape.

Can You Escape the 100 Room X Walkthrough – Level 8

The game welcomes you to a beautiful room whose roof is beautifully crafted using a combination of blue and red colors. Painting is hanging on both walls and small cupboards having a lamp is available on the floor, along with two plant pots and a stylish sofa.

  • Tap on the red-colored sofa to collect a bird and note circle, triangle, and other shapes on the floor
  • Choose the wooden bird from your inventory, tap the table and adjust to the missing place to complete the decoration piece
  • Once fixed, the game will give you a blue-colored owl that you must add to a board after removing the first painting of the left wall to play a mini-game, and collect a button from there.
  • Click on the 2nd image to reveal the mechanical owl, adjust the button and draw the shapes you found nearby the red-colored sofa
  • Once done, collect a circular object and add to your inventory
  • Now, move to the third painting to remove it, add the circular object to the proper place, and collect a butterfly and bulb
  • Click the cupboard, fix the butterfly, and start playing a mini-game.
  • Open the drawer and collect a colorful piece of decoration
  • Click on the first painting of the right-hand wall, adjust the decoration piece to complete the scene, but before leaving, don’t forget to add a bulb.
  • Follow the color patterns drawn nearby the box to adjust the color of decoration pieces accordingly and get a key from there
  • All painting you had visited recently have a number. Remember the color and number, tap on the lamp kept above the cupboard and hit the button of the targeted color as many times as the painting will ask you. Next to that, the lamp will display some shapes.
  • Visit the mechanical owl to click on the said shapes and collect the 2ndcircular object.
  • Tap on the third painting of the left-hand wall, add the object over there and collect a key
  • Visit the main door and use both keys to open the door for your escape

Can You Escape the 100 Room X Walkthrough – Level 9

The 9th level takes place in the main door of the castle where you find a cart, a statue, a pot, and some other things in the dark. Reveal your detective skills to solve a mystery that no one can solve without knowing hidden object games. Therefore, we bring a Can You Escape the 100 Room X Walkthrough Guide for players of all types.

  • Click on the floor near the cart to collect a piece of paper. Meanwhile, pick up a stone and break the pot for a badge having a bird shape on its blue section.
  • There are two shields on both sides of the gate. Visit the right-hand shield to add the bird over there, and start playing the game. Set the animals according to the environment to collect a relic
  • Now, tap the first block available at your right-hand side, holding a mini-game for you to play. There’s a coin or relic is missing that you got from playing a mini-game. Adjust that object here to start another mini-game to remove the riddle. Figure out the paper, and adjust all coins according to the number mentioned in the paper in colorful letters
  • Once done, collect a silver coin from there and add to your inventory
  • Tap on the left-hand side shield nearby the door, place the silver coin there, and collect the rest of the paper
  • Combine both paper pieces to complete it and take back it to your inventory
  • Click on the treasure chest and draw the shapes the paper asks you to unlock the box
  • Collect a saw from there and click on the cart standing nearby the left-hand side, and cut the iron chain to open the door
  • Collect an ancient coin from there the cart and visit the shield once again to remove the riddle
  • Play a mini-game to get a key to a treasure chest. Open the chest to bring a bird out of it and add to your inventory
  • Click on the main door, adjust the bird on the empty place, and open the door to the next room

Can You Escape the 100 Room X Walkthrough – Level 10

The environment seems a mess and takes place in a ruin beneath the land. Lots of stones, a statue, a broken cupboard, and a shield containing gems are available to interact with for the completion of the puzzle.

  • Firstly, click nearby the statue to collect a screwdriver, and tap on the shelf aside from the statue at your left-hand side to pick a hammer and remember the words written on the wall
  • Discover a strange stone in the left wall, select the screwdriver, and use a hammer to make the stone out of the wall to find a hidden relic
  • Adjust the symbols according to following the pattern mentioned on the wall to open the box and collect a hook and an elephant
  • Now, click on a box kept below the shield of gems, remove the cover, and place the 4th elephant over there to start playing a mini-game
  • Bring all elephants to the red-colored platforms
  • Upon opening, the box will give you a screwdriver
  • Select the screwdriver and head to the floor nearby the statue where you discover a secret room holding a shield locked with screws. Open all screws and collect an iron chain.
  • Tap on the left corner of the room, connect both chains and use a hook to attach the chain to the platform
  • Now, tap on the handle to bring a block out of the land having a handle for you to collect
  • Use the handle to open the side-door and collect a flower from there and click on the painting having gems from there, add the flour, and start playing a mini-game.
  • Once done, the game leaves you a piece of mini-game that you must take and adjust to the side-door of the room to solve the riddle.
  • After solving the riddle, the game gives you a key to your freedom.

Can You Escape the 100 Room X Walkthrough – Level 11

Something isn’t going well in level 11, because leakage of gas from pipes has been increasing with time. It shows you have a few minutes to escape; otherwise, you will get stuck over here permanently. The room contains iron chains, a heavy iron ball, a box, and a lot of mess.

  • There’s a control room fixed on the left wall where you have to tap to get into the box to turn off all pipes
  • To stop the leakage of pipes, you have to turn all lights into green
  • Tap on the cupboard, open the first door to collect a piece of paper and two iron rings
  • Click on the box available on the floor, figure out the paper to reveal the code, and open the box
  • Collect a bolt opener and an iron rod from inside the box
  • Tap on the floor, remove the cover to a sewerage pipeline and use the hook to bring the iron chain to your inventory using the rod from the roof
  • Once again, tap on the floor, connect iron chains and connect them using a joinder iron chain
  • Use the bolt opener to remove a pipe by eliminating bolts available on the right wall
  • Click the rod and put a massive ball into the sewerage to open the door

Can You Escape the 100 Room X Walkthrough – Level 12

Welcome to a sports room where lots of equipment are available, and the game invites you to solve a strange mystery. Your goal is to open the door by solving puzzles that can only be possible after finding objects. The game doesn’t feature any helping tool to reveal what to see and where the item is available. It has only a system with a few hints to use during the game. Therefore, you should rely on your detective skills, investigate the room, find hidden objects, open lockers, analyze items to find clues, and open the door.

  • Have you ever seen a giant dice? For sure, your answer will be insignificant no. Tap on the dice to remember the numbers of three sides displaying on the screen; meanwhile, tap on shoes to reveal images that you can use to proceed with the puzzle further.
  • Click on the basketball machine where you discover three buttons having an image of any character. Adjust the pose of the character following the pattern you found on shoes to grab a basketball
  • Put the ball into the basket to collect a Lego toy
  • Click on the cupboard where you got a basketball, tap on the locker fixed at the bottom, and draw five dots as you have seen on a dice
  • Open the drawer to collect a coin
  • Click on the first arcade machine where you discover a locker having nine blue-colored dots. I think you have seen six blue dots, but where? Yes, it’s on a dice. Draw the same pattern to unlock the box. Insert the coin to start a game that displays you different characters in a specific order.
  • Click on the cupboard once again, click on the lock available at the bottom and draw the images as you have seen on the screen of the arcade machine
  • Once done, the game will leave you a right arrow button
  • Add the button to an image fixed on the left wall and play a mini-game. Open the box to collect the 2nd toy, while you need three toys to showcase on the shelf.
  • Click on the basket court to reveal the time, and set the same time on the clock to get a piece of paper
  • The paper you collected from a drawer having a clue; in short a passcode to open the secret drawer
  • Enter the code 0246 to open the drawer and collect the third toy you are looking for.
  • Visit the sofa where you discover a magazine showing you three the pattern of toys that you should follow while keeping the toys on the shelf
  • After setting the poses of toys, you will receive a button that you should place near the door to open it.

Can You Escape the 100 Room X Walkthrough – Level 13

It seems the room I’m going to explore is related to a kid because there are tons of toys available to play with. Plenty of items are there that you have to find out to complete a mystery of the door to open it. Let’s start finding hidden objects with the help of Can You Escape the 100 Room X Walkthrough Guide.

  • Firstly, you need to click on PC where you discover four camels of different sizes. Note their size, and head to a white-colored box available on the floor holding four controllers. Adjust their sizes according to the camels to open the box and collect a button.
  • Tap on a small house fixed on the front wall, and visit the top area where you find a mini-game to play. Add a button and follow the pattern given on a paper to fix the controls to obtain a clue.
  • Click on the cupboard, visit the last part where you find almost six frogs within a blue-colored platform, and your task is to adjust their colors according to the image you have in your inventory.
  • Open the cupboard door to collect a blue-colored elephant and tap the first section of the same cupboard where four toys are displaying in four different images. Set the said items such as Turtle, Teddy Bear, Skeleton, and Pig Bank to obtain a wooden car.
  • A weight machine is available in the cupboard where you have to place an elephant and vehicle against each other to collect their weights which are 281 and 108.
  • Click on a painting hanging on the wall of the right-hand side, match the animal using the food, and collect a tape.
  • Now, click on a radio where you discover a wire is sparking. Tape the wire and match the correct frequency of both radios written on a toy bus available nearby the white-colored box and get a code 2302.
  • Enter the code to the third locker available in the cupboard and collect a duck.
  • Put the duck on the weight machine between the car and an elephant and add all three values to receive a code to open the door.
  • The code you need to open the door is 634.

Can You Escape the 100 Room X Walkthrough – Level 14

The game welcomes you to a ruined biology lab where an old chair and other stuff are available. You can’t find anything if you aren’t a master in puzzle-solving games. Therefore, we suggest you improve your detective skills and keep an eye all over the environment while interacting with, and collect missing objects to solve the mystery. If there’s any difficulty in finding hidden objects, follow the Can You Escape the 100 Room X Walkthrough to reveal their locations.

  • Tap on the chair to collect one of three body parts.
  • Click on the table available on your right side and search the 2nd part under the book, which is laid upside down.
  • Visit the cupboard available ahead of up below the water pipe, where you discover six different blocks. Your goal is to set images in each block to solve the puzzle the open its drawer. Discover images by watching paintings and a picture over the table. Set the images as follows: Skull, tooth, nose, brain, eye, and the human body.
  • Once the cupboard gets opened, collect the third body part, and don’t forget to pick a stick.
  • Add all the missing parts you collected from different places on a clipboard available above the table available at the corner of the room.
  • Now, you should head to a locker kept below the table containing body parts, instead of digits to get opened. To open the locker, you need to tab on the following organs first, such as Ear, Heart, Kidneys, Nose, Belly, and large intestine.
  • As the locker opens, it will give you a toxic bottle.
  • Select the stick from your inventory and cut the yellow color pipe
  • Connect the plastic pipe with the tap and head to the table laid amidst the room.
  • Drop the toxic on the pink-colored liquid containing a key and play a mini-game.
  • Once done, collect a key to open the door and escape.

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Thousands of Hidden Object games are available on App stores, and each one claims to offer a series of puzzles hard to solve. Although playing hidden object games are tough, you can easily find a solution because you are familiar with the names of objects and their shapes. But in Can You Escape the 100 Room X, the scene is quite different, because the game won’t give you any hint, the name of hidden objects to find, and clues. All things you have to do on your own; therefore, people are on the way of finding the best Can You Escape the 100 Room X Walkthrough for help.

Moreover, I like the graphics, artwork, and sound effects. Although having no proper system to display your names of objects will make the game a bit tricky, it also adds a lot of fun, unlike other Hidden Object games. Following that way, you can keep yourself engaged for endless hours of fun. There are fifty beautifully crafted rooms, and no one shares the same setting and objects to find. Additionally, a series of mini-games are available to puzzle your mind. With a mixture of Puzzle and Hidden Objects, Can You Escape the 100 Room X is an awesome game to play and enjoy.

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