Can You Escape the 100 Room IV Walkthrough


Do you love playing Hidden Object games? If yes, then get ready to embark on an exciting journey that takes you to visit a long-forgotten mansion. In the game, you find a perfect mix of Puzzle, Hidden Object, Mystery, and Point-and-Click components, giving you outstanding gameplay to experience. As the title implies the game has 100 levels, but in actuality, there are only fifty levels to complete.

If we say the game is specially designed for those players who love challenges won’t be wrong. Over fifty mind-blowing rooms are featured to escape; and the game isn’t as easy as you are considering. Therefore, we jump in with a useful Can You Escape the 100 Room IV Walkthrough Guide for those players who are new to this game or don’t know where to start.

Can You Escape the 100 Room IV Review

What would be your reaction if you find yourself trapped within a long-forgotten mansion? For sure, your priority would be finding a way to escape, other than investigating the case to reveal answers to the questions of how you reached over here and what happened with you. All these things come later, finding a way to escape is the primary task to complete.

Therefore, the game welcomes you to a thrilling mansion that has fifty rooms to escape. Each room has something to discover and comes with a mind-bending puzzle to complete. Similar to other traditional hidden object games you aren’t only supposed to find objects, but also connect and use them to solve the mystery before leaving the room.

Graphics and Gameplay

As mentioned above there are fifty rooms and each room is rendered using a powerful gaming engine. Not only the environment, but items are also 3D rendered. The gameplay is pretty addictive and engages you in the completion of objectives by offering endless hours of fun.

The difficulty doesn’t rely on the player’s performance and skills, because the game intends to give you a tough gaming experience that no one can forget for a long time. The majority of players from worldwide are looking for Can You Escape the 100 Room IV Beginner’s Guide, and we are here to help them out by offering an in-depth walkthrough to help.

Hint System

Like many other Hidden Object games, Can You Escape the 100 Room IV comes with a beautifully crafted hint system that can help you limited times. At the start, you have only five hints to use, later the game starts to add hints to your inventory regularly. It shows at the right-bottom-corner of your screen where you can see the current level you are playing I guess.


The game introduces tough controls, and only available to play on Mobile Devices like Android and iOS. Although the game is limited to mobile platforms, you can play on PC using Android Emulator. Before jumping into the game, we suggest you practice your hidden object skills to improve your abilities.

Using the point-and-click interface, you have to investigate the environment and tap on the object to add it to your inventory. Next to that, you’re allowed to use for the completion of puzzles and unlock the next scene. Each room has a different theme and setting which are offering you tough puzzles to complete.


There are many challenging hidden object games available, but Can You Escape the 100 Room IV will sure bend your mind with its challenging puzzles. To complete each room quickly, you have to follow the given steps and become the world’s best detective. Before jumping into the game, don’t forget to polish your detective skills as it is only the key to success. The more you play, the more levels you complete.

Can You Escape the 100 Room IV Walkthrough – Level 1

The first level takes place in a room where lots of furniture is available, along with a few objects. Start finding objects scattered across the room cleverly and add to your inventory to use later. Repeating, escaping the room isn’t easy; therefore, you should take help from the walkthrough, because no one knows what to collect and use to find the key.

  • Collect a stick lies nearby the bed and bring out the window lock opener from under the bed
  • Open the window lock using the key and collect the glove
  • Tap a small cupboard fixed above the basin, select the glove from your inventory and collect a hock attached with a stick
  • Pick up the deer’s torn horn and use to bring out a screwdriver from a crack next to the cupboard
  • Select the screwdriver from your inventory and break the lock by opening screws
  • Now, use the hook to remove all webs and other things to collect a cutter
  • Pick up a matchbox from the shelf and light up the lantern laid on a table before the bed
  • Use the cutter to cut the rope and let the deer’s head open a secret cupboard for you where you find an item
  • Choose the item when start playing a mini-game in which you have to keep the blocks of weight following the numbers the game display you on your screen: 9+5+1, 8+4+3, and 7+6+2
  • Completion of mini-game will open another drawer holding a key to the door of basemen

Can You Escape the 100 Room IV Walkthrough – Level 2

The 2nd level takes you to a beautiful well-decorated room. All items are beautifully arranged, and your goal is to complete a challenging puzzle by finding hidden objects and other items.

Moreover, the game features a box having four images of different objects and a security code. It seems, the key you need to move to the next level is available within the box, but anything could happen in the game. Your ultimate goal is to find images and guess the code to open the box for a key.

When playing the game, try to find objects mentioned on the box surrounding you to find pin code.

  • At the start, you have to find three candles.
  • Pick up the first candle from the carpet, the 2nd candle is available between two statues kept on the sofa, and the last candle is available on the plant pot
  • Upon investigating the scene, you come to know that there are two plant pots, one shark, one balloon, and five statues. The code you need to open the box is 2251.
  • Collect a remote of AC from the box and a piece of the relic from a small hut kept next to the box
  • Use the remote to turn the AC and collect the 2nd piece of relic
  • Click on a painting hanging on the wall and place both pieces of the relic to complete the picture
  • One done, don’t forget to pick up a fire extinguisher and add to your inventory
  • Tap the fire, collect a plier, use a fire extinguisher to remove fire, and collect a nut opener
  • Loss, the nut to drop the dolphin dummy and pick up a gem, click on the dragon, and place the gem in the statue’s mouth
  • As you place the gem, a drawer will open revealing a knife and a relic
  • Use the knife to cut the sofa down and select another relic from there
  • Tap the window to play a mini-game where you find two different types of dragons taking place in an opposing direction. Your goal is to bring each one to their place for the completion of the goal.

Next to that, the window will open to let you escape from the room.

Can You Escape the 100 Room IV Walkthrough – Level 3

This time, you find yourself standing in a mess. Only a few items are available in a ruined room where your goal is to complete a challenging puzzle to escape. The first two levels are quite challenging, and the upcoming stages will be robust. Throughout the game, you can’t rely on hints, because they are limited, and will end soon. Therefore, we suggest you hone your hidden object finding and puzzle-solving skills to succeed in the game. To complete Level 3, you have to follow the instructions mentioned in Can You Escape the 100 Room IV Walkthrough.

  • Pick up a rod from a bundle of woods, and use to bring out an animal’s head from below the cart
  • Click on the cart’s door and place the 2nd handle, which is an animal head to open it
  • Next to that, the game displays you a mini-game to play which is holding gems of different colors, and your goal is to match four gems of each color following the defined route
  • Once done, the game offers you a skeleton head which you need to place on the treasure chest to open and claim a musical instrument
  • Use the found instrument to calm down an angry snake and pick up a cross sign
  • Select the sign from your inventory and add to a box kept on a drum
  • Open the box and collect a relic which you need to add the right-hand-side door of the car to open and collect a wheel
  • Change the wheel with the broken one, and let the cart move aside
  • Collect a brush from ahead of the door, and remove the leaves from the mini-game
  • There two different controls that you can use to rotate the gems. Once done, the game provides you with a mechanical hand that you can use to open the door to the next room

Can You Escape the 100 Room IV Walkthrough – Level 4

The game welcomes you to a kitchen that is in ruin and holding a complicated mystery for you to solve. As the level starts, you find yourself in a mess and your first goal is to start finding missing objects to solve the puzzle to unlock other stages.

  • Pick up a stick from above the leaves and use to bring a bucket down to collect a cutter
  • Use the cutter to clean the bushes and find out a tea cattle, and click on the furniture to collect a pin
  • A box is available in a small cupboard that you have to open using the pin you collected in the previous step
  • There’s a mini-game awaits you with a challenging task.
  • To open the box, you have to first touch the middle pin, then and the third. Repeat the process one more time to unlock the box
  • Collect a rod from the box, tap on the whitecolored box available at your left-hand side, holding a glove
  • Choose the glove from your inventory and pick up a shovel that you can use to collect some sand
  • Tap on the shelf of the kitchen, add some sand to the shelf, and give it some water to make a star-like object
  • Use the star to open the locker available right above the shelf.
  • The locker has a diary for you holding a clue in form of leaves’ corners
  • Click on the door and enter the code 5812

Note: Don’t forget to claim free hints daily

Can You Escape the 100 Room IV Walkthrough – Level 5

The game takes you to a dark room to complete puzzles. Follow the steps given in Can You Escape the 100 Room IV Walkthrough Guide to complete challenging puzzles.

  • Click on the wooden piece available at the beginner to pick up a handle from there, connect it with the switches, and turn on lights
  • Tap on the left-hand side wall to discover a clue between alphabets3984
  • Now, hit the front wall holding a locker asking for code, Enter the code to open the box and collect a picker from there to add it to your inventory
  • Use the picker to pull out the paper from a crack, and hit the security lock on the other side of the front wall, add the paper you found in the previous step
  • Tap on the picker once again, and find a missing letter “A” and a wooden stick
  • Place the missing letter in the security code dial and type your code to open it
  • In short, it’s a mini-game, and you have to show Once done, the game grants you a bolt opener
  • Use the bolt opener to lose all nuts of the motor to collect toothed gears
  • Tap the wooden stick and click on the front door where you find a trap. Throw the stick to make the trap useless, and fix both toothed gears in the main door to open it

Can You Escape the 100 Room IV Walkthrough – Level 6

The next scene takes place in a bar where you find a set of chairs, sofa, tables, and shelves full of bottles. Like previous levels, you are supposed to complete a puzzle by finding hidden objects. Let’s get started!

  • Collect a gold coin from above the first table, 2nd coin is available on the floor above the newspaper
  • Next to that, tap on the front wall to play a mini-game that tasks you with finding differences between two the same images
  • Once done, the game displays you a few cards of different numbers “1234
  • Leave the scene and back to the main area, visit the shelf, and tap on bottles to reveal the cards
  • Hit the wall of your left-hand side to discover a set of four cards
  • Click on the door and enter the code 1076 and collect a rope
  • Tap on the aquarium to collect a gold coin
  • Hit the customer table nearby a briefcase to pick up a magnet from there to add it to your inventory
  • Connect the magnet and rope to bring a coin out of the aquarium
  • Click on the arcade machine, put a coin, and grab another one
  • Put all of your collected coins on the briefcase and head a mini-game to play
  • Following the given order 7,1,3, and 9, tap the coins to open the said briefcase and collect a purple-colored card
  • Add the card to the security lock, and open the door to the next scene

Can You Escape the 100 Room IV Walkthrough – Level 7

After completing the previous scene, you find yourself standing in any kid’s room full of toys and other beautiful stuff. As with previous levels, it would be tough to complete and brings several objects to find.

  • Tap the floor to reveal the numbers written on cubes and remember their colors too
  • Find a cupboard with a security device and enter the code to open it “3641
  • Collect a magnet from inside the cupboard and back to the main scene
  • Click on the green-colored box holding a bottle and a ship within it, grab the magnet to bring clock needles out of the bottle
  • Find the clock which is kept on the table, fix the needles, note the numbers written next to it, and adjust the needles according to that, “03:50
  • Once done, the clock gives you a card that you can use to play a mini-game by tapping a circular object hanging on the wall right above the teddy bear
  • Your ultimate goal is to turn all colorful flowers to blue to pick up a knife from there
  • Use the knife to cut the cloth available above the bed and collect a robotic toy
  • See below the bed to discover the nose of a pirate and fix it over there to collect a butterfly
  • A scenery is hanging on a wall with one butterfly, you have to add the 2nd butterfly there to complete the scenery and find a key
  • Use the key to open the door and move to the next level

Can You Escape the 100 Room IV Walkthrough – Level 8

The game has fifty challenging levels, and each level comes with a beautiful environment. Level 8 takes place in a gorgeous garden where you were invited to solve a puzzle to unlock a door to the next scene.

  • Tap on the trees to collect a ladder, pick up a flower from above a drum having a tap on it
  • Click on the floor to collect a plier
  • Click on the first spot as mentioned in the image to play a tilt-matching mini-game by adding a missing flower and open the last box containing a bean
  • Keep the ladder near the wall of your right-hand side to collect a blue-colored light
  • Collect gloves and a cutter from nearby the cylinder, and rotate the handle as well
  • Once again, tap the cylinder to zoom in, add light to give heat to plants
  • Visit the right part of the game, click on a pot having a lot of sand, a cup, and dry bushes. Choose the cutter from your inventory and remove all dry bushes to collect a shovel and a cup
  • Take the cup near the drum to fill it with greencolored water and spread it across the cylinder on flowers to remove them from there
  • Use the shovel to dig and add a bean you found earlier in this game by playing a mini-game
  • Once again, rotate the handle to the cylinder and collect a wildflower
  • Use the cutter to open the flower’s mouth, wear gloves, and bring seeds having sharp spikes on them out to add to your inventory
  • Let the dog eat those spikes and enjoy a nap for a limited time until you escape

Can You Escape the 100 Room IV Walkthrough – Level 9

A beautiful kitchen and a lot of missing items await you. The room is fully furnished and has dozens of objects required for cooking food and to do many other things.

  • Firstly, click on the basin to grab a knife and add to your inventory, and secondly open the door of the cupboard right below the basin to pick up a matchbox from there
  • Don’t forget to collect gloves hanging over the basin
  • Click on the stove to collect a pot, turn on the gas, and set the fire using the matchbox
  • Come back to the basin, fill the pot you collected from the stove with water and boil it putting the pot on the stove for a few seconds
  • Your next job is to drop the hot water into the first part of the refrigerator using gloves to melt the ice
  • Collect a bolt opener from the refrigerator, and select a knife to cut the chicken into two pieces
  • Pick up a missing part of a design from the kitchen, and add to its proper place to start a minigame
  • Once done, the cupboard reveals a handle which you can use to obtain a spoon after placing and opening a secret place next to the stove
  • Use the spoon to bring an item out of soap and add to your inventory
  • Select the bolt opener to open the nut of a roof holding a pinkcolored burger
  • Bring all pieces together, and set them in opposing place to solve the puzzle in the mini-game available in the door to open it

Can You Escape the 100 Room IV Walkthrough – Level 10

The level 10th may take you to a basement room where only a few items are available. There’s a skeleton awaits you on a bed, and it seems something bad had happened over here. Therefore, you come to investigate the case, although you are struggling for your escape.

  • First of all, keep the handkerchief aside to collect a coin
  • There’s another coin in the skeleton head, tap on the skeleton mouth to open it and collect the 2nd coin
  • A diary is kept below the pillow, pick it up from there, and head the main table available nearby the front wall
  • Open the drawer to pick up a screwdriver and rotate the teapot to add two more coins to your inventory
  • There’s a hammer under the bed, don’t forget to collect it
  • Use the screwdriver and the hammer to open the box laid before the bed to collect a shovel
  • Click on the scenery to grab some wet sand from the plant pot using the shovel and reveal another coin from there
  • Tap on the basin, collect a knife, cut the sac and collect a tap handle
  • Fix the tap handle to let the water run, cut the main pipe under the basin using the knife, and collect two more coins
  • Add all coins to the circuit where a mini-game awaits you to be completed, click on the paper you collect will reveal a clue to solve the puzzle
  • As you solve the puzzle, a box will open having a key for you to collect from there, and open the main door to escape

Can You Escape the 100 Room IV Walkthrough – Level 11

The game takes you to a study room which is a mess in itself. All objects are randomly scattered throughout the room, and the floor is full of mess. Solving a puzzle won’t be an easy task for you over here. Therefore, we bring you the best Can You Escape the 100 Room IV Walkthrough Guide to solve all challenging levels within no time.

  • Your journey starts from tapping the statue holding a screwdriver to collect and don’t forget to grab a feather from a small cupboard kept at your right-hand side
  • Tap on the right-hand side wall to reveal three images of cute animals, reveal how many members are there in each image, remember the digit, and back to the cupboard to open it
  • Type the code “346” to open the cupboard and collect a red-colored skeleton head and head the floor once again to collect the 2nd feather; however, the third feather is in the main cupboard available at your right-hand side
  • After collecting features, you discover a unique design within a square having four screws to open to reveal something. Use a screwdriver to remove all screws and collect a blue-colored skeleton small head
  • Visiting the same cupboard you head a mini-game available in lower parts, where it requires you to add both skeleton heads you collected and start playing a mini-game using six-button controls. Your goal is to bring both skeleton heads to their defined destination.
  • In the next scene, you have to merge both heads to make a single silver-colored head and complete the requirements to collect two green-colored beans
  • Put the collected beans to the statue’s empty eye section to open its mouth for a key
  • Add all collected feathers to a cap available at the left-hand side wall, collect the cap, and equip it to the skeleton head available on a table following the same wall
  • Put the key to the skeleton head to make it clean, and head to the small cupboard where you grab a screwdriver, fix it over there and collect the door handle
  • Place the handle and open the door to escape

Can You Escape the 100 Room IV Walkthrough – Level 12

Level 12 takes place in a hall which is fully furnished and seems beautiful. Following the footsteps of previous stages, your goal is to escape the room as soon as possible. Therefore, find the required objects and solve the puzzle to escape.

  • Collect disks from the cart, a knife from a table, a jar full of ice, and collect parts of the statue from the sofa
  • Tap on the 2nd sofa to cut the yarn using the knife and collect a glove and use the glove to remove the hot shield ahead of the fire
  • Click on the image section to grab something like a zip clip and back to the second sofa where you find a bag. Fix the clip on the zip and open it to reveal what is inside it. There are an umbrella and a bottle of lotion
  • Throw the water to bring the fire down and collect a statue with a missing head, and Click on the third brown-colored sofa to pick up a book from there
  • Use the umbrella to bring the lantern down, use the knife to break the main part, and collect the golden flower
  • Use the flower to open the book you have, and attach all parts to complete the statue. Once done, place it on its place below the painting on a box holding three clock towers
  • Put the disk into the musical instrument to check what kind of music it stores. The first disk will run the US National Anthem, 2nd will run France National Anthem, while the third will run the British National Anthem
  • Tap the box having a statue you fix, to fix the images according to the anthem after listening to the disks.
  • Once set, the box will open and grant you a key that you can use to escape

Can You Escape the 100 Room IV Walkthrough – Level 13

As the next level starts, you find yourself within a room where three persons are already sitting on chairs playing a game. Solve a mystery to escape the room.

  • Tap on the carpet to collect a piece of cheese and give it to the mouse
  • As the mouse comes to eat the cheese, click on to add it to your inventory
  • Tap cupboard where a cat is taking a nap, place the mouse to wake up the cat, and collect a disk
  • Put the disk in the phonograph to play music and open the drawer holding a button
  • Tap on the table to collect cards following the numbers written on it
  • Click on the painting hanging on the front wall to collect a flower
  • Drop the painting hanging on the right-hand side wall, add the button you found from a drawer upon adding the disk to phonograph and cards to play a mini-game
  • Adjust the board according to the cards by using two-button controls
  • Select the flower from your inventory and place in a drawer where you had woke up a cat to collect a cutter
  • Use the cutter to open the clock dial and remove a toothed gear from it
  • Place the gear to the circuit you revealed after playing a mini-game, put the handle down to open the door, and escape

Can You Escape the 100 Room IV Walkthrough – Level 14

Upon following the door opened in the previous stage will lead you to an underground abundant railway line. A few objects are there to help you solve a complex mystery. Follow the steps mentioned in the Walkthrough of Can You Escape the 100 Room IV.

  • From above the box, pick up a cutter, wooden stick, and a bolt
  • Tap the land, connect the railway lines using a stick, and pick up a stone from there
  • There’s a circuit on the wall of your right-hand side, and the game requires you to choose the cutter to open the box to collect a diary and a button
  • Now, tap on a diary to reveal code using a stone 636
  • Place the button you found from a circuit box to the main door and start playing a mini-game. Place all button to the said places
  • Open the door to collect some papers, a piece of pipe, and a fuel box. Tap on the box available there, click on the diary to read the code and enter the digits 636. Collect a lighter and a hammer from inside the box
  • Click on the 2nd line of railway, select the line from your inventory and add it over there, add a bolt and use a hammer to connect it firmly
  • Tap on the stick, roll the paper around its top and use the lighter to set fire
  • Use the pipe to fill the can with fuel
  • Click on a small rail, add some fuel and start the engine, and don’t forget to add a burning wooden stick to see in the dark and escape

Can You Escape the 100 Room IV Walkthrough – Level 15

A lavish room welcomes you to solve a tricky puzzle you have never seen before. Polish your detective and puzzle-solving skills before setting off on a journey to complete all levels.

  • Click on the floor to remove the newspaper and collect a knife
  • Tap on the sofa available at your left-hand side, give it a cut using the knife and collect batteries
  • Beautiful scenery is available nearby the window wherefrom you can collect a torchlight, as well as painting
  • Put the batteries into the torchlight and see under the table to collect a letter “F
  • Click on the table having a typewriter with the missing letter “F” and a butterfly. Firstly, collect the butterfly, and secondly, add the missing letter to print out a paper containing the word “SETV
  • The front wall has two lockers and a mini-game to play. Click on the locker available at your right-hand side and type SETV to collect a red rose
  • Click on the tabletop to pick up a button and see the code 3172. Head to the second locker and enter the code to open it to collect a bug
  • Tap on the game available between both lockers to add a butterfly, rose, and bug. Follow the pattern to set the items and open the locker to collect a green button and a bottle
  • Now, click on the world map available nearby the table, add both buttons you collect to play a mini-game. Green, Blue, Red, Pink, and Yellow. Collect the button and add it to your inventory.
  • Click on the scenery you collected earlier, use the bottle to remove the crack
  • Place a button and the painting to the main door to open it and escape


Can You Escape the 100 Room 4 comes with thrilling puzzles to solve, and each one is set in a different environment. The game won’t let you only find hidden objects, it tasks you with using them to find a way to escape the room. Limited hints make the game quite challenging, and there’s no shortcut to solve puzzles instantly. I realized without puzzle-solving skills and sharp eyesight you can’t solve the puzzle because the game doesn’t display you the names of the objects you are supposed to collect. Each room has a unique challenge and lots of surprises for you to reveal. The controls are smooth, and the artwork is pretty good.

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