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A new case of Adventure Escape Mysteries, known as “Psychic Squad: The Italian Affair,” has been released to explore and solve. Once again, you are invited to be a detective and solve a variety of cases. AE Mysteries: Psychic Squad is a Puzzle, Hidden Object, and Single-player video game released by Haiku Games for Mobile Devices. We are back to help you with our AE Mysteries Psychic Squad Walkthrough Guide. When playing the game, you may experience unique puzzles and critically acclaimed stories enjoyed by millions of players from all over the world who love playing investigation games with the ultimate goal of finding clues, unraveling mysteries, and solving tricky puzzles. We have already covered the following Adventure Escape Stories:

AE Mysteries Psychic Squad – Story

The story focuses on two main characters and their names are the following: Jacqueline and Khaled. Both characters possess unique abilities as Jacqueline can talk to ghosts and Khaled see the future. Therefore, both characters are invited to investigate and solve crime cases for Interpol’s Psychic Squad. Soon Jacqueline and Khaled come to know that they are not the only ones who are digging into the past when things go wrong on a movie soundstage.

Psychic Squad Walkthrough

Download the Psychic Squad Story and get ready to assume the role of a detective once again to solve tricky cases. Like other stories, you have to hunt for hidden objects and add them to your inventory to use later. Finding hidden objects isn’t only your goal, as you have to find clues, utilize them to reach the suspects, and interrogate them to unravel the truth behind the story. The introduction of a hint system is pretty cool, but you can’t use it for free. In case you find yourself in any trouble or feel difficult to find hidden objects read our Psychic Squad Walkthrough to find solutions.

AE Mysteries: Psychic Squad Chapter 1 Walkthrough

It starts with a beautiful detective named Jacqueline who wishing congratulation to her partner (Khaled) for the Pisa Investigation. Afterward, Khaled reveals another success for Interpol’s Psychic Squad, which means both characters need to jump on another cold case that is set in the Valentina Movie Studio. Upon reaching, both characters find the whole studio is falling apart. As you know, both protagonists have special powers that they use to solve mysteries.

Soundstage 5 – Beyond the Gate

You are in a Valentina Movie Studios for the completion of a complicated task. Help both characters in unraveling the truth; meanwhile, searching for clues and finding the person who has been killed.

  • Pick up a Movie Camera from near the gate and it will be added to your inventory as you tap on it.
  • Click on the Camera-ready and then click on the red cloth after removing an object ahead of it.
  • From above the wall, get a Telephoto Lens and keep it in your inventory.
  • Click on the warning board to drop it and head to your inventory. Select both objects (Camera and Lens) and fix them with the Camera-ready Stand. Watch through it to discover a photo of Valentina, the greatest start of the ’50s.
  • Select the red cloth from your inventory and clean the locker on the gate.
  • Enter code 476 to open the gate; after that, there is another problem you have to face off. As the gate opens, it leaves a huge gap between the door and you.

  • Collect an oil cane from near the rusted tree and put it into the dustbin. Click on the dustbin to get a key and tap on the rusted tree to make a way to the door.
  • Open the door using a key from the inventory and get into it.

Khaled tries to sense anything after getting into the Studio to find some clues, but he needs your help to discover some hidden objects.

  • At the very start, you need to collect a Rain-filled Barrel from the scene and remove the camera light. Clean the place with rainwater so Jacqueline can talk to a ghost.
  • After that, a purse will appear on the scene holding a Séance Chalk, Séance Candles, and Séance Matches.
  • Visit the left side to discover yellow-colored notes and get a handle from there.
  • Leave the studio and head to a painting hanging outside the door. Fix the handle to open the frame and collect a Valentina Poster.
  • Go inside the studio, draw a square using chalks, keep candles, and burn fire using matches. Next to that, bring the Valentina poster close to the particular area you have created to call the ghost of Valentina.

After that, Jacqueline tries to summon the ghost and needs to call the ghost with her name first and answer the following questions:

  • I summon you by your name…
  • Valentina
  • You departed us in the year…
  • 1960
  • Here in Soundstage
  • 5

Suddenly, the environment gets colder and the connection between Jacqueline and Valentina is about to break. You should help out Jacqueline soon before it’s too late.

  • Click on Valentina’s Poster and then on the orange-colored pattern. Try to fix the pattern on her face Valentina to solve the puzzle.
  • Next to that, the ghost appears to talk to you. Afterward, you should start collecting the following items: Boom Pole and Roman Warhammer.
  • Use the Roman Warhammer from the inventory to break through the crack and discover a suitcase.
  • Use the Warhammer from the inventory and go outside the studio near the gate where you discover a huge pot. Break the pot to collect a star.
  • Click on the briefcase and add the start there to reveal another locker that requires you to add patterns to open the suitcase.

  • Patterns can be discovered on pillars and other objects, as well as you can see in the image given below to solve the puzzle in Psychic Squad.

  • Once the briefcase opens, both characters get shocked after watching the skeleton of Valentina.
  • Valentina will leave you a “Photo of Her Killer” and vanish.
  • The discussion is still on its route, something unexpected happens to leave the studio in Fire.
  • Get tooth gears from nearby the ghost and add them to your inventory.

  • Close the briefcase to discover more tooth gears behind it and use the Warhammer to destroy the small pillars available on the right side to make a way out, but first, you have to enter code which is the following: 0859.
  • Now, you need to place seven gears on the machine and place them properly before pulling the handle.

  • Once done, say goodbye to the ghost and run away from there to investigate the next scene.

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AE Mysteries Psychic Squad comes with thrilling gameplay and emotional soundtrack. The storyline is well-written and the twist of magic is great. It has eight playable chapters available and each one is set in a unique location where are called to find hidden objects and unravel secrets. Using magical abilities, both characters try to figure out what incident has happened with the victims and reach the killer.

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