Adventure Escape Mysteries Psychic Squad Chapter 3 Walkthrough


After summoning and interacting with Teodor’s spirit, you are welcome at Psychic Squad Chapter 3 Walkthrough. The third chapter is focused on “Pompeii” and our heroes must make their way to Pompeii to unravel the truth. At the start, Jacqueline must struggle and escape the Monastery; meanwhile, start her search for a lonely scholar who is struggling with an ancient mystery. To unlock a new chapter, you need a key that will be added to your vault after a few hours.

AE Mysteries: Psychic Squad Walkthrough – Chapter 3 (Pompeii)

The elevator you had created using a car seat and a chain has been broken after offering a scroll to Teodor. Now, Jacqueline is worried about how she will get down. After falling into a discussion with Teodo, you come to know about a secret passageway but first, you need to solve a puzzle to open it. Therefore, she needs your help to get rid of that problem, there is a link “When one door closes, another opens.” To find the solution, keep reading our Psychic Squad Walkthrough.

  • Tap on the trapdoor because as it gets closed, a secret passageway door will open.
  • Before going through the gate, don’t forget to pick up a lantern. Discover a hook fixed with a cupboard where you must put the lantern on.
  • Collect a candle from the floor and take it close to the lantern to unravel a secret door.
  • Before interacting with the door, collect puzzle pieces available near the door. Tap on the door to reveal a puzzle board where you must add all puzzle pieces and complete them to open the door.
  • Solve the puzzle and escape Monastery.


After leaving the house, the discussion between Khaled and Jacqueline has started that can’t be ended until it completes.

  • Here you have to select the scroll from your inventory and offer it to Khaled for forensic.
  • After investigation, it has been revealed that the same guy has been involved in Valentina’s murder after surviving Pompeii.
  • Next to that, the game sets you on a new location with a photocopy of the scroll.

4 Via Della Fortuna

After reaching 4 Via Della Fortuna, you must offer the scroll photocopy to a man who asks you to wait for a while until he completes the research.

  • Explore the scene to collect the following items: Cheat Sheet, Meat Leaf, and Mosaic Chunk.
  • There is a huge locker on the main gate that you must open after reading the nameplate where you find “IV VIA Della Fortuna” is written. Solve the puzzle to get the passcode and your code is 610.

  • Enter the code to open the gate and get into the house to continue your investigation.

  • Once you are in the house, try to remove all blue sheets from the equipment to see them.

  • There is a table wherefrom you can collect Cleaning Equipment.

  • Tap on the statue kept on the right side of the same table to collect a Metal Leaf.

  • Next to that, you should go outside to grab some Mosaic Chunk kept on the table.

  • Collect and keep the chunk to your inventory and get into the house once again.
  • Some other Mosaic Chunks are available on the floor and you must keep the rest of the two on the floor after selecting them from the inventory.

  • Once it gets completed, select the cleaning equipment from the inventory to clean the dirt by merely tapping across the scene.

  • As the cleaning ends, Jacqueline’s purse appears on the scene with equipment that the female character needs to summon the ghost.
  • Before summoning the ghost, don’t forget to read her name and date of birth written on the painting.
  • Now, grab the séance kit from the Purse and start the séance.

Answer to the following questions to summon the spirit:

  • I summon you by your name, Princess…
  • Aeliana

  • You died here at Via Della Fortuna, House Number…
  • 4
  • In your year…
  • 832

Soon things start to shake with the appearance of the princess’s ghost. Afterward, a key will be added to your inventory without doing anything.

  • Click on the table that appears recently to collect a third metal leaf.

  • Leave the house for a while and head to the orange box using a key from the inventory to collect the following items: Wrench, Plaster Bottle, and Lubricating Oil.
  • Select the wrench from the inventory and open the bolts of the nameplate to collect the fourth metal leaf.
  • In the next step, choose the Plaster Bottle from the inventory and head to the water controls.

  • Before doing anything, you must add all metal leaves and use plaster to fix the leakage. Now, bring a wrench out of your inventory to fix the stuck leaf.

  • In your next step, arrange the leaves in a way that they match the palm free available in the Mosaic.

After that, all characters have heard a strange sound coming from inside. Upon reaching, they see the water is flowing from a tap.

  • Use the Plaster Bottle to get the right hand from the stone and fix it to the statue available on the right side of the table to get a golden ball and the second ball has been fallen on the Mosaic.

  • Now, head to the table and add both golden balls there to start a mini-game. Don’t forget to use the Lubricating oil to loosen up the rotating plate.

Note: Move the Golden Balls to the golden endpoint while the red balls to the red endpoint. Once you are done, outside a volcano erupts.

  • Go outside the house to collect a solar plate and bring it inside the house to solve another challenging puzzle of Psychic Squad Chapter 3.
  • Tap on the machine and connect it with a solar panel to turn it on.

  • Clicking on the machine will display you a locker requiring five colors. Select four off-white colors for all tiles, except for the middle one because you have to choose the blue color for it.

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