Adventure Escape Mysteries Psychic Squad Chapter 4 Walkthrough


To read our Psychic Squad Chapter 3 Walkthrough, click on the given link. We are back again with another walkthrough and this time we will show you how to solve Psychic Squad Chapter 4. AE Mysteries is one of the best Hidden Object video games, offering you a chance to become a detective to see how they work and solve tricky puzzles.

This time, the story revolves around two brilliant detectives who also have some special powers. Both characters need your help as they can’t catch the victim alone. So hone your puzzle-solving skills and jump into the scene to test your hidden object skills and see whether you are eligible to become a detective or not. Read our Psychic Squad Chapter 4 Walkthrough to learn how to solve puzzles.

AE Mysteries: Psychic Squad Walkthrough Chapter 4 – Florence

After escaping Pompeii, both Jacqueline and Khaled reached the most romantic Palazzo in Tuscany where a new mystery awaits them in Bernardo’s bedroom.

  • Get into the hotel and talk to a security guard, named Ruffalo. During a discussion with Security Guard, you will get to know about a secret closet.
  • Next to that, you must tap on the flowers available on the right side to move the table aside and try to draw the emblem you have seen on the Security Guard’s shirt. The 2nd half emblem is available on the girl’s shirt.

  • As the secret door opens, both Jacqueline and Khaled hide there for a while until everyone leaves.
  • After a few seconds, both characters come out to start their investigation.
  • Firstly, you must roll back the rug and turn on the light by merely pulling the rope. Use the lightbulb stick to bring the clock hand down from the top of the door.
  • Next to that, collect the following items from the secret door: Clock Hand and Lightbulb Grabber.
  • From the left side, collect a Lit Cigarette and keep it in your inventory.
  • Collect the handkerchief from the floor and head to the clock where you come to know that the bottom half is locked.
  • Collect a second clock hand from below the rug.
  • There are four different heartstrings available and your job is to count how many hearts are available in a vertical position in each string.

  • Once you get them all, click on the clock’s bottom and enter the heart numbers accurately to open the door where the third clock hand awaits you.

  • Select the handkerchief from the inventory and clean the clock’s face. Now, select all clock hands from the inventory and place them on the clock face.

  • After placing clock hands, your goal is to set their position to turn six red and six yellow lights on.

The door will open as you turn on six red and six yellow lights by merely setting the positions of the clock hands.

  • Go through the door and open the blinds to light up the room.

  • Now, the female character needs a clean surface; therefore, you have to help her move the rug. Once done, Jacqueline’s bag will appear along with tools like candles, chalk, and more.

  • Tap on the bag to collect chalk only. This time, there’s no candle available. So you need to arrange candles for yourself.
  • On the right side, there’s a rope that you must pull to bring the Chandelier down, holding four candles and a stone bow. Once again, pull the rope it sends it back.

Now, you would be confused about what to do next. Don’t need to worry when promises to help you solve all tricky puzzles.

  • Clues are hidden in paintings on the wall and clock where you have solved a puzzle recently using clock hands.
  • Click on the sword and enter the following roman numbers: VIII, V, I, III, XI, VII, and X to get the sword.

  • Now, you should leave the room and head to the portrait that you can remove to collect using a sword from the inventory.
  • In the next step, place the stone bow in the culprit’s hands and go back to the room.


  • Use the chalk to draw a square around the area that is glowing with sunlight.
  • Place candles around the square and put a portrait there. Now, you should find something to burn the candle. Wait, you can use the lit Cigarette to burn them.
  • Next to that, answer the following questions to summon the spirit.

Answers to the Questions

I summon you by your name…


You were murdered here in Palazzo…


In the year…


After answering correctly, you will successfully summon the spirit to ask a few questions and find the rest of the hidden objects.

  • As the spirit appears, she will aside from the portrait that you must cut using a sword from the inventory to get a stone arrow.
  • In the next step, place the stone arrow in the culprit’s hand to get a golden key.

  • Go back to the room and open an ancient box using a key to unravel a handle that upon getting pushed may bring projectors and monitors ahead of you.

  • Collect a computer table from the table and use it to connect the project with the monitor.

  • Next to that, your goal is to unlock the screen by merely playing a mini-game. You don’t need to worry if you get failed many times because we have a solution given below.

  • Soon, an invitation comes out from the printer, and it’s revealing that Bernardo has a new fiancé, named Zeudi. Now, you must collect the invitation to any fashion show happening in Millan.

Unfortunately, you can’t go to any fashion show because you are trapped inside the Palazzo. Psychic Squad Chapter 4 has been completed.

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