Adventure Escape Mysteries Psychic Squad Chapter 2 Walkthrough


After interacting with Valentina’s ghost and collecting a few clues, both characters have hardly saved their lives. Having only a Killer Photo, both characters set to investigate another location for the completion of the puzzles. During the journey, they may confront endless challenges and lots of difficulties, but overcoming every challenge is their ultimate goal and you must help them out to find the killer. is back with AE Mysteries: Psychic Squad Chapter 2 Walkthrough.

Psychic Squad Chapter 2 Walkthrough

As level 2 starts, you find yourself standing in headquarter where you have to offer an image to the person sitting on the computer so he can run it through the facial recognition process. Soon the game displays you, Jacqueline, driving off her car to a mountaintop, but her car runs off the track after colliding with another car. Let’s investigate the scene to find out what happens to her.

  • Open the car’s trunk to get a snack and remove flowers from near the tree to get a wooden fin.
  • Now, count the wooden fins on every side of the walls to open the door (687).

  • You find a small water mill after opening the door. Now, you have to collect the following objects, such as Wooden Fin, Chain, and a Crowbar from nearby the watermill. Don’t forget to collect a squeegee from the car’s trunk.

  • Select the crowbar from the inventory to get a car seat.
  • Keep the snacks in front of the dog and lift the tile to collect the third wooden fin.

  • Tap on the water pipe to run the water and connect the chain with the wheel.
  • In the next step, add three wooden fins to catch the water. Adding fins will help you bring a chain down.

  • Connect the car seat with the chain to turn it into an elevator that takes Jacqueline into the house. Before leaving the house, don’t forget to make your squeegee wet using the water.

Albiani Monastery

Once you reach the house, start investigating the scene for other hidden objects that you need to complete the puzzle.

  • Click on the cupboard’s drawer to collect a shovel and select the crowbar from the inventory to get a bookcase frame from near the car seat.
  • Keep the bookcase frame close to the cupboard and open its top section to collect a statue piece.
  • Now, tap on the second cupboard’s drawer to collect a broom.
  • Use the broom from the inventory to clean the floor and collect the second statue piece from the floor.
  • Select the squeegee from your inventory and clean the windows to reveal different shapes.

  • Head to a golden box and set the images as given below. Add the missing statue pieces there and go down using the elevator you have created by connecting the car seat with the chain.
  • Select the shovel from the inventory and start digging the holes in the dirt to find the rest pieces of the statue.

  • Go back up to add the last piece of statue. Once it gets completed, the statue of Teodor will be added to your inventory for later use.

  • In the next step, keep the statue to the colorful light coming through the window and it will help you unravel a purse.
  • Explore the purse to collect the Séance Kit. Choose the kit from the inventory and place it around the statue to summon the ghost.

Once again, the game asks you answer to the following questions.

I summon you by your name – Teodor

You died in the year – 1531

Here at the monastery in – Albiani

Next to that, the ghost of Teodor appears on your screen to answer your questions. Investigate the ghost to confirm what had happened to him.

  • Collect a disc available on the wall to access the secret records. Use the disc to start a mini-game fixed above the cupboard, so first, climb the ladder and then play a mini-game.
  • To complete the mini-game, you have to bring the gems of the same color to the decided destination using the rotating ring.

  • Once it is done, the game will open a secret passage.

Secret Passageway

Enter the secret passageway to discover a beautiful scene. Start your investigation to find the hidden objects.

  • Collect metal pieces and spectacles from the roof. Tap on plants to unravel a table and select a shovel to reveal a trunk on the right side.

  • Now, choose the squeegee from the inventory to clean the top of the trunk.

  • Add the metal pieces keeping the mountaintops in mind.
  • As the trunk’s drawer opens, you can collect a damaged scroll.

  • Put the damaged scroll on the table and complete it following the rules you used to play a jigsaw puzzle.
  • After repairing the scroll, you should go back down and give both spectacles and repaired scroll to Teodor and ask him about Bernardo.

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