Brain Out Level 26-50 Walkthrough Guide

Brain Out Game Walkthrough – All Levels (26 to 50) Solved

Here is the next round of Brain Out Walkthrough that spans the next 25 Levels. Surely, you may have learned how to play Brain Out levels and deal with puzzles to solve. Each new level comes with a new puzzle that players must solve to earn in-game coins and to unlock additional content to have fun. Limited hints are already added to your meter that you can use two or three times.

Brain Out Level 26

There is a puzzle ahead of you that you must complete to unlock Brain Out Game Level 27. The game features a duck and tasks you to reach the exit point in a maze-like layout. Finding a solution keeping yourself limited to the maze won’t give you a solution. Therefore, you should come out of the box and reach the exit point moving out of the maze.

Solution: Move out of the Maze to reach the Exit.

Brain Out Level 27

Highlighting people in Brian Out Level 27 is your objective that is only possible if you tap on the sign on the traffic light and then tap the child accordingly. Next to that, you should tap the sign of senior people and click the old lady to answer the following question.

Brain Out Level 28

Brain Out Game Level 28 comes with a challenging task, asking you to find eight hidden animals across the scene. The scene includes a tree, a girl, and a few animals.

  • Firstly, you should tap animals that you can easily like Owl, Butterfly, Bird, Grasshopper, Ant, and a Bear.
  • Once all done, you must tap the cloud to let it rain and force the bug to make its appearance from behind the stone.
  • The eighth animal is in the hair of the girl.

Brain Out Level 29

The game is tasked with making an upright chair at Brain Out Game Level 29 by removing two matchsticks.

Solution: Drag first stick to make a chair’s leg while the second to make it head.

Brain Out Level 30

Seriously, the Brain Out Level 30 comes with the world’s most difficult question. Are you ready? Both your girlfriend and your mom are in trouble and you can save only the one. Who would the person you saved?

Solution: Tapping on both characters helps you unlock the next level because you don’t have any girlfriend the game says.

Brain Out Level 31

Brain Out Level 31 would be a challenging question to solve if you don’t zoom in the stone. There are almost seven ants that you can see easily, but 10 ants can be seen when you zoom in on the stone.

Solution: Zoom in the stone to discover the rest of the ants.

Brain Out Level 32

Use your wits to help a boy win a competition. The game features a ride and is tasked with helping the boy to win against a fat girl. Nearby the boy, lots of stuff are available that you may use to help him, but in actuality, it won’t work.

Solution: Drag the girl toward the boy and help him to win.

Brain Out Level 33

The next level brings a car on the road and gives you a task to drive the car to the sign. There is a problem because of a massive ice block; therefore, you should think about how to remove it. The day is cloudy and the ice won’t melt until the sun comes out.

Solution: Drag the clouds to reveal the sun and melt the ice.

Brain Out Level 34

There is a helpless bunny that needs your help to eat carrots, but how. There is a massive gap between the rabbit and the carrot. The game offers you control to make the bunny jump and move to the right and left sides. The rabbit can’t jump longer using the button; so, you should find another way.

Solution: Drag the carrots to the bunny.

Brain Out Level 35

Brain Out Level 35 takes place in a beautiful scene where two characters are standing on opposite sides of the river. There is only a small boat that you may use to bring the girl to the other side.

Solution: Zoom in the Boat to cover the gap.

Brain Out Level 36

The question in Brain Out level 36 is a bit tricky and seems impossible to solve because you have to make 12 by adding three available numbers. Using the numbers, the game displays will never add up to 12; therefore, you should think out of the box.

Solution: Select “3” two times and “6” one time.

Brain Out Level 37

Your next question of Brain Out Level 37 is to put everything into the box. The available items are the following: Cigarette, Watermelon, Box, Diamond, and a Potato. Having said that putting everything doesn’t mean you find a solution. You should think out of the box to find the solution.

Solution: Put the question into the box also.

Brain Out Level 38

It seems a mini-game and your goal is to use a hammer to whack a mole. To be honest, it may make you tired after whacking a male many times, but the mole won’t stop coming out. Therefore, you should think by going out of the box in Brain Out Level 38.

Solution: Drag the mole to the Hammer.

Brain Out Level 39

A Giraffe is in trouble because someone has caught and locked it into a cage. Now, Giraffe is looking for someone who could help to bring it out. It could be you, but firstly you should ensure you are capable of thinking out of the box to take your puzzle-solving skills beyond the limit. Maybe finding Giraffe Rescue Answer proves the toughest, because lots of players are searching for “Brain Out Giraffe Rescue Answer.”

Solution: Do Your Phone upside down to discover a key from the bucket and drag it to the locker to open it.

Brain Out Level 40

Brain Out Level 40 is a mathematical question and surely the answer would be out of your senses. To solve the question you have to see it by going out of the box. The game represents a question in three different lines, you should convert it into one line and then start your calculation to answer the question.

Solution: 39

Brain Out Level 41

Finally, the first level of the Hidden Object mini-game is here. This time, the game takes place in a park where a couple is enjoying a picnic party. A list of items has been displayed on your screen to find all of them to solve the puzzle. To find all hidden objects from Brain Out Level 41, see the image given below.

Brain Out Level 42

Brian Out Level 42 is revolving around a kid named Zozo who has overslept. Your goal is to wake her up using the given objects like Alarm Clock, Hammer, Bug, Puppy, etc. It doesn’t seem you have to do anything, just call her to make to wake her up.

Solution: Open the Door.

Brain Out Level 43

Brain Out Level 43 comes with some values like 1 = 5. Following the values, you have to find the value of 5. If you are good at mathematics, then finding a solution wouldn’t be a deal for you.

Solution: 5=1.

Brain Out Level 44

There are up to seven cups below the tap and your ultimate goal is to find which cup will get filled first.

Solution: Drag the cup of no “1” beyond the screen and tap the Cup no “4.”

Brain Out Level 45

It’s time to play with matchsticks. Your goal is to remove 1 matchstick to find the biggest numbers. Currently, the number is 369.

Solution: Type 965.

Brain Out Level 46

Once again, a mathematic question is on your screen. Analyze the question to answer; meanwhile, drag the minus sign to the “?

Solution: Drag the sign “-” to “?”

Brain Out Level 47

I am fully sure, you can’t find the solution of Brain Out Level 47 easily. Here your goal is to grab the attention of a beautiful lady while you have the following things: Diamond, Sports Car, Cash, and a Villa. Using all these things may not help you get her notice, but you don’t need to worry because the solution is right below:

Solution: Drag the lady purse to the kid.

Brain Out Level 48

Ops, UFOs are flying across the screen and your goal is to find Aliens. Searching for aliens could be a deadly job because no one knows what types of weapons they have, as well as either they are friendly or deadly.

Solution: Bring the UFO close to the first stone.

Brain Out Level 49

The Brain Out Level 49 offers you a chance to test your fortune and see whether you are lucky or not. This time, there is a spin wheel and you must hit the start button to see what the spin wheel has for you.

Solution: Rotate the Wheel to bring a Gift Pack on the Needle.

Brain Out Level 50

Brain Out Level 50 is pretty interesting because the game shows you only two arrows with wrong labels on them. Your goal is to correct the direction while there are no items or moveable objects. Therefore, you should see the solution to solve the Brain Out Level 50 Puzzle:

Solution: Rotate Your Phone according to arrows.

Follow the link to find answers to the first 25 Levels of Brain Out.

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