Adventure Escape Mysteries Trapmaker 2 Chapter 3 Walkthrough

Trapmaker 2 Chapter 3 Walkthrough

We are back with AE Mysteries Trapmaker 2 Chapter 3 Walkthrough. Trapmaker 2 is fully loaded with thrilling locations, stunning puzzles to solve, and a cast of new characters. Explore the environment surrounding you to find hidden objects and utilize them to solve the mystery. Similar to the first mystery (Trapmaker), it revolves around suspicious murder cases. The third chapter puts you in command of a female protagonist, named Kate, who embarks on a journey to uncover the truth of Trapmaker’s origin. To learn how to solve AE Mysteries: Trapmaker 2 Chapter 3 puzzles, follow the guide:

AE Mysteries: Trapmaker 2 Walkthrough – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 starts with a discussion between Murphy and Kate. As the discussion ends, you should start finding hidden objects to proceed with the storyline and find the origin of Trapmaker.

  • Explore the truck and collect a wire cutter from its back.
  • In the second step, open the trash bin to collect a jacket.
  • There is a box between two vehicles, select the cutter from your inventory and cut wires. Keep all wires in your inventory.

Greenwood Police Station

Once done, you should get into the office room where your protagonist may introduce herself as a detective Kate Gray. A conversation between Kate, Murphy, and Cop will start that will last for a few seconds.

  • Behind the cop, the game features a cupboard. Open it to collect a wire clothes hanger.
  • After that, tap on the TV to discover a mini-game. Add wire pieces to continue the game with the ultimate goal of turning all alarm lights on. You have a few pieces of wires that you can rotate to adjust in a board as you see them fit. Once done, the TV will be turned on and the cop will provide you with glasses.

Leave the Police Station

Leave the police station after collecting glasses and select a hanger from your inventory to bring clothes out of the vehicle.

  • Select the vehicle and bring the shirts out of the car.

Enter the Barber Shop

Now, you have to get into the Barber Shop available on your left-hand side behind the trash bin. It seems most of your time will be spent reading dialogues exchanging between Murphy and Kate. It doesn’t mean that you can’t skip those scenes. To understand the storyline, you have to read the conversation; otherwise, you have an option to skip them by merely tapping on the next button.

  • Collect a worn key from a stand and don’t forget to pick up a trimmer from above the table.
  • Open the red cupboard to collect a hat from there and add it to your inventory.
  • Use the trimmer to cut the hair available forth the mirror and collect a wig.
  • Now, the time has come to change the appearance of Murphy. Customize Murphy using a wig, shirt you collected from a car, and glasses.

After changing the getup of Murphy, leave the Barber Shop and head to the mailbox. Use the worn key to open it and discover a letter. In this mini-game, your goal is to arrange the numbers in the grid so that all numbers are used and all overlapping squares have the same number. Use friendly controls and drag a number to the grid blank with the same number of squares and drop it off. It works similar to a crossword puzzle game where you have to form words using letters.

  • Once you completed the puzzle, the game highlights some numbers such as 17231.

Head to the Barber Shop once again and click on a locker to enter the passcode (17231). Open the locker and collect a fake mustache for Murphy.

Police Station

Now, move on to the Police Station and get fall in conversation with the Cop to convince him that Murphy is his fan. He will ask you about your favorite team and from what year. Don’t get confused as everyone knows that cops always try to trick others using their conversation skills.

First Question: Favorite Team and From What Year?

Answer: Select Bears and 1998.

Second Question: Who are Your Favorite Player and their nickname?

Answer: Number 17 and The Bee.

Third Question: What was the Bears’ Signature game day dish?

Answer: Pizza, Olives, and Jalapenos.

After giving answers to all questions, you may successfully distract the attention of the cop. The perfect time, when you can grab keys. Once done, leave the police station and head to a door behind it where you have to solve a tricky puzzle. The game may show you six keys of different sizes. Choosing the right keys and merge them to open the door is mandatory. Therefore, you should combine sky blue and yellow keys to open the first lock, while to open the second lock, combine pink, blue, and silver keys.

Record Room

After unlocking the door, get into the record room where you may discover a table with some files and a radio. There is a locker available too that you must unlock by cracking the password to find files you need.

  • Enter the passcode (842) to open the locker and bring a pink file out of the drawer.

AE Mysteries: Trapmaker 2 Chapter 3 has been completed, let’s move on to the fourth Chapter.

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