AE Mysteries: Trapmaker 2 Chapter 6 Walkthrough


Back in AE Mysteries: Trapmaker 2 Chapter 5, Kate had successfully found “Dark Web Login” after solving a mystery of Green Bottle. Now, the game takes both characters (Kate and Murphy) to Charlie’s Home to discover the connection of Charlie to Trapmaker. A completely new environment holds dozens of dark secrets in regards to a dark family that you must unravel your way by solving puzzles. Chapter 6 comes with Advanced Difficulty Level, which means the gameplay won’t be short and easy to complete. Therefore, we jump in to help you solve all puzzles featured in AE Mysteries: Trapmaker 2 Chapter 6 with a helping guide.

AE Mysteries: Trapmaker 2 Walkthrough – Chapter 6

The AE Chapter 6 takes you to Charlie’s house where your ultimate goal is to find out clues highlighting the connection of Charlie with Trapmaker. For that, you aren’t only supposed to navigate the house, but also investigate all objects and items kept over there. Similar to previous chapters of AE Mysteries, the chapter starts with a conversation between Kate and Murphy. During the conversation, Kate asks Angelica to show any picture of Charlie. Next to that, she demands tea with honey and rosemary to get rid of her anxiety.


After ending the discussion with Angelica, Murphy should go into the kitchen to fulfill her demand.

  • Firstly, you must collect a matchbox near the refrigerator.
  • Below the same spot, bring out a kitchen trolley to collect mugs.
  • Open the cupboard’s door above the stove to collect a kettle.
  • Now, tap on the refrigerator to open it and collect a Tuna Fish from there.
  • Above the basin, there is a cupboard that is locked. You must find a way to unlock it and if you don’t know then set the given colors in anti-clockwise order: Purple, Orange, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue, and Purple. Once the door gets opened, collect hedge clippers from there and add them to your inventory.

  • Select the tuna fish from your inventory and put it off in a pot kept on the floor. It will attract a cat with four gray lines.
  • Next to that, select a kettle from your inventory and fill it with water using the basin.
  • Keep the kettle with cold water on the stove to make it hot and add it back to your inventory.
  • There is a cloth stand next to that door holding a lady purse that you must open after entering the passcode (3924). It gives you a key that you can use to open a box kept on the first section of the cupboard from the left side.
  • Collect tea bags from the box and keep them in your inventory.
  • Come out from the kitchen to find a honey hive. Use the matchbox to burn the hive so you can collect honeycomb.
  • After that, you should use hedge clippers to collect rosemary from the garden available on the left side.

Keep all Items on Table

After collecting all objects, you should start keeping them on the table by merely clicking items in your inventory.

  • Put the hot water in both mugs, along with tea bags, rosemary, and honeycomb.


Offering a tea to Angelica may unravel a way to Charlie’s workshop where you can do your investigation to find proof of a connection between Charlie and Trapmaker.

  • Collect a crowbar and add it to your inventory.
  • Open the cabinet of a wardrobe to collect a cipher key and don’t to collect weights.
  • Use a crowbar from your inventory to open the boxes kept on the right side to collect a chain.
  • Now, tap on the roof to discover a rotating wheel and connect the chain with it. Before leaving the set area, don’t forget to open a cabinet to discover a gift box and before engaging in a mini-game we suggest you collect hooks from nearby it.
  • Play a hexagonal match-3 puzzle and match three pieces of the same color to solve the problem and collect a gift for mom that you must take close to the light.

  • As the cat leaves the place, you discover a stamp with numbers written on it. Keep the numbers in mind and start following the next steps as they mentioned in AE Mysteries: Trapmaker 2 Walkthrough Guide.
  • Two pieces of chains are hanging and your goal is to connect both pieces with the car engine and weight plates using hooks to lift them.
  • As the engine goes up, it reveals a mini-game for you to play. Here you have to set blocks in a way that no space is left empty.

  • Use cipher to reveal the accurate shipment number once you have solved the block puzzle.
  • Enter the shipment number (6264993965, 3531806635, and 3, 9, 4, Lock) to solve the puzzle.

AE Mysteries: Trapmaker 2 Chapter 6 has been completed.

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