AE Mysteries: Trapmaker 2 Chapter 5 Walkthrough


Adventure Escape Mysteries: Trapmaker 2 comes with thrilling gameplay and fabulous story-telling elements. It has almost 8 chapters and each one unlocks with a new scene and a cast of characters, although the lead roles remain the same. The story revolves around two detectives such as Kate and Murphy who embark on a journey to investigate murder cases. During the journey, they need your help to find out clues and analyze them to solve the mystery. Therefore, before jumping into the game you should hone your detective skills and learn how to play the AE Mysteries video game.

To read our AE Mysteries: Trapmaker 2 Chapter 4 walkthrough, click on the given link. We are back once again with the next Chapter Walkthrough of AE Mysteries where the murder case leads both characters to an abandoned trailer in the jungle. Here you must help out Kate to figure out what could Trapmaker be hiding deep in the jungle.

AE Mysteries: Trapmaker 2 Walkthrough – Chapter 5 (Tracing the Past)

As the game starts, you find yourself in a rich forest where a trailer has been found. The story starts with Murphy, a cop, who informs his teammates that a green liquid has been found in the room of Trapmaker. You should investigate the trailer deeply to dig out more clues and utilize them to solve tricky puzzles. For a few seconds, both Kate and Murphy will exchange dialogues to figure out what is happening around them. To learn how to complete AE: Trapmaker 2 Chapter 5, follow the walkthrough.

Investigate a Car

  • Firstly, you must open the car’s door to collect a volume knob and add it to your inventory.

Next to that, leave the car and start exploring the scene for the rest of the hidden objects.

  • Collect a fan from above the garbage pile and add it to your inventory.
  • Pick up a metal detector from near the trailer’s door.

Open the Trailer’s Door

  • In the next step, you must fix the Volume Knob to the stereo system and play it to open the trailer’s door. But the cassette is missing and it seems it is available on the car dashboard.
  • Use the metal detector from the inventory to find out a key and utilize it to open the dashboard and collect a cassette.
  • Insert the cassette into the stereo system and play the trapmaker’s voice to open the trailer’s door which is locked.
  • As you play the Trapmaker’s voice, the door will open and you can get into the trailer easily.

Get into the Trailer

Enter the trailer to see what it has hidden for you. Upon entering, you find a green bottle and lots of stuff surrounding it.

  • Tap on the table to discover a recipe for Detoxifier. Firstly, you have to collect the following ingredients, such as Boiling Water, Bleach, and Sweat.
  • Next to that, collect a coffee pot from the left side of the room and add it to your inventory.
  • Open the cupboard available above the coffee machine to collect gloves.
  • Select the coffee pot from your inventory and take it close to the basin where you must fill it with water.
  • Keep the coffee pot with water into the machine and get boiling water.
  • Select the hazmat gloves from your inventory and use them to collect a chemical kit from near the electric stove.
  • Spray the chemical spill kit on the floor and wait for a while until all green liquid gets dried.

After a few seconds, Murphy moves ahead to check out the green bottle, then suddenly the floor cracks and green gas starts to spread. You must help Kate to wipe out the gas before it’s too late.

  • Tap on the cracked furniture to discover gas masks. To get masks, you have to solve a puzzle.
  • Aside from the puzzle box, the game keeps several pieces that you must drag to their proper shapes and fix them over there.
  • After getting gas masks, you must collect a gas canister from below the floor.
  • Keep the gas canister on the left side of the table to analyze a gas with the help of a machine.
  • You will see different chemical formulas on the screen as you connect the gas canister. Keep the numbers in your mind and discover them in the periodic table kept on table.

Head to a Bicycle

Leave the trailer for a while and head to the bicycle after getting the number following the formulas. Tap on the bicycle’s paddle and enter the following letters (IOFP).

  • When Murphy will go for a ride once you solve the puzzle, the game will reveal a sweaty undershirt that you must add to your inventory.
  • Next to that, get into the trailer and put the boiling water into the spray bottle.
  • Select the sweaty undershirt from your inventory and squeeze it into the bottle. Following the said method may help you prepare a Detoxifier that will be added to your inventory automatically.
  • Use the bottle and spray across the room to clear the toxic and get your mask off. Select a wheel from your inventory and place it in the window so all gas goes out.
  • After that, click on the cracked floor to solve a laser-grid puzzle. Here your ultimate goal is to use mirrors to deflect beams into the crystal.

Underground Base

Going through the cracked floor will help you discover a secret room in the basement where you may discover Psyrobin cans everywhere.

  • Open the drawer of the computer table to collect a hard drive.
  • Select the hard drive from your inventory and connect it with the PC to turn it on.
  • The computer will ask you to enter the dark web login. Click on the Sam Davis to get into the record room.

Record Room

  • To get a Dark Web Login, you have to explore the record room first after getting a note “SB.”

  • Collect a cloth from a record room and keep it in your inventory. Don’t forget to pick up a metal polish bottle from the computer table.
  • Open the first drawer of the left side to collect keys.
  • Drop off the metal polish on the nameplates of head detectives and use a cloth to clean it.
  • Next to that, head to the lockers and enter the key to the first locker to open it after entering the 4-digit code.
  • Tap on the drawer with the FS letter and enter 2010 to open it. As you tap on the drawer files, it will display you a list of years with blank spaces where you must order the events into a timeline.

  • After that, you should move back to the basement room to enter the dark web login.

Basement Room – Dark Web Login

  • Head to the computer and enter the passcode “38623.” Entering the passcode reveals a record of Psyrobin sales in back years.

AE Mysteries: Trapmaker 2 Chapter 5 has been completed.

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