Adventure Escape Mysteries Trapmaker 2 Chapter 4 Walkthrough

Adventure Escape Mysteries Trapmaker 2 Walkthrough – Chapter 4

In the previous chapter, both Kate and Murphy had to deal with a cop, stolen a key ring after distracting the cop and went to the record room. Now, AE Mysteries: Trapmaker 2 Chapter 4 has started that lands with a new mystery to solve. This time, the chapter revolves around Trapmaker’s mother who still lives in town.

When playing the game, you must help Kate to reveal whether Trapmaker’s mother is involved in his conspiracy or not. Chapter 4 comes with an advanced difficulty level which means you can’t expect easy-to-play gameplay. Surely, puzzles would be tough to solve and hidden objects are hard to find. Are you ready to solve the next chapter with the help of AE Mysteries: Trapmaker 2 Chapter 4 Walkthrough Guide?

  • At the start, you find all three characters having a discussion that you can skip by merely tapping on the next button.
  • The first scene takes place in a garden where it seems something suspicious has happened just before your arrival.
  • Besides, the name of Trapmaker’s mother is Petunia. After discussing with Petunia, you should open the door and get into the house where you may discover another lady, named Angelica.
  • Next to that, head to the plant pot and collect a spade from there.
  • Open the door, unzip the bag to collect dried corn, and keep it in your inventory.
  • Now, go back to the garden where you have to find out some hidden objects, as well as clues using your detective skills.


  • First of all, you need to collect a hammer from the ground and keep it in your inventory to use later.
  • In the next step, you have to gather a water hose available next to the door.
  • Collect charcoal from the BBQ Stove and a puzzle piece from a small treehouse.
  • Use the spade to dig the land near the tree to reveal a car with the number 526.
  • Connect the water hose with the tap and give water to the flower to collect sunflower seeds.

Get into the House

Enter the house and head to the painting glued on the wall near the stairs. Figure out the painting to learn the pattern of colors and tap on the sofa where a board with several buttons available. Your ultimate goal is to set the colors following the painting to solve the puzzle. The right combination of colors is the following: Green, Orange, Blue 2x, Purple, and Red.

  • After solving the puzzle, the box will turn into a book that holds a second puzzle piece for you to collect.
  • Remove the table’s sheet to reveal a locker and enter the following code (38526) to discover the third puzzle piece.
  • Take stairs to reach a new room that seems like a science laboratory, instead of a bed.


After reaching the laboratory, bring a hammer out of your inventory and hit the floor to collect the fourth puzzle piece that you can add to your inventory.

  • Use the charcoals on an opened book to reveal the mice notes and collect them from there.
  • Head to the mouse jar and put the cover on to find the glowing mouse. Once it’s done, you have to offer foods, including sunflower seeds to discover the types of mice using the mice notes that already available in your inventory.

  • Drag food to the mouse plates and drop them as shown in the image to solve the puzzle, don’t forget to collect a string light from there.
  • Making use of string light may help you see through the microscope.
  • Head to a box below the monitor and add all puzzle pieces you collected from different places intending to bring them to their proper places as shown in the image.
  • The completion of the puzzle will reveal Pollen Sample that you can add to your inventory.
  • Check the Pollen Sample with the help of a Microscope, but before you have to rotate the lenses to get a clear image of the cell.

  • Take a screenshot of cells using a mobile phone and ask Keiko to help by merely arranging the samples.

Pollen Perfection

Pollen Perfection is now a mini-game where your goal is to arrange the pollen in a way that each pollen shares one feature with its surrounding neighbors. During the gameplay, you can tap pollen to choose it, then hit another pollen to swap places.

AE Mysteries: Trapmaker 2 Chapter 4 Walkthrough has been completed, let’s move on to the AE Mysteries Fifth Chapter.

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