Adventure Escape – Midnight Carnival Chapter 1 Walkthrough


Chapter One is the beginning of the story; therefore, it could be easier than other chapters. The starting scene takes place ahead of a Ticket Office and the main Carnival Door, which is locked. You must find a key for entrance while solving a series of puzzles to find a missing girl as soon as possible. Midnight Carnival Walkthrough helps you solve challenging puzzles and problems. The introduction reveals that a witch named Maya starts investigating the Mysterious Carnival on All Hallow’s Eve to find a cute girl who disappears without leaving any traces. As you download the chapter, the game unfolds the storyline briefly.

Adventure Escape Mysteries: Midnight Carnival Walkthrough – Chapter 1 Guide

The introduction reveals that the world is full of magic, but most people don’t realize it. A massive war has been torn between good and evil powers. Evil powers are trying to disturb the peace, while good powers are fighting to destroy unholy plans of evils to keep the world safe. At the Hallow’s Eve night, evil spirits and creatures are more powerful than anyone and set out on a journey to hunt innocent people. Maya has witnessed all of these things happening around the magical land. At the start, the door is closed and Maya must find a way inside at any cost.

  • Explore the environment to find clues and visit the right side, known as WC. Upon reaching, you may meet a man named Jack who reveals some secrets.
  • There is a wall holding three posters. Tap on the poster keeps the code (538) in mind.
  • Back to the main area and hit the cabinet where you must enter the code to access it.
  • Your code is 538 and the open will open as you enter the code. After getting in, you must collect batteries, open the drawer to collect shears, and set out to find two missing gems.
  • Use the shear to cut the bushes and select another battery from here.
  • Go back to the right area where you have to put both batteries to a remote and keep it in your inventory.
  • Move back to the cabinet and open the silver box using the remote controller. Keep all toys aside to find three missing rubies and add them to the box once you found.
  • Add all gems to empty places and start playing the game. Your goal is to bring all gems to their respective color to open the box.
  • Once you set them all, they will reveal unique signs in themselves.
  • Keep the signs in mind and head to the door on the right area wherefrom you collected a remote controller. Set all signs accordingly to the box to open it.

  • After unlocking the room may make your interaction with a unique creature carrying a small girl on his shoulder and warning you to leave the Carnival as soon as possible; otherwise, you will die soon.
  • You will find a Carnival Ticket from the same room that you can use to get into the magical park.
  • Head to the main gate and interest the ticket to open the gate.

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