Park Escape: Escape Room Game Walkthrough


Park Escape – Escape Room Game is a Puzzle and Single-player Hidden Object video game developed and released by PapaBox for Mobile Devices. The game uses the point-and-click interface and allows the player to navigate the environment when searching for hidden objects to solve tricky puzzles and to escape the thrilling environment. It introduces a stunning storyline revolving around children who were mysteriously missing. Furthermore, the game chooses an amusement park as its main setting and puts you in the role of a detective who navigates the scenes to reveal the secrets behind the mysteries. Finding the solution to puzzles isn’t an easy task; therefore, we are here with Park Escape Walkthrough to help you.


Park Escape features a thrilling soundtrack that suits the environment. Furthermore, the game starts with “Han Qiuyu” who gets happy after watching a detective “Liang Bowen” whom she has been waiting for such a long time. After exchanging dialogues, both characters are ready to investigate an abandoned amusement park where the event of children disappearance took place. Next to that, Han Qiuyu tells her teammate that the fifth case of this month was reported yesterday and the majority of victims are children aged from 8 to 12.


It introduces a perfect mix of Adventure, Puzzle, and Hidden Object game elements. Assume the role of a detective to figure out what is happening around and who is the person behind the abduction of small kids. Without detective skills, you can’t survive long because the game doesn’t add any system that provides you with a list of objects you have to find out. Sharpen your hidden object and puzzle-solving skills before landing in the game. An inventory has been introduced on the right side of your screen where objects will keep added themselves upon getting a tap from your side. Furthermore, the game comes with 11 chapters; each one is set in a unique environment and comes with a series of challenging puzzles.

The addition of a hint system is appreciated, as well as the requirement of the game. You can use hints, but it will cost you in-game coins. The only way to earn coins is to complete all challenging chapters by finding hidden objects and utilizing them to solve the puzzle. Although the Park Escape Chapter 1 may not as much difficult as others are, and this is because the difficulty level increases gradually. You should keep yourself prepared to face off any kind of challenges. The more you play the game, the more coins you earn. Enjoy the high-quality graphics when trying to solve tricky problems and getting rid of scary music tracks.

Park Escape Walkthrough

As mentioned above, the game has 11 different chapters; each one is designed to test your puzzle-solving and hidden object skills. Like other Hidden Object games, you can interact with the environment to find hidden objects and keep them in your inventory for later use. Despite having an option to purchase coins, you can get them for free by merely watching a video ad. The game keeps you rewarding 1 coin for watching 1 video ad of almost 15 seconds.

Park Escape Walkthrough – Chapter 1

Park Escape Walkthrough – Chapter 2

Park Escape Walkthrough – Chapter 3

Park Escape Walkthrough – Chapter 4

Park Escape Walkthrough – Chapter 5

Park Escape Walkthrough – Chapter 6

Park Escape Walkthrough – Chapter 7

Park Escape Walkthrough – Chapter 8

Park Escape Walkthrough – Chapter 9

Park Escape Walkthrough – Chapter 10

Park Escape Walkthrough – Chapter 11


Park Escape – Escape Room Game is offering thrilling gameplay and stunning sound effects that keep you engaged for endless hours of fun. The gameplay wasn’t easy to play as it seems; this is because you don’t know what to collect first and where to use it. If we say that it is one of the most challenging Hidden object games won’t be wrong. Saving kidnapped children isn’t an easy job, you should be a full-time detective and never leave anything without investigation. It offers similar gameplay to Hotel of Mask – Escape Room Game, released by the same developer and publisher.

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