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We had neither found Liang Bowen yet nor do we figure out what happened to him. Let’s try in Park Escape Chapter 4 to discover a missing detective. It introduces a beautiful mix of Puzzle, Adventure, and Hidden Object game elements, promising to offer you fun-filled gameplay. There are several chapters; each one is set in a unique location and offers a series of puzzles to solve. During the gameplay, you can play several mini-games, while searching for hidden objects that you need to perform actions like open a locker, complete paintings, and more.

Moreover, becoming a detective isn’t an easy task, you should have sharp eyesight, quick reflexes, and a smart brain that helps you get rid of tricky problems. You are trapped in an amusement park where you aren’t only supposed to escape the park, but also figure out the case of missing kids. In the previous walkthrough, we got failed in finding Liang Bowen, let’s get started to find him in Chapter 4.

Park Escape Chapter 4 Walkthrough

The Park Escape Chapter 4 starts with Liang Bowen who wakes up from a deep sleep and informed you that his walkie-talkie was taken away and now he needs your help to get in touch with Qiuyu. In the third chapter, you had to help Qiuyu but now you are supposed to help Bowen in getting touch with his female teammate. The story starts from an empty room where nothing is available, but a basin, oven, and two wooden pieces.

  • Firstly, you have to click on the briefcase available on the left side to collect scissors after removing the clothes.
  • Collect a board from near the front of the wall and add them to your inventory to use later.
  • Tap on the basin to gather soldering iron.
  • There is only one door available that is locked. You must select the soldiering iron from your inventory and use it to break the mirror. Take your hand out from the side of the broken mirror to open the door from outside.

Second Room

Once the door gets opened, you can jump into the second room of Park Escape Chapter 4 to find out hidden objects and solve puzzles.

  • From near the door you recently opened, you can discover a Y-shaped iron.
  • Tap on the sofa available upside down to collect a magnetic card.
  • There is a door fixed on the front wall and on the right side there are several boxes available. Tap on the boxes to collect a slip of paper.
  • Next to that, head to the sofa and use a Y-shaped iron from your inventory to open the screws to collect a lighter stick from there.

First Room

After collecting all items as I said, you should go back to the first room and head to an oven kept on the left side of the basin.

  • Select a board from your inventory and keep it in the oven. Next to that, you must use a lighter stick to burn the board and put the X-shaped soldering iron stick for a while to get a burning iron.
  • Select the burning iron from your inventory and place it amidst the front wall to let the game displays you a mini-game.
  • Complete the requirement of mini-game to get a key that is available in a secret box.
  • Once you get the key, head to the second room to open a door.

Abandoned Sewerage Treatment Plant

After opening the door, you find yourself standing in an abandoned sewerage treatment plant where you have to find hidden objects and use them to solve the tricky puzzles of Park Escape: Escape Room Game.

  • Amidst the level, the game has kept a bell-like object that upon interacting will reveal a mini-game. The player with quick reflexes will complete the game within no time.
  • Keep your eyes on oncoming dots and hit the button accordingly to solve the puzzle, but first of all, you have to tap on a key fixed on its left side.
  • When tapping the letters, you should keep them in mind because they may help you solve a puzzle.
  • Go back to the first room and tap on a section below the basin to reveal a vault holding a locker. Enter the following code (CANALI) to the locker and collect a large reel of elastic rope from there.
  • Combine the CANALI with scissors to get a new item (Shortened Stretch Rope).
  • After that, come back to the sewerage plant and open a door to collect a drive belt and a small stone.
  • After coming back, you can discover a bottle stuck on the roof where something is available in it but out of your reach.
  • Tap on the shortened stretch rope and combine it with stone and Y-shaped iron to get a slingshot.
  • Select the slingshot from your inventory and aim the bottle to break. Soon, a key will be on the floor and you can collect it.

How to Unlock a Box in Park Escape Chapter 4?

There is a box in the sewerage plant that requires a four-digit code to be opened. To find four-digit colorful codes you have to explore the environment deeply and interact with the following objects:

  • Cross (First-room) – Four Bananas
  • Painting (Second Room) – Seven Cherries
  • Dustbin (Second Room) – Three Bringers
  • Box (Sewerage Plant) – Five Circles

Following the items, the code would be 3 (Purple), 7 (Pink), 5 (Green), and 4 (Bananas). In short, your code is 3754, and collect gasoline from inside the box once it gets opened.

  • On the wall of the right side, there is a red painting that upon tapping will reveal a mini-game where your ultimate goal is to modify the lock to open it.
  • As the box opens, it reveals an iron bar that you can add to your inventory to use later.

Head to a Generator

Surely, you have seen a generator kept amidst the level and may have some vital rule in the game.

  • Tap on a generator and choose the gasoline from your inventory to add fuel to it.
  • Select the drive belt from your inventory and fix it to the generator’s wheel to start the engine that helps you lift a massive box to reveal a trapdoor.
  • Use a key to open the trapdoor and get into the sewerage line to discover more hidden objects.
  • As you go down to the basement, search for a screwdriver and a switch to turn on the light.
  • Select a magnetic card from your inventory and turn on the switch, but upon opening, you find a breaker is missing.

Find a Circuit Breaker in Escape Park Chapter 4

To find a circuit breaker, go to the second room and heat to a painting where you once discovered seven cherries. Select a screwdriver from your inventory and use it to open all screws. Next to that, remove the painting and collect a circuit breaker that you need to continue the flow of electricity.

  • Put the electric brake on the circuit and turn it on to light up the area.
  • Find a pillar on the right side to discover a pattern and find out the logic behind it.

Note: If you don’t know let me declare that there is a paper available in your inventory that you can use to solve the pattern mystery.

  • Crack the lock following the codes mentioned in the 2nd column and go forth in the sewage line and see what is happening next.

Sewerage Second Part

  • Upon entering the sewerage’s second part, collect a red scarf from the left side and keep it in your inventory to use later.

  • Now, head to a handle fixed on the right side and use both scarf and iron bar to stop the water flow.
  • In the third step, head to a pillar fixed on the left side and enter the code following a paper available in your inventory.

Secret Door

  • As you crack the passcode, a secret door will open and take you to a new scene where you have to find out a SuperWeirdo from a bag of red color.

  • In the next step, you should visit all places available in the sewerage line and tap on their floors to count how many dots are there. Keep all dots in mind and go back to the third room following a secret pathway and head to a box kept near the red bag.
  • Draw the dots as follows: 1 (5 dots), 2 (7 dots), 3 (4 dots), and 4 (5 dots). As the puzzle gets solved, you will receive your walkie-talkie back without an antenna.
  • Go back to the second line and head to a cage door where you discover an antenna but it will be out of your reach.

How to get Antenna in Park Escape Chapter 4?

To get an antenna, you have to make use of SuperWeirdo from your inventory and combine it with your walkie-talkie to connect with Qiuyu

After that, both characters get in touch.

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