Park Escape Chapter 1 Walkthrough


Park Escape Chapter 1 takes you in front of an abandoned park gate. Surely, your ultimate goal would be to find out a key or anything else to open the gate. As mentioned above, finding hidden objects isn’t an easy task; so, keep following Park Escape Chapter 1 Walkthrough to find solutions.

  • At the very starts when the discussion between the two characters end, tap on the sewerage lid to collect a wood stick.

  • Use the stick to break the mirror of an office available on your left side. Get into the office to collect a bolt driver kept on a table and open a drawer to collect a Wax.

  • Above the table, there are a few blocks with numbers. Keep their colors and numbers in their mind to use later.
  • Come out of the office and open a circuit box fixed on a wall using a bolt driver. After opening it, you will find the wires are wrongly connected. Turn on the electricity after making them correct.
  • Now, head to a board fixed above the table and turn it on to open the abandoned amusement park gate.

Enter the Amusement Park

Go through the gate to enter the park. It will take you to a dark room where your goal is to find hidden objects to reveal the dark secrets behind the abduction of innocent kids. As you get into the park, the discussion between both characters will start, but you can get rid of it by merely clicking on the “Skip” button.

  • Click on the wooden piece kept on the left side to collect a string.
  • Head to the bag and try to open its zip that gets stuck midway. Select a wax from your inventory and use it to open the zip completely. It will offer you a “Half Pliers” and “Iron Box.”
  • Click on the iron box and enter the following code “2907” to open it for a hammer.
  • Tap on a box kept on the table available on your right side and try to complete an image of a joker divided into three pieces. Open the box and grab a key from inside it to use later.
  • From below the table, collect an empty can and add it to your inventory.
  • After getting a key, you have to go outside the amusement park and open the first drawer of the table that is locked in the office. Collect the 2nd half pliers from the table’s drawer and add them to your inventory.

Make a Plier

Now, you have both pieces of pliers into your inventory that you must connect to make it complete. Click on the first plier pieces and then hit the second to open a workshop table where you can combine both pieces to get an item. After putting in both items don’t forget to hit the “Combine” button.

  • Once the plier gets completed, it will be added to your inventory automatically to use later.

Now, go back to the amusement park to break windows.

  • After entering the amusement park, you must tap on the iron rods and cut them using a plier you crafted recently.

  • Next to that, leave the room and head to a new environment to continue your investigation.
  • On the left side, there is a tower where you must click to discover the following hidden objects: Iron Bar and Soil.
  • Tap on the empty cane put soil into it and tap the combine button to get a can with clay.
  • After that, click on the lamp and break it using a can with clay available in your inventory.
  • Once you break it, something may fall, which is a pocket knife.
  • Now, tap on a van standing on your right side and open its door using an iron rod to collect a box of nails.
  • The van holds several balloons with keys but there is a barbed wire and won’t let you get the key. Before leaving the area, collect a clip from there and add it to your inventory.

Go back to the Room

You should go back to the room where you have opened a bag zip using wax. Now, your ultimate goal is to get a laser gun. To complete the puzzle, follow our Park Escape Walkthrough Chapter 1 Guide.

  • Tap on the wooden piece and give it a cut using a pocket knife from your inventory. It will reveal a gun without a battery that you must pick up and add to your inventory.

Get into the Office

Now, you should go out of the amusement park to enter the office.

  • Head to a drum kept below the table and use a knife to collect glue from there.
  • Select a clip from the inventory and use it to pick up a wet paper from above the drum.
  • Above the table, there is a lamp where you can dry the wet paper to see what is written on it.
  • After that, collect a slip of paper and add it to your inventory.
  • Come out of the office and head to the sewerage lid. Open it using the iron rod from your inventory and go into it.

Sewerage Line

After landing on the sewerage line, you can’t expect something pleasant there because it may be full of cockroaches, rats, and many other things.

  • Head to a box to discover batteries that you need for a gun you discovered in an amusement park.
  • Click on your inventory, select the gun and batteries simultaneously, and hit the combine button to get a new item.
  • Tap on a box kept on the right side and see the slip of paper to draw the same shape on the box using stars. Once done, it will leave you a hook.
  • Head to your inventory and connect the hook with string to get a new item.

Head to a Van to get a key

After making your gun ready, you must go into the amusement park and head to a van where discover a balloon with a key.

  • Use the gun to start destroying the balloon one by one to bring the key down and once it reaches the end, collect it and add it to your inventory.
  • Tap amidst the level to discover a purse that isn’t possible to collect without using a hooked rope.

After completing all things I mentioned above, you should go into the sewerage line and head to the door which is locked.

  • Head to the door and open the look using a key available in your inventory.
  • Tap on the coat to discover a board and add it to your inventory.
  • Open your workshop to craft a new item, but before adding a box of nails, hammer, and board. It will give you bailed boards that will be added to your inventory automatically.

Repair a broken Bridge

After getting nailed boards, go to the amusement park to visit a place where you once found a bridge broken.

  • Place the nailed boards between the broken bridge and to another side of the park to discover the rest of the hidden objects.

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