Park Escape Chapter 3 Walkthrough


Liang Bowen had been kidnapped in Park Escape Chapter 2 after opening a secret room in the circus tent. Han Qiuyu is worried about Bowen because she can’t contact him, even not on a walkie-talkie. Now, she needs your help to find Bowen, as well as to discover what happened to him. Park Escape is a Hidden Object and Single-player Puzzle video game that revolves around a few children that have been kidnapped by someone.

Finding the suspect is your ultimate; therefore, you are hired to help out two detectives who get in trouble when start investigating a case of missing children. Park Escape is a bit challenging because of not featuring a list of objects you are supposed to find; therefore, we are here with Park Escape Chapter 3 Walkthrough guide to help you solve all tricky puzzles.

Park Escape Walkthrough – Chapter 3

Probably, you might know that Park Escape: Escape Room Game was released by Papa Box, the developer behind the “Hotel of Mask: Escape Room Game.” We have also released the Hotel of Mask Walkthrough and you can check it out by merely clicking on the link. In this guide, we will help you discover all hidden objects and how to use them to solve tricky puzzles. The third chapter starts with a wagon.

  • First of all, click on a stack of wheat available on your right side to collect a Pitchfork.
  • Use the Pitchfork to dig out a hammer from the wheat and add it to your inventory.
  • Tap on the wagon and use a hammer to break its door to reveal a briefcase. Collect a half hexagonal crystal from above the briefcase and zoom out the scene by hitting the back arrow fixed at the bottom of the screen.

  • Click on the left side of the scene where you discover a closed shop, a cage, and a fan.
  • Tap a tower to collect keys and keep the numbers in mind written on a poster.
  • Go back to the wagon and head to a door behind it. Select a key from your inventory and use it to open a gate.
  • After going through the gate, you will discover a briefcase and to open it you need a 4-digit code (2262). The box holds a knife for you to collect add to your inventory as you open it.
  • Now, you should go back to the area where a cage is available. On the left side of the scene, there is a fan-like thing holding the second part of the crystal that you can remove from there using a knife from your inventory.
  • Head to your inventory and tap on the crystal available there with a wrench icon. Next to that, the game displays you the board with the ability to craft new items. Combine both crystals to get their complete version.
  • Use a pitchfork to make a hole into the security wall and head to a scarecrow.
  • After getting a complete crystal, you must go to the scarecrow and place the crystal on its shirt and collect a test tube filled with liquids from a crow.

Play a Mini-game

  • Leave the area to visit a shop and Tap on its door and fill the dropper available on its left side with liquid to start a mini-game.
  • It offers match-3 mechanics where your goal is to match three or four squares of the same color to move a character from the first point to the endpoint. Once you successfully lead the character to the endpoint, the door will open.


After opening the shutter, you come to know that it’s a workshop where a sports car is available, along with many other tools.

  • Head to the tools board and collect a wrench from there.
  • From below the table, you can gather a broken electric saw.
  • Get into the vehicle to find a car key and add it to your inventory. Don’t forget to pick up a saw blade from near the handbrake.
  • Use the car key to open its trunk and collect a folding shovel.


After collecting all items as mentioned above, you should head to the area where the scarecrow is available. Upon reaching there, follow the steps mentioned in Park Escape Chapter 3 Walkthrough.

  • Tap on a stack of soil available on the right side of the scene and select a folding shovel from your inventory to dig it.
  • Digging the sand will help you get a winding knob and a piece of paper from the same place.
  • Click on a tower available on the left side and choose a wrench to untie a screw that will open a secret box holding a power adapter.
  • Visit the wagon and tap on its door to reveal a briefcase, insert the winding knob to start a mini-game. The game displays you a few characters and your goal is to hit the particular number after counting the characters.
  • Once the briefcase opens, collect a USB drive from there and add it to your inventory.

Insert USB Drive on a Computer

  • To see what USB drive contains for you, go to the workshop and find a computer. Insert the USB drive into the port of the laptop, but first, connect the power adaptor to turn on the computer.
  • As the screen turns on, it will display you a 16-digit code (0405194523151230).
  • Below the laptop, there is a drawer containing four clocks. Set the times as follows: 4:05, 7:45, 11:15, and 12:30.
  • Open the drawer after setting up times and collect a flashlight from there.


  • Bring the flashlight along with you to the wagon and head to its door that you have broken to collect a crystal.
  • Select the flashlight from your inventory and turn it on to see in the dark. Upon investigating, you will discover the following letters (IC BG).


After getting four letters, head to the car and tap on its drawer to enter the following code (93 and 27). Collect an insulation cloth from the drawer and add it to your inventory.

Make an Electric Saw

Moreover, open your workshop to craft an electric saw by combing both its elements, including the blade. Next to that, leave the workshop and click on the cage that you have to cut using an electric saw.

  • Get into the cage to collect a half key from there and don’t forget to pick up a steel pipe from outside the cage.
  • Select the steel pipe from your inventory and mix it with insulation cloth to get a new item (pipe wrapped with insulation cloth).

After wrapping the pipe with insulation cloth, you are almost ready to bring a half key from a water pound. To find a water pound, visit the place where a scarecrow is available.

  • Select the steel pipe to bring an electric wire from out of the pound and collect a half key.
  • Combine both parts of the key to make it complete and use it to open the door available on the backside of the cage.

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