Hotel of Mask: Escape Room Game Walkthrough Guide


Hotel of Mask is a Hidden Object video game full of Adventure, Thrill, Mysteries, and Suspense. Releases in 2020, the game brings beautiful but challenging gameplay to your handheld devices like Android and iOS. Without having detective skills, surviving a single day in the Hotel of Mask is almost impossible. Therefore, the Hotel of Mask Escape Room Game Walkthrough is here to help you survive all days without any hassle. You know that there are different masks available between dream and reality. Hundreds of clues are hidden both in diaries and photos you find around you.

Moreover, there is no time but seven days to escape the Hotel. It seems the house possesses supernatural entities, and there are many characters with double-face. You don’t know who is in your favor and against you. Apart from that, tenants are wishing you the best and hope you stay here forever. If you have plans to stay in the Hotel, there’s no need to struggle. In case you decided to escape, follow the Walkthrough to find solutions and reveal the places with hidden objects to escape.

Hotel of Mask – Escape Room Game Review

The hidden object games are fun to play, but it often becomes a headache when you fail to find any solution. Having an intelligent brain and sharp eyes don’t mean you can easily take on all puzzles within no time; following the rules and thinking out of the box also matter. Therefore, we also suggest players keep their thinking out of the box only when they aren’t getting any solutions.

Hotel of Mask Escape Room Game comes with thrilling gameplay that anyone would love to play. It takes you to a hotel where tenants are hoping you may stay here forever. Like other Escape the Home games, you need to find Hidden Object from different rooms, interact with strange creatures, and find a way out at any cost.

When playing the game, use inventory to keep items you found across the scene and use later when you need. You don’t need to be loyal to others when keeping escaping the Hotel in mind. The graphics are sleeky, and the characters are untrusted. In short, you have to show something and do something else to survive for seven days.


Are you ready to explore the Mysterious Hotel with Weird Guest? Hotel of Mask Walkthrough helps you Escape the Hotel in 7 days while unfolding the storyline and solving mysteries. Although it is a nightmare, it comes true. The game forces you to join the Orgy, but you shouldn’t become a part of them. Your choices may determine the way you lead; however, the outcome is coming. Your ultimate goal is to Escape the Hotel within seven days to get out of the curse.

  • First Arrival
  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Day 3
  • Day 4
  • Day 5
  • Day 6
  • Day 7
  • Trial

Hotel of Mask Walkthrough – First Arrival

The opening scene displays that a person is on a stretcher while two doctors are moving it. As the scene ends, I found the main character that represents me in the game is stuck in an elevator. After waking up from a deep sleep, the joker welcomes you by saying that you are stuck. To escape the scene, you need a “Code” that is only possible after offering 100 coins to a joker. As mentioned above, you must make use of your wit to find a solution. Maybe the solution lies ahead of you and isn’t focusing on it.


  • Instead of offering 100 coins, you must decline the offer at once to let the joker bring another offer to the table. Accept the offer of 10 Coin and leave the elevator by merely sliding the door.

Room 001

  • The game welcomes you to another room, “001.” Tap on the following option, “Go in,” to enter the room and search for hidden objects. Afterward, select the “Where is this” option to continue the storyline.
  • Afterward, take the chair close to the cupboard and drop the bottle to collect a key.
  • Use the key to open the main door and escape.
  • In the next step, you must slide the screen to the left side and enter room 002.

Room 002

As you get into the room, a strange girl appears on your screen and leads you to the first room. After discussing with the girl, the game adds orange to your inventory. Tapping on the bed may lead you to the dream world where you watch a girl standing near a tree. We’ve compiled a complete guide for you:

Hotel of Mask Walkthrough – Day 1

Hotel of Mask Walkthrough – Day 2

Hotel of Mask Walkthrough – Day 3

Hotel of Mask Walkthrough – Day 4

Hotel of Mask Walkthrough – Day 5

Hotel of Mask Walkthrough – Day 6

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Hotel of Mask Walkthrough – Day 7

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Hotel of Mask: Escape Room Game comes with a beautiful blend of Hidden Object, Choices Matter, and Puzzle game elements. I like all characters and the way developers introduced the storyline. You wake up as a lost and trapped guy in a hotel where coming out is almost impossible. Only one way to escape is to survive seven days and obtain seven badges from different personalities. Apart from that, you may have to live there forever if you don’t have badges on the day of final judgment. Therefore, I suggest you don’t tell other characters what you are thinking and what your plans regarding your escape to succeed.

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