Park Escape Chapter 2 Walkthrough


In Park Escape Chapter 1 Walkthrough, we have collected several hidden objects, from Iron Rod to Nailed Boards. Now, is back with another walkthrough guide that helps you complete Park Escape Chapter 2. We know that completion of puzzles are difficult, especially when you don’t have a list of hidden objects to find; therefore, we aim to keep releasing walkthrough, guides, and tips & tricks to help our users to overcome all problems and bring them to solutions.

Moreover, chapter 2 continues the plot where the first chapter left it off. As the game starts, both characters find themselves standing ahead of a yellow-colored van, and here their ultimate goal is to search for clues while looking for hidden objects and solving tricky puzzles. The completion of every chapter will reward you with in-game coins that you can use to buy a hint in Park Escape. Apart from that, making coins for free is also possible in Park Escape and it can be done by merely watching video ads. Each watched ad will leave you one coin.

Park Escape Walkthrough – Chapter 2

At the start, Liang Bowen has said that they had to search for a way to push the car away. During the gameplay, you are supposed to read the conversation that happens between two teammates, though you have an option to ship the discussion park.

  • At the very start, you have to remove the “No Entry” ribbons and get into the area to find hidden objects.
  • Following the no-entry path may leave you in front of a horse ride where you have to find hidden objects. Click on a tree on your left side to collect an iron bar.

  • Head to the horse to collect a key and the horns of unicorns.
  • Back to the main area and head to a car where your ultimate goal is to collect a bucket that is far away from you, but you can collect a towel available in the window.
  • Use the key from your inventory to open the door available behind the car to reveal another area.

Use a key to unlock a New Area

After opening the door, get through the door to reach a new scene where you may discover stairs and a door.

  • Upon tapping on the door, you will head to a 5-digit code locker.
  • Take stairs to reach above where you discover a wrench and gasoline.

  • After collecting a bottle of gasoline, you should go back to the horse ride and throw the gasoline into the dirty mirror and use a towel from your inventory to clean it.
  • Cleaning the mirror will leave you a five-digit code that you can use to unlock the door.
  • Enter the code (49172) to open the door.

Control Room

The door of the control room will open as you enter the code. Get into the room to discover hidden objects to progress through the storyline.

  • From above the machine, collect an iron hook and keep it in your inventory.
  • Slide the chair to the left side to collect a handle.
  • There is a cupboard behind the chair that you must open to collect a lifting jack.
  • Use the handle from your inventory and head to a circuit board fixed above the machine wherefrom you have collected a lifting jack.
  • Open the cover of the circuit to turn off all buttons.

Come out of the room and take the stairs to go up.

  • Click on the first ride and try to solve a tricky puzzle. Set all buttons to start the ride and wait for the next box.
  • Use the iron rod to open the door of the next box and get into it to discover a briefcase with a horse picture. Place the horn of the unicorn onto it to open the briefcase and collect a wheel from it.

Repair a Car

  • Now, go back to the car and use the iron hook to bring a bucket close to you. Collect screws from the bucket and add them to your inventory.
  • Now, select a lifting jack from your inventory and place it below to pick up the car.
  • Next to that, place a wheel and fix it with screws using a wrench available in your inventory.
  • Once done, push the car to let it go away.

Get into the Circus Tent

Click on the tent to get into it where you will discover someone near the door upon entering. As you tap on the door to open it, you find the door is locked.

  • Collect a picture of a child from above a border surrounding the lamp.
  • Tap on the cracked floor and dig it a bit to collect a handle. Next to that, click on the lamp to grab a broken glass piece.

Enter the Kitchen

On the left side of the Circus Tent, there is a destroyed kitchen. Here you will find a series of hidden objects that help you progress the story.

  • Tap on the floor to collect a shovel and stone plate.
  • Now, go back to the initial place and tap on the joker’s eyes to reveal a pattern that you need to open an oven in the kitchen.
  • Head to the oven and tap the button following the pattern you saw on the joker’s eyes to open it and collect a clown badge.
  • Click on the table and start playing a jigsaw puzzle where you have to connect several pieces, rest of one piece is available in your inventory.
  • Go out of the kitchen and head to the lamp place. Use a shovel to dig the land to collect an unlocking device.
  • Now, click on the door available on your right side and use the unlocking device to crack the locker.
  • Follow the technique to open the door “”

Play Land

Click on the door to get into the kid playroom where you discover lots of vehicles.

  • Tap on the pink vehicle to grab a key from a doll’s hand using a broken glass.
  • Head to the green car and collect a doll head from there.
  • Go to the kitchen and open the cupboard using a key from your inventory to collect an iron box.
  • Keep the numbers in mind you found on the table after completing the jigsaw puzzle and go back to the playroom.
  • Click the box available on the right side of the box and enter the number you saw on the table (R1: 267, R2: 393, R3: 863). Entering the numbers will unlock the box and grant you a glowing circular object.
  • Before leaving the playroom, you should keep the vehicles’ colors and their numbers in mind.
  • Select an iron box from your inventory and enter the following code (2048) to open it for a matchbox.
  • Come out of the circus tent and click on a shop to discover another box. Complete a jigsaw puzzle fixed on its lid to open it for a screwdriver.
  • Head to the horse and remove its wings using a screwdriver from your inventory.
  • Leave the area to head to the joker’s face. Tap on the door and keep a glowing orb over there to open the door, but first, you have to visit the control room where keeping a clown badge is mandatory.
  • As you leave the control room, a massive blast will open that completely destroy the room. See the ride and keep its pattern and color in mind.
  • Head to the door fixed below the joker’s statue and set the colors in the following order: 10 (Blue), 12 (Blue), and 3 (Yellow).

Haunted House

The haunted house is full of devil creatures that may scare you. Explore the scene and struggle to find clues in regards to the missing children. On your right side, there is a statue of a mummy carrying on a devil kid and the image of the same statue is available in your inventory.

  • Select the doll head from your inventory and offer it to the devil kid.
  • Now, place the wings to a statue hanging with the roof, holding a bow and arrow.
  • Use the matchbox to burn the candle kept in a purse of the same kid.
  • Doing it again with another statue of the same type will draw some patterns on the wall.
  • Bring the symbols close to each other in a way that it is looked like only one.

Leave the haunted house to reach near the horse section.

  • Collect a plier from the floor after reaching close to the horse ride.
  • Head to the circus tent and use the plier to cut the blockage wires. Jump into the tent and collect a flying cutter from above the mirror.
  • Click on the tower and cut the rope using a knife. Pick up a hammer as it falls after cutting the rope.
  • Now, go into the haunted house and select the hammer from your inventory to break a statue of the devil to collect an electronic clock from there.
  • Head to the symbols you have seen on the wall and bring a clock out of your inventory. Set the time to 07:15 and get a code (45076).

Circus Tent

After getting a code, you should go into the circus tent and head to a box kept near the tower where you once cut the rope.

  • Enter the following code (45076) to collect a hurricane lamp after opening the box.
  • Come out of the circus tent and head to the tower on your right side. Fix the handle with it and rotate anticlockwise to bring the ladder down.
  • The ladder will come down along with a child-shaped sheet of iron that you must collect and keep in your inventory.


Take a child-shaped sheet of iron to the kitchen and click at the bottom of the table to reveal a mini-game.

  • Keep the child doll over there and hit the red button to let the first doll start performing. You must keep the steps of the first doll in mind and use arrow buttons to perform the same steps using the second doll.
  • Performing the same steps will open the box to let you collect a bottle of kerosene.

Get a New Item (Lighted Hurricane Lamp)

Select a hurricane lamp from your inventory to open a board that will allow you to add two more objects, such as Matchbox and Kerosene. Adding all items properly will give you a lighted hurricane lamp.

Circus Tent Door

After lighting the lamp with kerosene and matchbox, you must go and visit the circus tent door to solve another tricky puzzle. It displays you the board with four sections of different colors.

Each section holds two balls of a different color. Your ultimate goal is to bring the same color of balls to the same color of boxes to open the door. As the door opens, the scene is horrible and painful due to some hanging dolls with the rope.

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