Hotel of Mask: Escape Room Game Day 5 Walkthrough

Hotel of Mask Walkthrough

Turn on the lamp’s light and start exploring the bedroom to discover hidden objects. This time, it doesn’t seem that the game has placed too many lockers to the door. Still, if you feel any difficulty finding a way to go out of the room, you can see our Hotel of Mask Walkthrough Guide for help.

  • Move toward the left side and stop when you see a cloth stand. Tap on it to play a mini-game where you have to complete the devil image to get a key.
  • Open both drawers of the table to discover something new. The 2nd drawer holds some new photos for you to find.
  • Click on the laptop and enter the password (3598627) to run the PC. For the password, you can see the dial of the classic phone available next to the laptop.
  • Open the files to reveal the passcode you need to open the toolbox. The passcode is (6142) that you can use to open the toolbox to collect the screwdriver.
  • Click on the classic phone, collect a paper from below the receiver, and dial the number written on the document (2458).
  • Did you notice a small box in the door? Open the box using the screwdrivers to discover a wire and add it to your inventory.
  • See below the cupboard to discover a box and tap to remove extra items you don’t need. The item you need is the following: Iron Block.
  • Search out the sofa and head to the locker available above it. Hold the left fingerprint for a while and leave as the light turns green. In the 2nd attempt, hold the left button for a bit until the 2nd light turns green. Once again, hold the same control and wait to leave as the light turns to green. However, the vault cannot open because it gets stuck.
  • There is a box under your bed, so you should tap on it to reveal what it holds for you to discover.
  • Use the key to open the box you found below the bed and discover a crowbar.
  • You can use the crowbar to open the locker that got stuck to collect a battery.
  • Tap on the battery and the other two items available in your inventory to combine and get an electromagnet.
  • Tap the lower part of the door and use an electromagnet to collect a red iron piece.
  • Click on a small portion on the door’s lower part to play a mini-game. Place the red iron piece and lead it to the targeted place to win.

Come out from your bedroom and fall into the discussion with the joker. Another achievement (Qu Yi) and a new room are unlocked as the debate ends. As you get into Room 6, a Chinese character named Wangjiao welcomes you. Furthermore, you have to follow the given steps to survive day 5.

  • Collect ta headdress available forth the table and add it to your inventory.
  • Pick up a flag from the left-side of the Room and include it in your inventory.
  • Discover the ladder from behind the massive drum.
  • Place a ladder a few steps to the left side where you collected it to discover a key.
  • There is a box on the table that you must unlock using a key from your inventory.
  • Once the box gets unlocked, collect a Diqu from inside it.

Move to Room 003

After that, you should move to room 003 and head to the stove available on the table. Put Diqu down to the pot and burn the fire. Pull the rope hanging near the pot as the moving needle reaches the targeted area and start hitting the button whenever you find the same color ball moving above, but only when it comes to the targeted area.

  • On the left side, there is a window wherefrom you may discover a knife.
  • Next to that, you should leave the room to reach room 006 and collect an empty wine jar from the table.
  • Back to Room no 3 to fill the empty pot with Wine and keep it back in your inventory.

Move to Room 004 and 005

Open the door and get into Room no four, where you may discover a cupboard behind the table. Tap the first section to collect three Gold Coins and keep them in your inventory. There is a shield on the left wall above a wooden piece. Tap the shield and add three pieces you collected recently intending to play a mini-game. If you know multiplications, then you don’t need any hint. If you aren’t familiar with it, you should rotate the number so that together they display the answer on the lower ring.

  • The game rewards you with Gold Line once you complete the multiplication mini-game.

Move to Room 006

Leave the room you are in now to get into the sixth Room. Tap the audio speaker available on the right side and fix the broken cable using the Gold Line.

  • Tap the ladder to add it into your inventory, and leave the 6th Room to visit the 2nd Room.
  • Keep the ladder with the right wall and collect sheepskin using a knife.
  • Click on the drum and choose sheepskin from your inventory to repair it.
  • After that, tap the briefcase near the table and collect a blank card.

Move to Room 003

For the completion of puzzles, you have to move to the third Room. Once you reach over there, tap above the geyser to discover a place with the alphabet “I.”

  • Use the blank card to reveal the number below (I)
  • Go to the sixth Room, head to the briefcase, and enter the code to open it. The briefcase reveals a heart key upon getting opened.
  • Visit the right area of the third Room to discover the stack of drums. Tap the basement door fixed on the floor and unlock it using a heart key to collect pipelines.

Enter Room 005

After collecting pipes, you must visit room five and tap above the geyser where you revealed a code using a blank card.

  • Place all pipes and connect them in a way that the water continues to flow.
  • Once done, you must tap the bulb to add it to your inventory.

Bring the Bulb to Room 006

Above the drum, you may discover a bulb holder. Fix the bulb over there to light up the Room. Offer the drum full of win to the man sitting on the chair and place a headdress on the head. Apart from that, let him hold the flag available in your inventory. After getting too many rewards from you, the person unlocks the next Room.

Room 007

Leave room 006, visit the 007 that seems like a library because there are many books available. The librarian may give you a camera that you can offer to the person sitting in Room 006 to collect information. Once again, move to the next Room to interact with the librarian and then move back to Room 006 to discuss with the traditional Chinese man. This time, you are supposed to play a mini-game wherein your goal is to tap the drum as the red moving ball takes place in the empty ring.

Moreover, the game isn’t easy to play as it seems because, over time, the speed of the ball increases to enhance the difficulty level. Making a wrong move may restart the game, but if you complete it without making any mistake, the badge will be yours by merely pulling a rope. In the end, you should move to your bedroom and sleep to restore your energy for the next day.

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